A/N: This chapter is mature but I didn't want to change the main rating.

Chapter 17:

Hooking Up

Jess, Don and Stella walked out of the interrogation room; Jess turned her head back over her shoulder just in time to see the smile spread across Jamie's face as the officer led him away to a holding cell; until his arraignment in the morning. "Sick Son of a Bitch" Jess said under her breath.

"Huh?" Flack said turning to see what Jess was referring to.

"He's smiling, actually smiling. He murdered 15 people and he is standing there smiling."Jess stated in a disgusted tone.

"Bastard" Flack growled

"I would like nothing more then go over and wipe that stupid smug grin off his face" Stella replied

"Me too" Jess said as she walked a little further ahead of them, she had seen enough of Jamie Evens to last her a lifetime.

They headed around the corner from interrogation to enter the bullpen area which was now occupied by a few extra bodies.

"Looks like the whole gang is here" Stella said catching up with Jess. Mac, Danny, Sheldon, Adam, Lindsay, and even Sid were hanging around Flack's and Angell's desk obviously waiting for them to join them.

"He confessed" Lindsay stated

"Yeah, to everything" Flack said

"He'll be arraigned tomorrow morning" Jess said

"Ok so whose up for a drink?" Danny asked

"I so can use a drink" Stella said and everyone started to nod their heads in agreement

"I think I'll set this one out" Jess said

"You OK?" Mac asked

"Yeah, I'm fine just tired and my arm is a little sore" Jess answered

"You were shot less then six hours ago" Hawkes said "Expect to be hurting for the next couple of days"

"Technically, I was only grazed" Jess said smiling "I'll see you guys tomorrow"

"Hold on a second" Stella said "the paramedic said that you shouldn't be alone"

"No he said if I feel light headed or dizzy I need to go to the ER" Jess said "I don't feel any of those things…just tired and sore and that's normal"

"Come on, I'll take you home" Flack said

"Is there any point for me to argue with you guys?" Jess asked but she already knew the answer as she could see her friends' eyes on her and knew there was little point to argue, after all it was seven against one.

"Nope" Flack said

"I'll get my things" Jess said walking off towards the locker room, when she was out of ears shot, Danny leaned over "So I'm assuming there is no need to save you a seat at Sully's" He said with a smug grin on his face.

Flack just glared his eyes at Danny "Ignore him Don" Stella said "I was on the scene with Jess today and she lost a lot of blood;; I don't think she should be left alone"

"I got it covered" Flack said as Jess came back up the steps. "Ready?" he asked

"Yep" Jess said.

Flack pulled into the parking lot of Jess' apartment building. He looked over to where Jess was sitting in the passengers seat, her head leaned up against the window and her eyes were closed, clearly asleep.

Flack leaned over and unbuckled her seat belt. After all the times he had dropped her off here he knew that she always kept the keys to her place hooked on the loop of her jeans. When he had asked her why, she had simply said "easier then carrying a purse." He reached over and unhooked the keychain and got out of the car. Flack walked over to the other side of the car and opened the door; he placed one arm under her legs and the other wrapped around her back and lifted her out of the car. Jess snuggled her head into his shoulder.

Flack walked up the stairs to the outside of the apartment building; "You can put me down" Jess said looking up into Don's piercing blue eyes and his goofy grin.

"I didn't want to wake you" Flack said as he gently let her slide out of his arms, however, he kept one arm tightly wrapped around her waist.

"You didn't" she replied as Flack unlocked the front door, they walked up the two flight of stairs to her apartment in silence. Finally coming to a stop in front of apartment 111,

Don again unlocked the door and Jess walked in tossing her badge, gun, and cell on the little table next to the door. "What are you doing? Jess asked as she turned and caught that Don hadn't followed her into the apartment instead he was still standing just outside her door. "You're allowed in" She said

"I know that wise ass…just wasn't sure if you would want company tonight" He replied Jess walk back over towards him wearing a seductive grin, and carefully with her good hand grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the apartment "I want you tonight" she whispered into his ear. Her lips wandered their way down his jaw line until they met his lips. Her tongue found its way inside Flack's mouth while Flack's arms roamed down Jess' back. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, without breaking the kiss he pushed her up against the door. Both only surfaced from the kiss due to the need for oxygen.

