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XxXxX First Fist XxXxX

"You are the Nine-tailed Demon Fox, the Kyubi no Kitsune!"

That line continued to run rampant through Naruto's skull. So this was why everything was as it was, why the Gods, as well as his parents, had abandoned him. The Demon. Bitter laughter was on the verge of bursting from his bloodied lips; it was because he was the Kyubi. Tears began to slip downs his face as he realized all the people he had killed.

A rumbling sound echoed through his mind. Slowly it grew, and grew, and grew! "No, you are not the monster, only its container. YOU ARE NOT THE KYUBI!"

'But Mizuki-sensei said that-,' his mind could not comprehend. What was this thing, this voice in the back of his head? Could it be…

"MIZUKI KNOWS NOTHING OF YOU!"barked the voice causing Naruto to visibly wince in shock and pain.

Suddenly, Naruto was knocked to the ground. The sound of flesh being torn and shredded rang through the clearing. A wet substance rained upon Naruto's face as he was pushed harshly to the ground. Looking up Naruto saw his one time academy teacher, Iruka, covered in blood. Naruto took a quick glance behind him to see that a rather large fuuma shuriken was buried in his Sensei's back. But even through the pain, Iruka some how smiled a Naruto.

"Are you hurt, Naruto?" he asked with only the slightest of grimaces do to the pain of the shuriken.

Naruto could only look at his Sensei with shock filled eyes. Why would Iruka ask something like that when he knew that he was the Demon that killed over half of the Shinobi population thirteen years ago?

"YOU ARE NOT THE DEMON!!"the voice screamed again.

"Why," was all Naruto could choke out as he tried to hold back his sobs, he hadn't cried in over nine years and he sure as Hell wasn't going to cry now.

Iruka looked at him for a moment before his own tears began to spill from his eyes, "Because we're the same; both orphans, both with no-one to show us any love or comfort. I was the same as you after my parents died; I became the clown of the class. It was the only way that I could find the recognition that I needed."

Naruto looked at him in shock. Not from what he was saying, no, it was the look in his Sensei's eyes that shocked him. They held no resentment towards him what so ever but it did hold concern, grief, and the slightest bit of shame; shame not towards Naruto but towards himself. Naruto couldn't understand why his Sensei was looking at him like that. Shouldn't his eyes be filled with hate like all the other people that looked at him? Wasn't it the Demon that took his Sensei's parents away and forced him to become an orphan and lonely?

Everything was happening too fast for him. There were too many unanswerable questions running through his head. He wanted to get away. No, needed to get away. With all the speed his body could muster, Naruto fled from the clearing; fled from underneath Iruka and just simply ran, with no destination in mind.

Mizuki chuckled until he was laughing all out. "Did you see the eye's of your precious student, Iruka? Those were the eyes of the Kyubi, and with that Forbidden Scroll, he'll take all his hatred, sadness, and loneliness out on all those villagers. Won't it be beautiful, Iruka?"

Iruka could only tear the fuuma shuriken from his back, and, in a fetal attempt, threw the deadly weapon back to its owner. Unfortunately, being the weapon expert of the academy, Mizuki sidestepped the shuriken with the easy of a seasoned warrior. Iruka's hatred for his so-called comrade was all but rolling off him in waves. How dare he do that to Naruto! How dare he!

With one last, fleeting glance and a laugh Mizuki disappeared into the canopy of the nearby trees to find his prey, leaving a panting and bleeding Iruka behind


Naruto knew not how long he ran, for that was all his brain could comprehend at the moment; putting one foot in front of the other, time was not relevant. All the time his mind was at war with itself; one side was yelling at him that he was the Kyubi, the reincarnation of pure, unadulterated malice and evil. While the other part was screaming at him that he was Naruto and not a lowly demon. The war waged on as he ran, growing in intensity the farther he retreated, until he fell to the ground with a wail of pain, clutching his skull as it threatened to spilt itself as the voices continued.

"You know what the man says is true, you are this village's harbinger of death…" cooed one of the voices.

"NO. YOU. ARE. NOT!!!" roared the second. Though the voice sounded as if it could tear his universe in two with just a mere thought, it also had a somewhat, dare he say, comforting quality to it. "YOU ARE THE ONLY THING HOLDING M… mass… MASS TERROR BACK."

