Skin Deep

Hello, beautiful! You must be his girl

The district attorney's. How dreadfully dull!

You could've done better, though you easily won him –

You're willful and strong, and you are beautiful…


Hey, what's wrong with you? You look kind of nervous.

Is it the knife or the scars that make you so fearful?

Do you know how I got them? Would you like us to match?

Are you as curious as you are beautiful?


Ooh, you're fiery! I like that in women, I do!

Unashamed of the brain locked in your pretty skull!

But you really should smile, you look awfully grim.

Come on, smile! Don't you want to be more beautiful?


What a pity! You won't do what I ask you to,

So, I'll just have to carve a false smile into you…