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It didn't take long for things to resume to normalcy in the lives of Tokyo Mew Mew. The moment Zakuro's entourage was awake; they came back after her with the intensity of blood thirsty propaganda. Luckily, they found her just waking up on a park bench outside the café, looking like she had been knocked out while reading. After multiple assurances that she was mentally stable, her skin was not marred (save for some smaller bruises she received after 'falling off the bench'), her nails were not scratched, and her purse had not been stolen noro had she been mauled by advent fans, they promptly dragged her back to the studio and continued the photo shoot.

Pudding didn't bother to return to the party, but kept calling their home until someone eventually picked up. It turned out to be Taeko, and after quickly making sure he and his little sister and all the guests were alright, explained how she had woken up and had been unable to get a response out of anyone else. When she found the neighbors in the same condition, she had become afraid for her siblings, and had hurried home. Taeko had been more than understanding, and though Pudding promised to return his payment for her performance, he assured her it was unneeded. "After all, you did perform half of your act for us." She could tell there was a smile in his voice. "And so long as we don't have any more mystery illnesses pop up, I've recommended you to some friends, and I'd like your permission to give them your contact information." The blond was ecstatic at the thought of new clients, and told him he could give out her number anytime.

Ichigo and Lettuce had a bit of trouble with their cover up story, but with the quick thinking of Mint, both girls managed to accumulate two new bags of clothes and a quick rush to the mall via Ryou's car. Mint warned them (Ichigo by far more than Lettuce) that the clothes were on loan, and that she expected them to either be back in her closet by Monday or paid for with eleven percent interest fee for everyday not purchased (of course, after Ichigo stomped away fuming, Minto imperiously told Lettuce she could keep hers for free, as a show of her generosity). When Mr. and Mrs. Midorikawa finally awoke and frantically called Lettuce to make sure she was okay, both girls were able to work up a confused dialogue about how they had just randomly awoken on the ground just outside the mall, along with several other people. Needless to say that though Kakashi Midorikawa made a valiant effort to try and pick up his daughter, the traffic was hopelessly jammed, and the girls ended up meeting him halfway home.

On their walk to meet him, Ichigo promptly realized that her cell was trapped aboard an alien space vessel. "God dang it!" She bit out angrily. "Of all the things to forget in the enemy's territory! What if Masaya calls? What if Kisshu answers?" Ichigo ground to a halt, her eyes widening with horror. "Oh my gosh, what if Kisshu answers?"

Lettuce couldn't hold back a laugh at her friend's frantic expression. "It's alright Ichigo! You can borrow my phone to report your cell missing, and ask them to shut it down. With technology today, they can probably transfer your old information onto the new phone just by knowing the number." Retasu's eyes smiled from behind a pair of glasses she had had stashed at the café. "Who knows? Maybe Kisshu will simply return it."

Ichigo shook her head soberly. "I'm not even raising my hopes, with a stalker like him, I have a feeling it'll go to some disturbing shrine in his closet, or he'll hide it under his pillow so he can hold it at night." The mew leader visibly shuddered at the creepy image.

Lettuce shook her head good naturedly. "You don't mean that." Glancing off towards the woods, hoping her smile wasn't too obvious, she added. "And I think, not that I know for sure, but I think he really does care about you, Ichigo." Retasu raised her eyebrows in surprise when she turned to find Ichigo blushing a shade of red that greatly complimented her features.

"I know… I mean, I'm starting to realize that too." She suddenly gave Lettuce a side-long glance. "And speaking of realizing someone really cares for you…"

It was Lettuce's turn to once again feel her cheeks rise in temperature. "A-ah, yes, um, I guess you did see that…"

The red head mew grinned cheekily at her. "Isn't it great? I personally couldn't believe it, but my gosh, Kisshu wasn't lying when he said Pai had a thing for you!"

That statement didn't help the blushing issue, and Retasu did her best to not stutter in embarrassment. "But why is it great? I thought, I mean, don't you think it's dangerous?"