He clutched his head tighter as the voices fought with a new vigor, until a flash of stars erupted behind his eyelids. A roar of fury, and an explosion of pain coursed throughout his entire body, all became quiet. Naruto lay there for several seconds, wondering if he was dead. He felt nothing, smelt nothing, heard nothing, saw nothing, and tasted nothing. Slowly, after what felt like an eternity, everything started to return to him. He started to feel the grass beneath his hands and the breeze that drifted across his face. He started to smell the smoothing scent of the pines that was carried by the wind. He started to hear his own steady breathing as well as the rustling of the leaves in the trees. He saw the shadows that were cast by the full moon over head. And he finally tasted the blood that came off his own tongue, seeing as he accidentally bit it.

He softly began to hear a new sound, the sound of someone panting…heavily. "You are not, nor will you ever be, the Kyubi-no-Yoko. I will personally see to it that you never become that."

Naruto lay there for several more minutes. He felt at ease in hearing that, not only because it eased his mind to a near dreamless and restful sleep, but also because the voice held the most sense of love that he had ever heard anyone direct towards himself, externally or otherwise.

Then two familiar voices suddenly interrupted his musing.

"You of all people should hate that Demon." It was Mizuki!

Slowly, with what little strength Naruto had, he crawled towards the sound of the voice. Finally he pressed his back up against a tree at the edge of the clearing that held the voices.

"It's true…I hate the Demon…" That was Iruka's voice. Once Naruto heard that sentence he gentle hung his head, and gripped the Forbidden Scroll tighter to his chest, as he realized that the one person that he ever trusted truly hated him. He had almost forgotten that he still had the Scroll tied to his back.

"I hate the Demon…but not the boy. Not Naruto…"

As the small voice of self-destruction began to creep back into existence it was quickly crushed by Iruka's last sentence. It also seemed to empower The Other voice, the voice that calmed him and if he looked back cooed him to sleep when he was little. The rest of the conversation was lost to him as a new and almost indestructible determination flooded through his mind. He slowly raised his hands until they came before his face and, closing his eyes in great concentration, formed a hand sign that resembled a cross. To anyone looking at him from the outside would have thought that he was warding off some unseen creature of darkness.

'Iruka-sensei…I will not let harm come to you,' thought Naruto as the air around him began to crackle with Chakra. The world began to shake as though the earth itself was going to split in two and swallow all the was evil on its surface while Naruto dug deeper and deeper into his heart, mind, and very soul to find just a little more Chakra. 'Not NOW, NOT EVER!!'


"I was going to wait 'til the end of all this to kill you but seeing as you won't shut up I'LL JUST KILL YOU NOW!" screamed Mizuki as he sent his last fuuma shuriken on a crash course with Iruka heart.

Suddenly an orange and blond blur intercepted the fumma shuriken, and quickly sent it back to its original owner by nimbly gripping the spinning projectile by its inner ring and, after adding some extra rotations, hurling it with all his strength. Mizuki barely had time to register the new danger to his health and narrowly dodged the incoming buzz saw; only to rewarded with a severally deep gash across his upper arm. The traitor quickly tore his eyes form the gash on his arm to the one that had caused it, Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyubi-no-Kitsune.

"You dare to harm Iruka-sensei! You dare to harm someone precious to me!! NOW YOU PAY!!!" roared 'Naruto' as he cocked back his fist and dashed towards the offending man.


Prior to original belief, Naruto was actually moderately intelligent. Don't get him wrong, he wasn't like some geniuses such as Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Hinata, but in his own right he was a genius; living on the streets since one was five would do that to someone. But unlike the afore mentioned individuals, Naruto was not book smart, he was smart in understand peoples abilities as well as their mind set and skill level just by either looking at their body language or eyes. This is why Naruto had sent out a Shadow Clone in order to save Iruka and stall for time.

Why stall for time? It was simple; while Mizuki was badly injured Naruto could still see the Jounin that he was. Sure he was label as a Chunnin Academy instructor, but Naruto insight had never been wrong, and even though the technique was a Kinjutsu it was one of the weaker ones; and Naruto would need something much, much stronger to beat him.

Frantically he skimmed through the Forbidden Scroll looking for anything that could help him, but everything he saw was way over his head. Monumental elemental techniques were the main basis with other Kinjutsu's that were the combination of other Jutsu's he hadn't even heard of.

The fight was not going well, and even though he pumped a good amount of Chakra into the clone, the clone itself could only summon so many Shadow Clones.

Suddenly he saw something out of the corner of his eye and slowly he turned his head until he was facing the rolled out part of the Scroll. The techniques name was simple nothing like the other ones, and its name was…

"Ten Thousand Fists…" murmured Naruto.