Flack pulled back a little and loosened his grip around her, carefully lowering her back to the ground. "What's wrong?" Jess asked

Don looked down into her chocolate brown eyes, he took his hand and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, "nothing" he replied "when I told you we would celebrate when we caught our guy, I didn't necessarily… "

Jess cut him off "I know" she replied

"and I don't want you to think…" he started to say

But again Jess cut him off "I know that too…I'm not just a one night stand" Don nodded his head in agreement "it goes both ways" Jess admitted smiling

Don reached out and took her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom. Inside, Don sat down on the bed pulling Jess down on him. Jess leaned down and slid her tongue into Don's mouth. Flack moved his arms down her back and carefully flipped her over so he was now resting atop of her. He moved his mouth and started to run his tongue down Jess' neck and back up to her mouth again; while she ran her hands through Don's hair. He pulled Jess up into sitting position and with great care as not to hurt her injured arm, he removed her shirt and he unhooked her bra and tossed both on the floor. Jess raised her hands and started to untie Flack's tie then she moved to unbutton his shirt before removing it completely, revealing his muscular chest. She kissed his chest and continued to kiss her way down to his belt and back up to his mouth. Don took her left breast into his hand and gently began to rub it until he could feel the nipple get hard, he could also hear Jess moan. He moved his lips down to the breast and began to suck on the hard nipple as he gently rubbed the right breast with his hand. He moved his mouth over to the right breast and took the nipple between his teeth and started to suck before moving his lips back up to her neck then he moved his lips to her ear lobe and started to nibble on it. Jess moaned and her toes curled. Jess regained her composure and slowly ran her fingers down to Flack's belt buckle, she unbuckled it as well as unbuttoned his jeans. She unzipped them and slid them down over his hips and butt before Flack kicked them completely off. Jess tugged each of her thumbs on either side of his boxers and pulled them down over his body. Flack could feel himself grow hard but he still had some control over his erection for the moment anyhow, he pushed his penis against Jess as his hands moved their attention away from her breast to the rib of her jeans. His finger tips lightly moved across to her right thigh where her tattoo was, he moved his lips over the same spot then he placed kisses along her trim stomach and he could hear her giggle. He undid her jeans and started to pull them off, Jess lifted her bum so that Don could easily get her pants off. He pulled her jeans off to revel her lacy red thong. Flack brought his lips down to her area and gently started to place kisses around it. He used his fingers to rub and push the lacy fabric into her slit. He moved his lips back to her stomach, planted more kisses there before pulling her underwear off. He started licking from her bellybutton down to her slit and than Flack pushed his tongue into her, he pulled out and started to lick around and he moved his tongue back into her. Jess moaned and she could feel herself let go as she came. Flack removed his mouth from her area and came back to Jess's mouth, they shared a breath taking kiss and Jess knew it was her turn to pleasure Flack.

She carefully flipped Flack over so she was now resting on top of him. She moved her tongue down over his chest, down to the tip of his head. She licked around the tip of his penis, she could feel Don quiver as her lips touch him. She knew he was about ready so she took him entirely into her mouth. Jess started to slowly move up and down his shaft, her movements started to speed up until Flack could not take anymore.

"Jess" He said in just above a whispered to let her know he could no longer control it. Jess removed her mouth from Don and she let him position himself back on top of her and Flack kissed her passionately before entering her. Flack thrust into her, started slow at first but he soon quicken his movements. Jess moved her hips and body along with Flack's movements. Jess' walls began to tighten around Don and she released as she experience her second organism of the night. Flack pushed in and out a few more times until he also released spilling himself into her.

They lay cuddled into each others arms on Jess' bed. Don pulled the blankets up around them so they both were nice and cozy. He could till Jess was starting to fall asleep, her eyes were close and he knew she was exhausted "Jess" He said her name in just above a whisper

"Umm…" was her answer

"We're going to do this right" he said

"and which part was wrong?" she asked with a evil little grin on her face

Even with her eyes closed Jess could feel Don blushing. "I meant I'm going to take you out on a real date" Flack said

"No arguments from me" she replied

"Go to sleep now" he said

"Don?" she said

"Yeah" He answered

"Did we really hook up?" she asked

"yes it really happened" Don said "now get some rest"

Jess snuggled her head into his shoulder and he wrapped his strong arms tightly around her. They both fell asleep, neither aware that they had just started a love of a lifetime.

The end

A/N: OK the ending was kind of cheesy but I wanted to get this up before the season finale aired. I still don't want to believe the rumours but after the promo last night, any hope I had of Jess getting out of this season alive has gone and I'm heart broken…but I agree with a lot of people here that we should keep this pairing alive…anywho hope you enjoyed the story.