Lettuce immediately regretted her choice of words. "Ohhh, so your thinking is Pai's a 'bad boy' going for our sweet little 'good girl'?" She had to stop walking as she clutched her stomach in laughter at her best friend's alarmed expression. "Hahaha! Oh Lettuce, this is the only forewarning your going to get, but I'm going to love watching this unfold."

"B-but we're still enemies."

"So are Pudding and Taruto, and though I loathe this example, so are Kish and I. Yet we still manage to make it…" Ichigo frowned slightly. "Hmm, actually, you might have your work cut out for you on this one."

"But-" Lettuce colored as she thought of his thoughtful, tender eyes, how close they had been to her own. How handsome he was, how she felt for him.

"Lettuce." The girl looked up to see Ichigo once again smiling that happy, carefree smile at her. "You still love him, right?"

The green mew had forgotten she had spilled that, it felt like ages ago. "Y-yes…" she ducked her head shyly, "I still love him very much."

"So, next time you see him, just tell him how you feel!"

The quiet girl's eyes grew wide. "W-what? Ichigo! I can't be so—so—forward with him!"

The mew leader rolled her eyes good naturedly. "Yes, yes you can. Lettuce, I'm pretty sure he likes you, and if you feel the same way about him, he might be willing to make this work out!" What Ichigo failed to say was that she had literally heard the words from his mouth, but since it was only she and Kish who had witnessed it, and when she had questioned Lettuce and she had no memory of it, she felt it was best if the green mew heard it from Pai, and not her best friend. And the way he had looked when they all thought she was dead, and the sheer relief he had had when she woke up made Ichigo positive that love-struck idiot would be willing to come to a truce for Lettuce's sake. But Retasu was going to have to take the final step to make it happen, even though Ichigo knew the girl nearly died every time she had to come out of her shell, she knew that Lettuce would have to do this on her own. Abruptly she turned and grasped her friend's hands, staring intently at her. She knew this was somewhat playing dirty, since if Ichigo pushed enough, Lettuce always caved in, but it was important. "Promise me, right now, the next time you see Pai, you'll confess to him."

Lettuce, predictably, looked desperate to find a way out of this. "Ichigo, I don't know…"

"Promise Lettuce! Take the leap of faith and say you'll tell him how you feel!"

The green haired mew started grasping at straws now. "W-what if he doesn't feel the same? What if he chooses duty over me? What if-"

"He won't." Ichigo declared rashly, mentally threatening a horrible, torturous death to the eldest Cyniclon if he dared prove her wrong. "Trust me, Lettuce. Would I steer you wrong?" She made her eyes as big as possible, they way she did when she tried to get her parents to bend to her will (it rarely worked).

Lettuce bit her lip, shoulders sagging in defeat. "No, you would never steer me wrong."

"Do you promise to tell Pai?"

"… Yes, I promise." The green mew suddenly looked up, as if struck with inspiration. "But, you need to answer a question honestly if I'm to do this."

Ichigo nodded, satisfied. "Throw it at me; give me your best shot."

Lettuce tried to keep as much of a poker face as she could. "… Did you really kiss Kisshu because of some deal, or…?"

The mew froze. "Uh… um, I don't know if- I mean, I can see why you're curious- the thing is- when I said 'best shot'- oh look! Here comes your dad!" Breaking away from the knowing porpoise mew, Ichigo hurried towards Retasu's father, who was still a barely distinguishable blimp on the horizon. "Hey Mr. Midorikawa, thanks for picking us up!"

The green mew shook her head, smiling at her transparent friend. Nodding her head to herself, she hurried towards her father. Even if Ichigo didn't answer the question, Lettuce decided her friend was right. The next time she saw Pai, she would tell him how she felt.