In the center of the rolled out section of the scroll was a summoning seal, much like one that you would find on a storage scroll. All the seal required was a small amount of blood and a decent amount of Chakra, which Naruto had in good amounts. A cry of pain echoed out of the clearing that was not the Clone that he had sent out; it was that of the voice of Iruka.

"Come out, come out little fox… If you don't then Iruka becomes my dead mothers new pincushion…" taunted Mizuki.

'So,' Naruto thought bitterly, 'he found out…'

"I'll give you to the count of five to get out here before I kill Iruka…" chuckled the deranged Chunnin.

Seconds later a sickening 'snap' was heard followed by Iruka's cries of pain, "One…"

Naruto's eyes widened in horror; Mizuki was count by breaking Iruka's fingers!

'Snap' "Two…"

Without thinking Naruto bit his thumb, causing it bleed, and swiped it across the center of the seal. He then placed the palm of his left hand over the blood smear and poured Chakra into the seal.

'Snap' "Three…"

The scroll under his hand began to shine as the seal unwound itself from the scroll and onto his hand until it seal rewound itself and his wrist and stopped. He then looked at his newly tattooed wrist in slight awe and in major dissatisfaction; the tattoo even resembled the outline of a watch that told time. Sure the thing looked cool but it seemed to have no importance what so ever.

Oh, if only he knew how important it was…

'Snap' "Four…" the voice sounded more irritated now.

Naruto sighed pitifully; he couldn't let Iruka suffer anymore. Slowly he stood and made the short distance to the opening of the clearing to where Iruka and Mizuki were by stepping in front of the tree he had been hiding behind.

Mizuki was standing over Iruka with a kunai to the scarred mans throat and his other hand clasping one of Iruka's free hands. All the fingers on said hand were all twisted in a disgusting position; all save his pinky, which was next in line. Mizuki's face split into a sickeningly, maniacal sneer once his little fox made himself known. Blood continued to drip from Mizuki's torn arm that held the kunai, leaving raindrops on his victim. Naruto averted his eyes to those of his brief tormentor, his ice-cold eyes meeting those black dead eyes of the man across the clearing.

Without warning, Mizuki stood to his full height and, faster than Naruto could even comprehend at the moment, released a volley of assorted kunai and shuriken. With no place to dodge to, Naruto took the hit only to find him self pinned to the tree that he been hiding behind.

Naruto's eyes had not changed as he stood there, flush to the tree. The searing pain that signaled him to his, now, useless right arm was not enough to break his glare with the traitor of Konoha; if anything it only intensified it until the intent to kill was spewing forth in waves. Mizuki quickly erupted into laughter, even if something inside of he felt cautious at the feeling of his killing intent.

"You can do what ever you want with me, just let Iruka-sensei go," Naruto spat venomously.

Mizuki looked up from his laughter, his one good arm clutching his side from the intensity of the laughter, and grinned insanely at the trapped youth. "You, my little fox, are in no place to give orders."

"But he has nothing to do with this!" Naruto shouted.

"Oh, but he does…" Mizuki cooed, "He's going to stay here and WATCH YOU DIE!!!" he ended with an insane scream. Mizuki then threw his last fumma shuriken, which had been strapped to his back, at the defenseless Hero.

The shuriken soared through the air towards its target intending to remove him from the world that he loved so much. The blond would-be Shinobi spared one look at Iruka's horror and sorrow filled eyes and realized, even though he accepted his own death, he couldn't let Mizuki win. Closer and closer the shuriken came to its dinner, the wind it cut through sounding like an enraged and rabid animal.

Suddenly screaming filled his ears that only he could hear, "HEROES ART: TEN THOUSAND FISTS!!!!"

A flash of light and a puff of smoke alerted the blond prankster that something had happen to his wrist and with a quick look to the left found out what had happened. The strange bracelet like tattoo was now replaced with a strange orange, black, and white looking watch. On what would be the time face of the watch were the two orange triangles that met together, forming what could be described as an hourglass shape. The timepiece of the 'watch' seemed to be elevated by about an inch on some kind of button and the triangles had converged to for a diamond with some kind of shadow in the background.

Before he could investigate the 'watch' anymore, the woman's screaming filled his ears again, "DON'T JUST STAND THERE, SLAM IT DOWN!!" And without any more suggestions Naruto did just that, he turned his wrist so the face of the watch was facing the truck of the tree and jammed it against its bark, forcing the button back into its resting position in the watch; in the process he saved his life, his Sensei's life, and changed his life, and the lives of many others, forever.

