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"Now, Ichigo!" Ryou's voice escalated above the loud roars of the current Chimera Anima. The girls had been fighting it for the last fifteen minutes, unable to properly wear it down. Minto and Zakuro's simultaneous attacks had finally temporarily stopped its rampage, leaving it vulnerable and open to Ichigo's finishing blow. "Hurry!" he cried.

Ichigo ran in front of the hideous creature, some mix between a sloth and a frog. "Chimera Anima! You have destroyed a beautiful evening in the park for romantic couples alike, and for this I will never forgive you! For your sins, you will pay!" Expertly jumping at least five feet higher than the easily one-story high creature, Ichigo's attack rang out "Ribbon, Strawberry, CHE-ack!"

Ryou glared in annoyance as his leading mew's attack was cut off by the green haired alien's intervention. The jerk cupped her cheek and whispered softly, far too quiet for Ryou to hear. He mentally spouted a few choice profanities at the indecent alien. Whatever Kisshu said, Ichigo had not appreciated, because she immediately slapped his hand away and yelled, "Kish! You bully!"

The green alien immediately flew away laughing, safely out of her range.

Kisshu's intervention had given the creature enough time to recuperate, and it was now once again wrecking the place. "Ichigo!" Mint yelled out to her companion, who was now fuming angrily on the ground. "Quit flirting with the aliens and help us finish this job!"

"I was not flirting!" Ichigo shouted indignantly.

"Mew Mews, focus!" Ryou called. They're so easily led off track; sometimes I wonder how they ended up with the mew genes in them.

Besides Ichigo and Mint, the others were doing pretty well.

Zakuro, always attentive, was whipping at the creature with a frustrated air. Every time her attack went for it, the frog part of the creature would nimbly jump out of range, and then strike out at her with either its claws or tongue.

Mew Pudding was the most energetic out of all five of them. Jumping and kicking out at the quick mutation. She herself was an excellent fighter in the martial arts, though her attention was currently more intent on the youngest alien, Tart, then actually defeating the monster.

Last was Lettuce. Though she had strong attacks and was agile enough for fighting, she was still constantly hanging back unless someone called her up. Ryou admired her for her intelligence and willingness to help and protect others, but her shy and clumsy attitude was beginning to test him one too many times.

He quickly assessed the situation. If the girls didn't act soon, the monster would probably make it out of the park and towards the more busy streets surrounding it.

"Hey Taru-Taru! After we're done fighting today, do you want to come over and play? You could be a butler at the café!"

"Are you dumb in the head, midget? I'd never play with you! I'll smack that stupid grin right off your face! Chimera Anima, get her!"

The creature took one last half-hearted swipe at Zakuro before turning towards the yellow mew. It let out a shrieking croak as it slinked over to her. Pudding giggled as she easily dodged this way and that away from the attacks, calling out taunts and playful jeers at both the creature and Tart.

"Pudding, fall back!" Zakuro called from a farther back standpoint. The rage that the little blond was putting the mutation into was plausible, but the mew only cast minor attacks at it, refusing to give up her play by actually killing it. The purple mew, who wanted to kill it so she could make it to her photo-shoot, wasn't willing to chance her attack and accidently hit her companion. "Pudding, get out of there now!"

If the little girl heard her friend, she didn't show it.

One extra high jump in the air gave Pudding the freedom to taunt Taruto with summersaults and erratic movements. But apparently the brown-haired alien had had enough. "Get her, NOW!"

The creature's mouth opened, but this time its tongue whipped out a slimy substance. It flew through the air until it hit Mew Pudding's feet. "Hey!" She tried to kick the substance off, but it stuck her legs together like glue. The sloth-frog's claw began to make a bone-breaking swipe towards the helpless girl.

"Pudding!" Mew Lettuce jumped to her in a flash. Quickly grabbing the little Mew up and out of reach of the razor claw, Lettuce made a break for the trees so she could have some cover. Zakuro didn't miss a beat after the other two were out of the way. The giant swipe keeled the creature off balance, giving her the perfect opportunity. "Ribbon, Zakuro, SPHERE!"

The whip grabbed and intertwined itself with the hideous mutation, cutting into its flesh as it held the creature firmly in place. "Ichigo!" Ryou glanced at the still occupied mew, "Quit bickering! Attack it NOW!"

Ichigo glanced at her employer with an annoyed air, but nevertheless jumped back to action, this time with Mint as back-up. "Right. Okay you monster! Ribbon, Strawberry, CHECK!"