This is ridiculous. Pai turned to glare down at the scenery near his target. I should be more concerned with Deep Blue's wrath, after he found out the 'slight dilemma' in our plans, he's completely lost his trust in me, it'll take me months and probably every resource I've got to gain it all back. But… He turned once again to the source of his dilemma; the Midorikawa residence. Currently he was hovering a good eighty feet in the air, and night had fallen, so he didn't exactly fear being seen. Besides that, he had been watching the home all day; he had seen when Lettuce had gotten home, bidding farewell to Ichigo and then going in to help her mother. He had felt a glimmer of hope when the father had later returned and dressed for his job ("They'll need us manning the phones now more than ever!" he had heard him say over his shoulder). And through some careful maneuvering on his part, he had been close enough to the kitchen window to hear Lettuce's mother say that she was heading over to a neighbor's to stay the night and care for some younger kids, as the father was still missing and the poor mom of four had her hands full.

Leaving Lettuce all alone.

This was it! His chance to go and talk with her, try and say what he needed to say to her. But… But I can't seem to get myself to actually go! Curse it all, I'm a leading general of my people, I've devised more missions and battle strategies then my superiors, and I'm smarter than Kisshu and Taruto combined. I just need to talk, why is that so hard? What if she sees me just sitting out here, watching her, like some kind of stalker… That thought abruptly trailed off in realization. Oh god, I've been stalking her this whole day, even Kisshu hasn't stooped that low! That's it. I'm leaving. I don't want her to see me like thi- His train of thought was cut short as a tell tale ripple occurred behind him. No, do not tell me-

"Well well well, so this is what you've been 'gathering evidence and research' for?"

Pai rolled his eyes heavenward, this was all he needed. "Kisshu, what are you doing here?"

The Cyniclon seemed to ignore his comment. "Because from where I'm looking, that house looks like the porpoise mew's. And I can't imagine what kind of research you would need from here." Pai felt his ear twitch as he sensed a crafty smile forming on his comrade's face. "Or maybe I can."

The ear jabbed at the air when Pai comprehended what the green-haired Cyniclon was implying. He whirled angrily, facing his smug friend. "Make that kind of implication again, and I will skin you alive."

It infuriated him that Kish wasn't phased in the least. "So I guess now we'll have to add 'creepy stalker' to your resume. Personally, I didn't think you had it in you, even I haven't staked out my kitten's home all day."

"I haven't been here all day!" Pai lied angrily, wishing Kish wasn't so good at catching deception. It takes one to know one, I suppose. Struck with a sudden thought, the elder Cyniclon's eyes narrowed dangerously. "And how do you know where she lives?"

"Woah, relax Romeo. I'm not doing panty peaks with your girl. Ichigo visits her a lot, and that's all." Pai's face grew extremely warm as his ear began to spasm at the thought of Lettuce and 'panty peaks', much to the leaders humiliation. The ear, however, seemed delighted with this new prospect. I loathe you…

Kish grinned his signature smirk when he saw his words hit their target. "So, what are you here for?"

"None of your business." He spat out angrily, trying to control his ear without having to actually reach his hand up and hold it in place. I'm going to dissect him, I'm going to dissect him with his own sais, I swear I will!

"Aw, don't be like that, Pai!" Kish grinned so his fangs gleamed under the combination of moon and street lights. "It's kinda cute, how hopeless and dumbly you stumble around trying to make her yours." He leaned back in the air, his hands supporting his head as he struck pose of leisure. "How's it feel, mighty leader, to finally fall to the level of your subordinates?"

"That is not why I am here!"

"Oh really?"

"Yes really, Kisshu! Do you want your eyes gouged out?"

"So then why are you here?"

"To verify that Lettuce is herself, that there's no traces of the Chimera." Pai had thought up this excuse thousands of times already, in fact, it was the one that he used to convince himself to come here. But even to his ears it fell flat. Kish didn't even speak, his irksome smirk doing it for him. But Pai wasn't going to admit to anything, that vile green haired Cyniclon knew well enough already how he felt. In fact… Blast this stupid imbecile, making me fall to his level. "I can't help but be paranoid that you were pushing for this outcome, that I would finally look at Lettuce in the light you… somewhat look at Ichigo."

