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The family was spending time together in the park. L was eating a slice of strawberry cheesecake while he and Light discussed problems concerning the recession the economy is in while the latter watched over the three kids.

Near was playing with some toy robots while Matt and Mello were playing baseball. Mello had brought the metal bat while Matt brought a bunch of baseballs. Probably twenty or so.

The park was empty except for them which was good, it was more peaceful that way.

Matt swung the bat and sent the ball flying into a tree.

"Matt! Come on! If you keep this up, we won't have any balls left! And we just started playing!" Mello complained. He took a bite out of his chocolate bar and looked up at the tree. There were already three balls up there that they couldn't shake down. Neither wanted to climb the tree because…well, maybe just because they were lazy.

Mello finished his chocolate bar and picked up another baseball from the bad. That's why they always brought so many.

Mello threw another ball at Matt and the redhead hit the ball, sending it flying.

"Matt's good at baseball," Light commented.

L nodded. "Surprising since he spends all day playing video games."

Light looked over at Near who was playing in the sandbox a few feet away. "Why don't you join them?"

"Because Mello will hit my head with the bat, claiming he thought my head was the ball since they're both white," Near replied simply, as if he were stating the weather. Light guessed that it had happened before.

The brunette sighed. "Sometimes I wish we hadn't adopted such violent kids."

"Violence makes things fun and keeps this family interesting." L said, going for another slice of strawberry cheesecake.

"True." Light agreed. They both turned their attention back to Mello and Matt in time for Mello to yell out,

"Hey dude with the bad hair and ugly glasses! Watch out!"

The said dude with bad hair and ugly glasses saw the baseball too late and it connected with his head. The dude fell to the ground.

Light and L looked at each other before going over to the partially conscious dude.

"Are you ok?" Light asked, kneeling down beside the dude.

The dude's vision blurred then focused. He blinked as he looked up at Light. "Are you an angel?"

L glared at the man on the ground.

"Let's get you away from this area. Can you walk?" Light asked, ignoring the dude's first comment.

"Just leave him there." L mumbled.

Light rolled his eyes. He looked back down at the dude.

"Yeah I can stand." The dude said. "I'm Mikami."

"I'm Light. And this is L."

Mikami nodded. The three walked back to where Light and L had been sitting moments ago with Mikami holding and shaking his head.

"Sorry!!" Matt said.

Mikami shook his head. "It's fine."

And with that, Matt and Mello continued their game of baseball.

"How's your head?" Light asked.

Mikami put his hand on his head then brought it down to look at it. "No blood. I'm fine."

"Then leave." L said.

"Ignore him." Light told him. "So what are you doing around here?"

"Oh I was just walking home from work." Mikami replied.

"Sorry about that." Light said, watching another ball fly through the air.

"It's ok. Your son has one hell of a swing."

Light smiled. "He looks like my son?"

Mikami nodded. "Is he adopted?"

"They all are."

"Oh. Well still, if they weren't adopted, then I can see where they got their looks from." Mikami glanced at L. "Not from him…" He said under his breath. Light didn't hear him. L did.

L gripped the fork in his hand so tightly it bent. He glared at Mikami.

Meanwhile, Matt and Mello watched the three adults talk.

"Do you think they're getting along?" Matt asked.

"Can't tell." Mello replied.

"Maybe Near knows."

"Hey Near! Come here!"

Near sighed and walked over to them with his toy robots. "What?"

"Are they getting along?" Matt asked.

"Daddy is but Dad hates him." Near replied. In other words, Light is ok with him but L isn't.

Mello thought for a bit.

"I wish I had my game boy. I was kicking ass being Mario!" Matt said, remembering that Light had made him leave all his video games at home so he could do something else while they were at the park.

Mello grinned. "Do you wanna kick ass like Mario right now?" Matt raised a brow. "Huh?"

"Well, we have baseballs and a bat." Mello said.

"But Mario throws fire balls." Matt countered.

"Here." Near gave Mello one of his toy robots.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with this??" Mello asked.

"Take off the head and push the button on the back." Near ordered.

Mello did so. "A lighter…" He smirked. "We have fireballs."

"But Matt's aim could get one of our dads." Near said.

"Not if they're over here." Mello grinned again.

Near sighed. Another one of Mello's ideas and he finds himself in the middle of it again. "What do you want me to do now?"

Five minutes later, Light and Mikami were still talking. L had already destroyed four forks and Light hadn't noticed.

Light looked over at the three kids and saw Mello throw one of Near's toys into the street. The brunette sighed. Another fight…

Near walked over to get the toy and as he was walking back, he tripped and fell on his knees. The eight year old started to cry.

That snapped L out of anger. Light with his 'mother instincts' as L called them, was the first one to rush to Near's side, L behind him.

"Are you ok?" Light asked worriedly.

Mikami stayed behind and watched.

"Now Matt!" Mello lit one side of the ball in his hand on fire and threw it before it could burn him. Matt swung hard.

The ball went straight for Mikami.

"Holy sh—" Mikami never finished for his shirt caught on fire.

Mello threw more fire balls and Matt hit them all with good aim.

Light and L watched as Mikami caught on fire.

"AAAHHH!!!" Mikami yelled.

The park they were at had a cliff to it. But before Mikami would come close to it, Mello decided to have his own shot at Mikami. Unfortunately, since he doesn't have as good an aim as Matt with a ball, Mello decided to throw the metal bat itself at Mikami, getting him in the head. Mikami had been pushed to the edge of the cliff but stopped himself before he went any further. Near threw a chocolate bar he had stolen from Mello at Mikami and got him in the chest. To finish things off since Mikami still hadn't fallen, L threw all the forks he messed up at Mikami and one landed in his eye while the others stabbed his face. Mikami was screaming in pain this whole time and after L threw the forks, he fell over the edge of the cliff.

"Yes!" Matt and Mello high fived each other.

"Not again," Light said, referring to them killing someone.

"Is his body still burning?" L asked.

"Well if the fire didn't kill him, the fall did." Mello said. Matt nodded.

Near picked up his other toy robot and stood up, his fake tears gone. He went to the edge of the cliff, removed the head of his robot and pressed a button on the back of the toy. White foam came out where it's head should be.

"A lighter an a fire extinguisher? Awesome!" Matt said. Mello had to agree.

Light and L looked at each other. Near came back to them once he was done.

"Have to admit, that's pretty cool." Light said. L nodded.

"Should we leave before someone notices his body?" L asked.

"Oh yeah."

So they gathered their stuff and climbed into the car, Light driving and L in the passenger's seat.

"Near, where did you get those toys?" Light asked.

"Same place where I get most of my toys."

"And that would be?"

"Black market."

The car ride was silent until Mello said,

"Hey! how come you're allowed to go to the black market but I'm not?! That's not fair!"

Near smirked. "Well, life isn't fair. And who said I was allowed to go there?"

At this point, Light and L had one of two things to do. Or they could keep their sanity and go insane or they could throw sanity out the window now and get it over with.

They chose the latter.

Meanwhile, with Mikami——————

"Hello???" Mikami called out in pain. "Is anybody there?? I'm not dead…!" Amazingly, he was still alive even though his body was burnt, he was coated in white foam, had melted chocolate on him, his head hurt like hell and his eye was stabbed since his glasses had melted and his face was being stabbed with he didn't know what in other places.

Nobody replied.


Some guy looked over the edge of the cliff.

"Can you help me?" Mikami asked weakly.

The guy pulled out a gun and shot Mikami in the head, killing him for good.

"God! So annoying…" and the dude left.

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