In a spectacular display of lights the monster dissolved in mere seconds.

Finally, it took them long enough. The employer thought with relief. Ryou glanced around at his team to ensure that everyone was all right. Pudding was cheering loudly from Lettuce's arms, while Lettuce herself looked to be grimacing slightly from how loud Pudding was being. Zakuro looked fine, but was briskly walking towards the trees and the exit of the park. Her photo-shoot, that's where she's heading. Mint was gazing at her idol wistfully, but stayed with the group none-the-less.

It seemed to Ryou that only he and Ichigo were still aware that their enemy was still present. The pink mew was glaring up at the floating duo just then. "Get lost, jerks! You're beat!"

Taruto looked disgruntled at the comment, but his attention was still more focused on the obnoxious Pudding. Kisshu leaned down and gave Ichigo a fanged smile. "You only think we're beat, kitty. But soon we'll hit you with something you can't possibly beat. Until next time!"

Taruto gave one last disdainful glance at the group of girls. "Later losers!" Then they both were gone.

"Jerks!" Ichigo called after them.

Ryou shook his head. The only people who can possibly save the world from Cyniclon take-over are all below the age of twenty and are suffering from mood swings. He looked over to Lettuce. "Retasu, is Pudding okay?"

The two mews were now working hard on getting the sticky gunk off of Pudding's legs, but with little progress. "She's fine, Ryou-san!"

"Pudding feels like she's covered in sticky syrup!" Pudding added for effect.

Ryou sighed, a faint smile playing on his features. "All right. Great work everyone, let's head back to the café."

Kish watched from the trees as the mews and the café owner left the scene. In less than a few minutes the park resumed an air of normalness. Ichigo, you have no clue what we have in store for your team.

He teleported to a construction sight a small ways away. He found Pai messing with more wires and mechanical devices that currently monitored a large tank holding a small black blob. Taruto floated a little ways away, sitting cross-legged with one hand propped to hold his head up. The alien perked slightly when he saw Kisshu. The battle ended less than it takes for those girls to get back to the café and he's already bored. Kish mentally shook his head with amusement. That kid needs a hobby.

"Kish! Did the girls try anything?" Taruto hovered over to him, intent to force something interesting out of the green-haired alien's mouth.

Kisshu saw Pai's ear twitch slightly towards them and knew he also was listening in. "Nothing." He said with a grin. "They're completely oblivious to our scheme. Well, Pai's scheme, actually."

The alien nodded his head in confirmation, already focused back on his invention.

Taruto wasn't okay with the lack of action in Kish's statement. "So the mews are clueless? How can they be so dumb! I mean, wasn't it obvious we were trying to distract them?" His intent little eyes echoed exactly what he wanted to hear: Say something interesting Kish! Anything!

It was Pai who spoke. "Taruto, Tokyo Mew Mew's goal is to protect the 'innocents' of their planet. Although their blond leader is smart, I don't think he has a clue what we're up to."

"Yep, and when they do figure it out, it'll be too late." Kish added.

The conversation finally seemed to fill Taruto's interest. "Heh, that's right! I can't wait to pull a fast one on that stupid monkey girl!"

I'm sure. Kish thought with a smirk.

"You'd better not intervene in trying to save Mew Ichigo, Kisshu." Pai cautioned. "I won't have your love life interrupting our take-over much longer."

Kish felt a stab of irritation at his companion. "Hey, don't worry about me, Pai. I'll just be you and pretend I'm an emotionless jerk when I see the person I love."

Pai's emotionless mask raised an eyebrow. "I love no one, Kisshu. Unlike some other comrades I could mention." He turned away from his flustered companions.

Kish smiled a dark grin. "Retasu."

Pai's right ear twitched.

"Retasu, the green Mew known as Mew Lettuce, the finless porpoise."

The oldest alien turned and regarded Kish with a blank face, his ear still twitching. "The green Mew only has my interest in the sole reason that her DNA response to the Mew Aqua is stronger than the others, it also is so adapt to her genetic structure that it is able to partly transform her being into something more familiarized to her surroundings. Those are the only ways that she could ever interest me." He turned back to his work, ear still twitching away.

"If you say so, Pai." Kish turned away. Probably doesn't even admit it to himself. At least I'm honest! He regarded his small brown-haired companion, who seemed to not know what to make of the situation. "Let's head back to the ship for now, Tart. We'll catch you later, Pai."

Pai didn't turn away from his work in farewell. He just allowed himself to become absorbed in his work once again, free from Kisshu's many distractions.

His ear kept twitching.

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