"It's the same light, genius. I just express what I see differently than how you do." Kish glanced sideways at him, his expression cunning. "As to if I was hoping for this… I'll never tell!"

"Hmph." Pai turned back to the currently black house. "Be gone, stop pestering me."

"So you're going to tell her? Finally going to bend that proud knee and admit it to her when she's conscious?"

"Go. Away. Now."

"Fine, fine." Kish raised his hands in surrender as he flew backwards somewhat, giving Pai room. "Just remember not to let her parents catch you!"

Pai's ear twitched farewell for him.


Lettuce sighed as she gave one last stroke to her long tresses. It was funny; when she was little she had been horrified of the idea to cut her hair, because she thought boys loved girls with long hair. By the time she realized there was a lot more to guys liking you than the length of your hair, she couldn't bear to cut it. Now, unbraided, it cascaded all the way to her thighs. Turning down the lights, she moved towards her bed, and then stopped. It was a clear night, the lunar light shining brightly down and through her window.

Smiling a bit, she moved towards the scene, feeling her heart lift at the beautiful stars. There weren't many to see, since they were too close to Tokyo, but the thing about living near the big cities was that it gave you a chance to see the stars that shone the brightest. I wonder if one of them is his home… She thought distantly, a trace or regret shadowing her features. I wonder if he regrets his decision… would he? Would I? She sat gently down in the window seat, pulling her green nightgown over her knees and under her toes to keep warm. Unconsciously she began to toy with her hair as she thought it over, twirling it around her finger until it was a tight spiral, then letting it fall apart and restarting. No, if it had been me, as much as the mews mean to me, as much as keeping my home safe means to me, I wouldn't regret saving Pai.

Retasu felt a small blush come on. So then, perhaps he won't regret saving me either. I wonder, if I told him about… if I confessed I… I… Argh! Why was it so hard to think about? Because of the promise she made Ichigo? Because she didn't want to think about liking someone without knowing if they lov- liked her back? Ugh! Just say it out loud to yourself, just admit it to yourself Retasu! "I… I, Retasu Midorikawa, lik- uh, I, Retasu Midorikawa lo-"

She gasped as she heard a tell tale rippling coming from the center of her room. Her head spun to instantly lock eyes with a beautiful set of stormy grey. In a flash she was standing, unconsciously shifting her body towards the door should she need to escape, her voice cracked out in a shocked squeak. "Pai!"


Pai once again remained outwardly motionless even as inwardly he was freezing up. He was used to Lettuce's appearance being tidy, neat, perhaps even cute (though arguably he'd lately seen her in a lot more distressing appearances). But right then, with her hair cascading elegantly down her back and over her shoulders, the moonlight silhouetting her so that the pastel green night gown she wore glowed, and her eyes shimmering in their natural, regal blue without glasses distorting her face, she was more beautiful than he could ever recall. He inclined his head slightly, hating his ear for twitching and wishing it would stop now. "Mew Lettuce, I apologize for this intrusion."

He felt a small pang when he realized how nervous she was. Did she fear he would attack her? "No, it's alright, Pai-san. Um… how can I help you?"

Pai, who had rehearsed what he would say till it rang in his ears, kept his voice even and confident. "I merely wanted to verify that there are no traces of the Chimera left in you."

He felt some surprise when her nervousness left, and was replaced by a glimmer of disappointment. "Oh, I see." Realizing how sad her voice sounded, the mew immediately tried to perk up. "I mean, I understand why you would want to check."

Do you really, Lettuce? Pai firmly clamped down on that train of thought, refusing to let it fester lest it affect is actions.

