Tomoki- Tommy


Onii-chan/Onii-sama= Big brother

Taki-nii= Nickname from Starickya when they were younger

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Chapter 9

They spread their attack to meet each other, preventing the gnawing dark clouds to move any more forward. Takuya narrow his eyes as they look at each other in confusion. Letting out a painful high screech, he stop himself from moving his arms to his ears. Must protect this world. The elements seem to grab hold onto each other as they mix.

"MOVE!" Starickya's voice was heard. The cloud stop screeching and continue to gnaw knowing it was useless. Before they protest again, they turn into a larger cloud all together. "YES.....More power. I want this land gone!!!!!!!!" Starickya laugh. It lifted into the air leaving goose bumps onto the gang.

"Takuya..."Izumi's voice echo in the wind near him. Nodding, Izumi continue. "We have to break through. No...Just a few of us. The rest can stall them. It seem Kanara isn't here and just Starickya." She explain. He gave it some thought and nod to the plan.

"Sure. Who's going in?" Takuya.

"You, me and Kouji. Kouichi has the darkness spirit so he will be the strongest to hold them back, Tomiki can freeze them and Junpei can paralyze them." Izumi explain.

"Okay. On the count of three."

"THREE!" Kouji, Izumi and Takuya shouted. Hands grab them as they flew through. Takuya look to his left to see Izumi and Kouji on his right. Landing on the ground on the other side, Starickya was standing in a small skirt.

"Onii-san." Starickya smirk. "How have you been? I hope I haven't given you any trouble." Takuya also laugh. Haven't hope that she haven't given any trouble? They were in this mess because of her. Because of her they have to move around each day for a new hid out. Of course, they kept all this to themself so they won't provoke her. "Anyways. Ready to give me the key?"

"No." Takuya answer. "You said to keep the key safe. When you come back, I will give it to you."

"Come back? You lost my trust. That promise you didn't keep. Remember? Those long ten years that I have been waiting. But when you come back you forgotten. Even with you memories back!" Starickya spat at him. "I will never come back. All I trust is Kanara-sama."

"What promise?" Izumi shouted. "Takuya said that in his memories, they were no promise. Nothing in it even leads to it." Takuya look at Izumi as she defended him.

"Starickya. Just come back. Why would we lie to you? Kanara is." Kouji said. Handing his hand out, Starickya look away from them without a second thought.

"Hell no. I won't even trust you again. MIZU MIRROR!" Two of her appear within them. Their bodies were made out of water. Looking at Starickya for a command. "Kill them." Starickya said. Nodding they turn their arms into a sword. Freezing into a solid item they jump into the air. Attacking as one, Izumi was the first one.

"Tch. WIND OF PAIN.(hurricane gale)." Wind split them apart. Even with the attack they fused together again. Kouji look at Starickya. Her face was in pain. Darkness rose from her body laughing at them.

"Takuya. We have to hurry or Starickya might go down along with Kanara. You go on ahead." Takuya nodded. "ZWEIHANDER(frozen hunter)" Covering for Takuya, Kouji stood in front of him as he ran toward the short distance to the castle.

"Number two!" Starickya pant. One of the water verison of her jump to Takuya was block by kouji. "Takuya!" I'm sorry......I have to do this for everyone.

"You will be battling me before you get to him." Kouji said. Starickya's eyes widen. Her cold eyes turn kind. Looking down at her hands as the digital world was slowly disappearing in her hands. Her home that she protected ever since she got here. Destroy by her only. Tears slid down. Starickya look around with horror. She didn't want this. Knowhing this was her fault and she was trick made her feel worse. Quilt grow in her heart.

"NO.....NOOOOOO!" She scream. Not wanting this to happen she call back everything. Everything that was killing this world. -Starickya continue- Kanara's voice command. Kouji walk up to the lost girl. Placing a hand on her shoulder she sob more. Outside in the larger circle Junpei look at what was happen. Tomiki look over to Junpei and Kouichi wondering if the battle was over. It was to short to call it like a battle. The sobbing of Starickya was heard as the castle was sent in flames.

"Starickya kill them." Starickya look at her master. Unwillingly her body move on it's on.

"Master.....No..."Starickya gasp. Kouji jump back as Izumi used wind to protect them.

"Your brother is dead. Now......everything shall parish. "I don't need you anymore. Now I have the key." Kanara laugh as the dark clouds started up again.

"No!" Starickya stood up. Memories of Takuya flooded into her again. ~Remember big brother. I be here no matter what.~ Her eyes look at Kanara. "You made me believe that Takuya was at fault. It was me the whole time."

