Chapter 15 - The Occupant

"Incoming wormhole!" Walter announced. He waited for an IDC, but instead received nothing but random noise and... "Uh, I'm getting some strange energy readings. What's..."

"CRRRRRRRRK." Something seemed to push against the iris.

"Something seems to be pushing against the iris!" he announced redundantly. "But that shouldn't be possible!"

"RRRRRRRRRRRRP." The iris strained and started to bulge outward.

"No, I can't be seeing what I think I'm seeing. Nothing material can exist in the wormhole to push against the iris..."

"VVVVRRRRRRRRRRRT." The trinium alloy creaked and vibrated. "SSSSHINK." A few segments unwound slightly.

"Defensive teams stand by! We may have iris breach!"

"CRRRRRRTHOOOOOM!" The stressed iris flew to pieces under the stress. The few guards remaining standing after the hail of metal shards opened fire.

Something pink pushed its way out of the naquadah ring. It moved it small increments, stretching forward, and gripping the stargate and ramp with a multitude of spike-like hairs on the segments of its shiny body. Dozens of rounds of ammunition ploughed into the creature, but it continued without slowing noticeably. Soon enough of it had entered the gateroom that it could thrash about and knock down the remaining defenders.

"Code magenta! Situation whiskey tango foxtrot! The gateroom is being attacked by what appears to be a giant earthworm! Standard firearms appear to have no effect!" Walter announced as efficiently as he could manage.


"Uh, now the Control Room is being attacked!" Walter pressed the trusty blast-shield-lowering button...

Nothing happened. "We have a blast shield malfunction! All personnel to the control room immediately! Bring all the giant worm killing weapons you can possibly carry!" Walter hollered, starting to panic.


"Control room breach! It's coming for me! I repeat, it's after me! It's aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggurgle..."


Fortunately, Walter awoke before the situation grew any more dire.