"You don't need to worry though," Lettuce continued, seemingly oblivious to his inner turmoil, "Ryou and Keiichiro went through several tests, they could find no trace of her—I mean the chimera within me." She began to unconsciously play with her fingers, glancing hesitantly towards her desk. "T-they gave me some of the read outs, if you'd like to see. I can't understand most of them; Ryou had to talk me through what they meant. But I'm sure you'd understand it perfectly."

The eldest Cyniclon paused, a frosty glare coming to his eyes. "I see, well, if you feel safe, I'm sure there's no need. I will trust your… scientist's judgment." Pai mentally swore at Blondie. He would be thorough, I shouldn't have been surprised. It was stupid of me to try and use an excuse anyway to see her. Why do I need an excuse? Even though he had been preparing for this confrontation for the last four hours, he couldn't seem to remember what he was going to say. An outright 'I love you' wasn't going to do him any favors, especially not with how nervous Lettuce appeared. "I… simply wanted to verify that you were you."

This seemed to throw the green mew off guard. "Oh. How do you mean?"

"Well," Pai's nerves were causing him to forget how he had planned this out, and he hated it. Just explain it to her, like a rational being. Stop trying to find a tactful escape! "Actually, there was something else I wanted to discuss with you." He looked away and tried very hard not to grit his teeth as every fiber in his being screamed for him to be quiet before he ruined it. But what is there to ruin? Nothing exists unless I say something! "It is… hard for me to say this, but…" He trailed off as he looked back to her. Seeing Lettuce's panicked state, how she seemed to grow more and more nervous by the second, Pai felt his heart plummet slightly. Of course, I was only thinking of my feelings towards her, but why in the world would she want to even consider me someone of value to her after all she's gone through? I didn't even consider that she wouldn't wish to speak with me. What if I misjudged, what if she won't feel the same? His ears drooped a fraction, and fearing the inevitable rejection, his eyes that had thus far been locked on hers slid to the floor. "Perhaps I hadn't thought this through as much as I should have. It's not my intention to worry you, and if me being here does so, I will leave-"

His ear jerked at the sudden exclamation from the normally quiet mew. "No!"

Pai looked back up at her in surprise. Apparently she hadn't been expecting the outburst either, as she quickly reddened in embarrassment. She had flung her hand out towards him, as if reaching out and grabbing him would stop the teleportation. "N-no, please stay. I had wanted to… discuss something with you as well."

"You had?"

"Ah, yes. You see, it's a bit of a long story." Retasu glanced back up from her hands to look into his face. "I know you came to say something to me, Pai-san, but if it's alright, there was something important I needed to tell you first."

Important? Pai regarded her curiously, though his voice still continued to hold that grave inflect. "Alright."

The eldest Cyniclon watched her carefully, wondering what it was she needed to say (and not even daring to hope it was what he wanted to hear most). A sudden realization hit him. She wasn't nervous because of him, she was nervous because of what she wanted to speak to him about.

"I have been, well, noticing some things that have been changing since, um, your project on the Chimera had begun." Pai felt his own nervousness drain away as his heart took pity on the beautiful girl before him who was desperately trying to articulate her thoughts. "I didn't want to believe it at first, b-but something's come to my attention that- that I feel is important for me to say to you, what, what you've come to mean to- to me…"

Pai felt his heart to an uncharacteristic leap. Was she really…? Lettuce… The purple haired Cyniclon couldn't fight the tender smile that alighted onto his face.

Lettuce, for her part, felt her cheeks blossom into two glowing red beacons at the small confession. "Ah… I-I-I mean to s-say that… u-um…" Her face twisted into bleak surrender. "I'm sorry, Pai-san! I-I'm trying to say… Ichigo said that I s-should tell you-"


"I-I'm trying to say… Ichigo said that I s-should tell you-"

Lettuce might as well have hit the ceiling with how high she jumped as Pai gently cupped her face. W-when did he? Oh my gosh! She felt her heart soar to new heights as she not only took in the feeling of Pai's hands, but also the look in his eyes. D-don't give up! Say it! Say you love him! "I-I…"

His affectionate smile grew even as she continued to try and explain. He gently stroked the side of her face. "Lettuce."