Inside the castle Takuya look at Kanara. His size was larger with all the darkness with him. His laughter was heard every where. Taunting Takuya like a lost puppy waiting for it's master to save him. But no one would save him from here. They all had something to do. This part was his job only. Breathing in the musty air he let out a heavy sigh. Knowing this attack was dangerous he ignore Starickya's early warnings. "ENRYUGEKI(dragonfire crossbow)." The red and orange flames burn the castle. Kanara look at Takuya. His black eyes stare at him, taunting him, calling him to the darkness. Pulling away he bit his lip. Kanara laugh again as the castle burn down. With one swing the arm, Takuya was thrown across the room, knocking the air out of his lungs.

"You think you can stop me?" He shouted. "I'm the most powerful digimon in this whole world."

"No." Takuya said. "No your not. Us, digimon who are strong, doesn't use that power like that." Kanara smirk.

"I been living in this world far longer than you have. I've been watching. All I saw was violence. Everything day was violence. If I end this world, so the violence would end."

"Even if you do, the next one would have some too." Takuya protest. "Everyone fights for no reason. Because they have their rights to think. They are digimon, they are living things. Like humans, they fight, laugh, have friends and family." Takuya said. "So. That's why I'm going to stop you." Pulling out the card from the jacket pocket. It glow. Yes, Takuya-onii-san. Starickya's child's voice was heard in the card. The same voice that Takuya remember in his memories. "Let's lock him somewhere that he will never get out." Yes. "PHANTOM OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kouji and Izumi look at the castle again. Holding Starickya who stood up. Her eyes glow of the bright light.

"Big brother...." Starickya smiled. Even so...that won't kill him. Only hold him down for me to kill him. Starickya thought.

"Izumi. What happen?" Tomiki ask as he ran to them. Kouichi and Junpei was behind him.

"Was that Takuya?" Junpei ask. His eyes narrow and noting that it was time for jealousy. Kouichi nodded to Kouji. His eyes asking the same questions.

"Yah." Starickya answer. Wing sprout of her back, ripping her cloths on the back. "It's just time for me to go." Before anyone say something, she took off. My time has come to clean this mess up.

Takuya look up to see Kanara was still here. Not dead but not awake. Even so, his job wasn't done. Next to him, Starickya jump down.

"Your job is down. Taki-nii." Starickya said. Her body glow. "It's my time to take him away."

"What are you talking about?" Takuya ask. This confusion was the same as that night. Not wanting her to go away again like that he grab her hand. "Don't leave again." Starickya smile a cold smile. Understanding the pain, she let him go. "I'm sorry. This time you will remember me." Her fading voice said. Her hand touch his cheeks. They were cold. Colder than they should be. Flouting into the air she shine a bright white. Takuya look at his younger sister, remember that same night again. This was almost the same. "NOOOO. Starya." Don't worry. I will come back soon. Was all she reply as everything return to normal.

"Takuya. Takuya." The group shouted. Just like that, the story ended and they were in front of the gates of the school. Takuya look away as some tears slid down.

"Where's Starickya?" Kouichi ask. Afraid of the one answer he might get. Knowing how Takuya looks, he know that was the answer.

"Gone. But she will be back." Everything about her in this world disappear along with their digimon marks.


Two months later

Everything was normal. Takuya getting up late for school, talking to his friends, playing soccer, fighting with Shinya, getting yelled at by his parents like any teenage boy. But Starickya was missing. Everything was suppose to go back to how Starickya was use to her. Inside the box of his childhood toys lay a recording of Starickya. It seem she didn't know that he recorded of her when they were little. It was a tape of her singing, playing a violin, playing with her brothers. So Takuya didn't expect nothing more this morning when he walk into his classroom to hear some rumors in the school that a transfer student was going to this high school.

"Okay. Sit down." Their teacher yelled. Izumi look at Takuya. Excited to see a transer student in their class. "Let me introduce the new student. Hina Starickya." Takuya eyes widen when the girl walk in. Her brown her was tied into a messy bun. A look that didn't have a care in the world. But suddenly turn mean.

"Okay. I'm Hina Starickya. I was adopted. Nothing more nothing less." She said. The class look at each other about her attitude. Takuya let out a chuckle. Knowing her, this was her. The girl smile at Takuya. I'm back Taki-nii. Her voice was heard. But I might not remember you.... Takuya let out a sad smile. It was a small price to pay but they can make more fun times together. Standing up with Izumi they smile.

"Kanbara Takuya." Takuya said bowing. "I hope we can become friends."

"Orimoto Izumi. I hope we can become friends also." Izumi smiled. The girl smile.

"Sure am."



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