I'm sick of all your

Tiresome riddles

Your sick jokes.

Where did you hide them?"

"I would say, but that

Requires something

From you,

Just a simple request

I'll tell you, but first

You tell me who

You are."

"My true identity

Faces you right now

This is who I am

What I am


A Dark Knight –"

"A freak.

A freak like me.

That's all

You really are,

An angry man

On a futile mission

The unstoppable force

And immovable wall



One of them

Must crack


Shatter –

And guess what?

It's not the force!"

"Shut up!

You are merely

A sick man

With a sicker mind,

So twisted

So dark

So evil

That making sense of it

Is impossible."

"And the punch line is


So are you!"

"You are far worse.

Far, far worse.

Now where are they?"

"I put each alone


Different buildings

On opposite sides of

The city,

Here and


With only timed explosives

For company.

You could never save both.

No time."

"You're a monster,

Heartless, insane."

"Pot and kettle, Batman.

Pot and kettle."