That shut her mouth pretty quick.

"I'm not… exactly sure what you are trying to tell me, but before you go on, there is something I would like to say before you do."

Lettuce's eyes opened wider, her blush draining quickly from her face. Oh no, he suspects and now he needs to reject me. Darn it, why wasn't I brave enough to get it out; I need to tell him before he says anything! "Pai-" She was struck dumb again when he gently place the tips of his fingers against her lips, effectively stopping her. Looking into his open face, she couldn't help but once again be captured by his intense, stormy eyes.

"Ever since we first met, as enemies, I knew there was something about you that… drew me to you." Lettuce felt her heart flutter faintly at this admission. "I, you have no idea how much, wanted to convince myself that it was scientific curiosity, or perhaps the way you were personality wise. I didn't want to admit there was any form of emotional connection." He drew his eyes briefly to the floor, as if looking back at his past, then with a sigh looked back to the stricken mew. "However, no matter how I tried to put you from my mind, to change my mind, I couldn't.

"Lettuce, you are a kind, caring, compassionate being who does your race justice. You make me want to believe that there's hope for our people to get along. When you hesitate in battle, I know it is not out of weakness, but the wish to not harm others, even when your opponent won't waver in the slightest to hurt you. I've never… seen a kindness like yours before." His hand traced the outline of her face, and Lettuce felt herself shiver with a kind of pleasure at having his hand be the object that was tracing her, memorizing her. "And you are beautiful. I don't think you are told this enough, but you are. The way your hair gleams, when you walk, when you speak and laugh and smile, I can't help but be caught up in watching you every time." Lettuce had ducked her head at some point in self-conscious discomfiture, and he let his hand glide under her chin and carefully brought her eyes back up to his. "And your eyes. Lettuce, I could look into your eyes forever if I knew it wouldn't make you feel so embarrassed."


Pai seemed to start slightly, realizing that he was rambling. "I'm sorry. This isn't, no, I did want to tell you this, but that is not what is important. What is important," he gazed deeply into her eyes, feeling her tremble slightly under his touch, "is that I think I have fallen in love with you."

Lettuce began to tremble even more. No matter how much that nay-sayer voice echoed through her head, she had felt him building up to this, and hearing him say that he loved her, loved her! She reached up and gripped one of his hands as if finding support in it. "Pai-san…"

"Lettuce," he leaned into her until their foreheads were touching. "Will you say my name? Only my name?"

Her lips tingled as he breathed on them, daring her to do something she never would have thought she'd done. She gathered a steadying breath. "Pai," she clung to the hand still caressing her face, willing herself not to blush(and failing), "I-I didn't want to believe it, I never thought that you would return my feelings. But…" Lettuce brought his hand away from her face, cupping it in her two smaller ones, treasuring that she could be this close to him. "I love you, Pai. I want to be with you, I want to understand you, know everything that you care about." I want to be held by you, I want to run my hands through your hair, I want to feel your lips on mine…

Pai's eyes grew an emotion that Lettuce couldn't rightly understand, but it was sending tingles through her. His hand returned a few stray hairs back behind her ear, appreciating the look on her face as he traced her lobe then trailed down to the small of her back, his fingers running through her hair. With his other hand he reached under her chin, gently holding it steady as he leaned close to meet her mouth with his own.

Lettuce thought that she would be frantic in her first kiss, that she wouldn't understand what to do, but the moment she felt Pai's mouth on hers, when she tasted him on her lips, it was like the world held still, and she melted into the kiss, inhaling deeply from the intoxicating feeling. Her hands came up and lightly held herself in place by holding to the back of his uniform. She could feel the defined muscles beneath, and felt her fingers tingle at the thought of touching only the skin of his back. Pai's hand that had held her chin moved to her hair, stroking its way through the long green waterfall.

