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Summary: Takuya and the gang are back....But they forgot something. A girl....Who was missing and forgotten in the human world. Going back to the digital world to save this unknown girl they find new powers but the same as their own...but the how they fight with their spirits are not the same.

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A little girl ran on the streets of the dark night. Her shoulder length brown hair flowed behind her as her brother was dragged along. Her eyes were filled with fright. Her goggles flung around her neck as she turns the corner. The boy's brown eyes were confused.

"Starickya. What's wrong?" The boy asked. A dark blur past them. Starickya's eyes widen. She turns around and stops in front of her brother. Worry that the thing will harm him. She block the dark blur away from the boy. She narrow her eyes on her. Her little body was small compare to her brother's.

"You will come." A voice echoes. Something grabs her and lifts her up. Struggling to get out she try to attack it. Her face scrunch as pain was sent through her.

"Starya!?" The boy shouted with confusion. Not knowing what was happening and not knowing this affected his future with this digimon.

"Taki-nii!!!" Starickya screamed of horror. "Run!!!!" A dark tunnel formed as Starickya raise her hand to him. " Bye..." Takuya watch her disappear and flinch. His eyes widen. Not knowing what to do, he look down. Not understanding anything.

"Where am I?" The boy asks in confusion. His worries were not on the girl anymore as if she had not been there. He look around again to see nothing. Everything was normal. Nothing was normal. His mind was gone from his little sister and what just happen.


Starickya eyebrows narrowed. Knowing the choice she was making was dangerous and both sides have a chance of winning. Taking her gloves off, a symbol was on the left hand. She bit her finger till it bleed and put a line down the middle. She felled back as the blur carried her other half. The dark side fled with him as she felled into the other world.


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Chapter 1

The frontier group had reach high school but Tomoki.

"Takuya!" Izumi shouted. Her long blond hair flowed along with her. She decided to separate her hair in two a year ago.

"Hey Izumi." Takuya waved. His red eyes shine with happiness. His goggles now rest on his neck.

"Where's Kouji?" Izumi asks. Looking around the school yard with high scholars all around them. Some were familiar and some weren't. All the sudden Kouji walked up to them. His hair had remained the same in the past few years.

"Morning." He grumbled.