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'Mr. T, might I ask you a question?'

'Mmmm?' Was all he said without turning to look at her. Sweeney Todd was staring out of the window as always.

'What did your Lucy look like?' Mrs. Lovett asked innocently but with great curiosity as she placed the tray with his breakfast over the trunk. Sweeney was shocked and felt a small pain in his chest at the hearing of his wife's name. He turned to her.

'You heard me…' a small step closer to him 'can't really remember, can you?'

'She had yellow hair.' He turned back to the window and Mrs. Lovett proceeded with great sincerity as she moved closer to him, placing herself behind him.

'You've got to leave all this behind, you know. She's gone… You keep looking down into the grave, you're never gonna look up. And life will just pass right by... Life is for the alive, my dear.'

He did not answer. He knew she was right. Maybe there was still some hope for him.

'Come away from the window.'

He finally turned from the window, not thinking, almost as if to leave his demons behind… She smiled quietly and held out her hand.

'Come on, love.' She began to cross to him and he allowed her, placing her hand over his arm, stroking him over his shirt.

'Mrs. Lovett' he whispered 'what have you done to me?' He held her face in his hands, staring into those big dark eyes and leaned to kiss her. A tender kiss, more a brush of their lips than a real kiss. She didn't look down but shivered at the touch of his hands. 'What are you doing to me?'

He allowed her to place her arms around him and their mouths melt together. Sweet and clumsy at first, like lovers kissing for the first time but the kisses turned more passionate, deep and lustful as their hands moved along their bodies, looking for newly skin, fingers entwined in each other hair…

Sweeney broke the kiss and looked at her, a little smile hanging on the corner of her lips as she moved back to catch her breath.

'Mrs. Lovett…'

She placed a finger over his lips. 'Please, don't…' She moved closer to him again and put her arms around his strong waist.

He looked for her mouth desperately and their lips met again, their tongues dancing and fighting as they deepened the kiss. Sweeney moved his hands along her back, over the fabric of her dress and placed them on her butt, pushing her little body to him. She sighed in his mouth and pushed a hand between their bodies to undo the buttons of his vest, looking for his skin…

He pressed her to his barber chair and sitting there, placed her over his lap, moving hands along her body, kissing and nibbling her neck, licking along her exposed shoulder. 'God bless this dresses she wears' he thought as he kissed there, moving his tongue to tease her cleavage…

Mrs. Lovett was moaning quietly, head tilting to the right, allowing his to do as he pleased.

'Mr. T' she panted when she felt his hand running under her skirts and over her knee. She raised her hear and looked at him through heavy eyelids 'Sweeney…'

'Shhh' He shut her up with a kiss full of lust. He could feel his arousal growing in his pants as he stroked her stocking covered legs, brushing the center of her undergarments lightly. She opened his shirt, her hands slowly stroking the skin there, feeling his muscles tense under her tiptoes as she leaned to kiss one of his nipples…

Suddenly and without warning, the door burst open and Anthony appeared in the threshold, absolutely exhausted, shouting things about Johanna and the Judge, breaking the intimate moment the couple was sharing…

'Mr. Todd… Mrs. Lovett, ma'am… Seems I've not slept in a week… But it's done'

Mrs. Lovett jumped from his lap to a corner of the room as she covered her exposed shoulders and pushed down her skirts. Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd looked at each other for a moment, lust painfully drawn in their gazes and then, as she had never existed, he turned to Anthony again.

'What it is, Anthony?' he asked as he putted his clothes in the right place. Her hair was ever messier than ever and he was breathing heavily, making the sailor feel uncomfortably.

'Umm… I… I…It seems you were… busy'

'Proceed!' Sweeney growled.

'He had her locked in a madhouse.'

'You've found Johanna?'

'For all the good it'll do… It's impossible to get to her!'

Todd began to pace all over the room, his mind racing, any sign of lust or caring for her landlady had seemed to disappear.

'A madhouse… A madhouse… where?'

Mrs. Lovett was looking at him, the small smile in her lips erased, concerned about him.

'I got him!'

'Mr. Todd?'

'We've got her… Where do you suppose all the wigmakers of London go to obtain their human hair? Bedlam!' he turned to Mrs. Lovett, 'Leave us!'

She gave a start at the hearing of his voice.

'LEAVE US!' he grunted.

'Yes love, lots of work to do downstairs' and she ran out of the room, visibly disappointed, leaving the two men alone.

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