In the end, it was Pai who broke off the kiss. Something quite primitive within him savagely appreciated when she let out a small sound of disappointment, but once again he squashed it and let logic take reign. "This will certainly change things,"

He was surprised when Lettuce cut him off, her blush gone but a beautiful amount of longing shining through her eyes. "I know. You still have a duty to your people." He jumped slightly when she nestled her head into his chest, but she seemed to ignore it. "And I have a duty to mine."

Relaxing, he gently encircled her in his arms. "Yes."

"This doesn't seem like it will be very beneficial to either side."

"Not in the least, especially since I don't think I could handle losing you again."

"I suppose I'll have to get better at dodging attacks."

"Or the attacker can become a poor shot when you appear within range."

"I was thinking the same for you."

Chuckling under his breath, Pai held her tighter to him and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. "This will take some getting used to."

Wrapping her arms happily around his waist, Lettuce glanced shyly up to him. "I'm willing to try if you are."

Pai smiled at his beloved porpoise mew, choosing to answer her again with another kiss.

8D I FINISHED! And BOY was it worth writing to see those two FINALLY have a real relationship together! The whole time I wrote the PaixRetasu scene, all I could think was 'AWWWWWWWWWWW'. I hope you guys liked it, and I HOPE that their love seemed in character (it was hard not to turn it into a IchigoxKish love, seriously).


Well, no, we are, but here's a bonus piece because Essence of Gold pointed out that she wanted to see the frog. And I had an idea, but to make Pai and Lettuce have decent ending, he didn't REALLY get a shot at glory, so then I thought about it, and then got THIS - ):} Kinda face (that would be viewing it from left to right, btw), and my brain brought forth this bonus piece, enjoy!

While this was going on, some distance away Pudding had just finished helping her siblings to sleep. She had been so happy that Hanacha, Chincha, Luncha, Honcha, and Heicha were all safe and sound that she had let them stay up an extra two hours and watch one of their favorite movies together. It might have hurt the electric bill, but it was worth seeing their happy faces.

Quickly glancing behind her, and using her heightened mew mew senses to listen to her sibling's contented snoring, ensuring that they were really asleep. Finding they were, she silently closed the door behind her and headed towards the woods. It was a beautiful night, and with the moon shining so brightly, she wasn't afraid to go walking in the woods. If her nee-chans ever found out about it (or any adult for that matter), they would probably scold her, but Pudding wasn't 'betrothed' to one of the best fighters in China for nothing. And aside from that, there had been another reason she wanted to leave the house.

After she was far enough from her home, she looked up towards the branches obscuring the light. "I see you, Taru-taru!"

Pudding couldn't hold back a giggle as he cracked some twigs in surprise and started grumbling under his breath. "You can't see me, monkey!"

"Maybe not," the littlest mew conceded, "but you are up there, aren't you, na no da?"

After a few more annoyed twig snapping the brown haired Cyniclon materialized in front of her, trying his best to look angry. "Don't start up with that 'na di da' crap of yours! Ya gotta problem with me being up there?"

"Nope!" She chirped happily. Taruto had his back to the moonlight, so you really couldn't see the blush that crept over his cheeks as he took in her cute expression. But just as quickly as her face bloomed a brilliant smile, she sobered down into a somewhat sad look. "Were you going to attack my family, na no da?"

"N-no." He confessed grudgingly. "I just needed to talk to you, shortie."

Her face instantly changed to enraptured joy. "Do you want to be friends now?"

"Of course not, don't be stupid!" Taruto tried to look cocky like Kisshu. "You really must have monkey brains! I just needed a favor from ya."

Appearing not to hear his comment, her excitement remained at the same barely-in-check level. "A favor, na no da? Do you want me to read your future? Tell your fortune? Find out who your true love is?" The blond haired girl waggled her eyebrows suggestively at the last one, giggling when she got him to stutter and blush again.

"W-what kinda a weirdo are you? Do you take me for a sissy? I don't need any of that true love crap, Kisshu and even Pai got enough of it already."

The scary, calculating part of Pudding filed away that last bit of information to interrogate her friends with later. "So how can I help, na no da?"

Tart huffed as if he were the one being asked to do something. Without further fan fare he stuck out his hands, holding some kind of bulging mass in his hands. "Take this."

Without a second thought the Mew reached out and gently took away the curious bullfrog. "Is he yours, na no da?"

"Nah, I just picked him up a couple days ago to try and experiment with, but he's been a real pain." Pudding thought she caught a 'never listens to what I say' and 'he likes you better anyway' before he spoke up again. "I just figured you'd be able to take him in, since I don't need him anymore."

The bullfrog turned in her hands and RRRRIBBITed at him mockingly, its eyes gleaming as if it fully understood exactly why it was being given to this mini human.

"Shut up." Taruto glared at it threateningly. It had taken him almost all night to find the escaped Chimera, and when he finally found it, it had been watching Pudding, of all things, from the safety of the woods near the café. If you asked him Tart would never admit to it, but when he had tried grabbing the stupid creature away it had made such a sad sound that, given what had happened that day, Taruto decided maybe it'd be better off with the hyper ball of energy anyway. So after quickly de-fusing it, he had waited till the cover of nightfall to see if he could sneak it into her room, and here they were. At least she can deal with it's random way of escaping cages.

Pudding, knowing none of this, jumped to a different sort of conclusion. "You're giving me a present, na no da?" She positively beamed at him. "Thanks Taru-taru!"

"I-its not because I like you, dang it!" Taruto gritted his teeth against the urge to stutter. "It's only because, because it's face reminds me of you, yeah!"

The frog let out a sound that was very close of a scoff, it's facial expression telling Taruto what he thought of his excuse.

"I said shut up, stupid frog." Taruto twitched as a content silence started forming, Pudding happily stroking the frog and said frog (stupid, stupid frog, Taruto thought angrily) hummed contently under her touch. "So… do ya like it?" Realizing what he just asked, he quickly added. "'Cause you shouldn't! He's slimy and icky and girls don't like those things!"

Ignoring the affronted croak from the object of discussion, Pudding looked back up at him with a contented smile. "He's wonderful Tar-tar, thank you so much!" Before the youngest alien could get away, the littlest mew leaped into the air, frog and all, and promptly encircled the bewildered Cyniclon in a big hug.

"H-hey! G-get off, monkey!" He quickly flew down to earth so she wouldn't drop and hurt herself (while at the same time only telling himself it was to relieve the weight of holding her up). "You can't hug your enemies!"

"Enemies don't give presents." She told him matter-of-factly, looking extremely pleased with herself. "Here, give kaeru-pi a good-bye peck!" Before the brown-haired shortie knew what she was doing, the slimy lips of the amphibian were kissing the side of his cheek. The frog seemed to laugh at his flustered expression as Pudding drew him away. Before the poor kid could work himself up into an angry tantrum, Pudding interrupted. "And here's one from me!" and promptly have him a kiss on the opposite cheek.

Taruto froze in stunned silence, even the frog remained quiet at this show of brazen attitude from the monkey mew. She blinked her big brown eyes at him, feeling very pleased with herself. "Will you come visit me and Kaeru-pi again?"

"Uh-uh- maybe." The Cyniclon remained stiff as he flew higher, his blush not fading in the slightest. "I gotta go."

Pudding began stroking the amphibian again, trying not to look sad. "I'll miss you, na no da."

Taruto paused, looking down towards her. "I'll… visit." And before Pudding had a chance to look up, he was gone. Back at the ship, Taruto reappeared in his room. He blinked a few times as if realizing where he was, but not really acknowledging it. He brought his hand up to the cheeks where her lips had touched him, and a silly smile grew on his face.

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