There was a flash of bright orange light, a fluctuation of power, followed by a screeching sound as the fumma shuriken fell in shards to the ground. The flash of light and the flux of power had left a large dust cloud in the way of the tree. A quiet, almost insane, chuckling began to fill the clearing, but what was strange was that it was not of anyone in the clearing. Finally the dust cleared and there before the two Chunnin stood a man that was defiantly not Naruto.

The man that stood in Naruto's place was wearing old feudal clothes in the form of a deep crimson haori and matching crimson hakama pants. His hair shocked the two men as it was a rich silver color and reached all the way down to the middle of his back, but the shock of the mans hair was nothing compared to the shock of seeing two silver dog ears on top of his head. The man's golden eyes and elongated fangs only served to frighten the men more.

"Feh, you think I'm through with you?" asked the silver haired man as he began to tear kunai and shuriken from his person. He roughly pushed his back off of the tree he had been pinned to and slowly began to stalk towards Mizuki; he body hunched over, ready to pounce.

Mizuki took a fearful step back, before loosing his balance and falling flat on is rear. This couldn't be possible, the power flowing off of him was equivalent to that of his master! Pitifully, he tried to drag his battered body away from the monster before him but was stopped as this new being grabbed his ankle and hoisted him up into the air.

"Ah-ah-ahhh," cooed the man as he wagged his finger before the doomed man's face, "you said you wanted to fight a demon, didn't you?" He laughed when he saw both men beginning to shake in fear. "Feh, weaklings." The dog eared man drove his fist deep into Mizuki's stomach knocking his unconscious, and then he tossed the body like a tattered rag doll causing it to strike a tree and fall into a heap.


The red clad man turned to Iruka as he sat there in shock and looked upon him in a mixture of annoyance and relief, "Who else do you think it would be, you scar-face?"

Iruka's mouth fell to the ground, "Naruto!? What happened to you?!"

Naruto raised his hand until it was placed behind his head and scratched his head sheepishly. "Well I don't know all the specifics, but in laymen's terms…I've become this…" his eye's glazed over suddenly as if he was being told the secrets of the universe, "this half dog demon, Inuyasha, son of the great Inu-Taicho."

Iruka looked at him as if he had grown dog-ears, before chuckling good-naturedly, "All right Naruto you can drop the Transformation now it seems-"

"So all that is, is a Transformation," suddenly came Mizuki's gurgling response as he lifted himself onto his feet. "And that watch, I remember reading about something just like it in Snow Country. Since they're Shinobi usually are not capable to mold Charka in high amounts they created Charka Armour." He drunkenly pointed his finger towards the orange hourglass-shaped badge over Inuyasha's heart, "That's what that is isn't it, some kind of Charka Armour!?" He began to chuckle madly as he reached into his back pocket and retrieved a vial, "I knew that little Shadow Clone displace was a fluke and now," he popped the cork on the vial in his hand and downed the ruby elixir in one gulp, "I'll show you what true power is!!"

Mizuki's body suddenly erupted with Charka and his form began to morph. His shoulders widened to the point of his shirt tore under the stress and his muscles rippled and bulged under his flesh like coiling snakes. The hair on his arms and the rest of his body grew at a rapid rate until his body was covered in fur, as well as his gash upon his arm healed at a rapid rate. And to add the icing to the cake two cats like ears emerged from the top of his head. Before them now stood what could be described as a large man/tiger hybrid.

A roar was the only warning the two received before the man beast that was Mizuki launched himself at the two like a large furry cannon ball, but Inuyasha easily met him in mid air before the tiger could reach its prey. Although let it not be said that cat is weaker than the dog as the cat easily tore through the dogs flesh; bringing forth ferocious roars of pain and rage.

"Enough of this," barked the Half-Demon as he leapt in the air, away from the rending claws of the cat. His own claws skillfully dipped into his own wounds, smearing them with his own life giving fluid, "Blades of Blood!" he roared to the Heavens as he slashed his bloodied claws towards his opponent. Crescents of pure Demonic Aura numbering in the dozens tore through the night air towards their intended target, tearing through defenseless trees and causing large gashes to form on the ground as some missed.

Many of the crimson blades ripped and shredded their intended target, but it was not enough to cause his fatality. Mizuki waited silently in the dust cloud that was kicked up by the attack for the Dog-man to land, and as Inuyasha made contact with the ruined ground, Mizuki went on the offensive. Unfortunately, Naruto had been slightly winded from his Clone creating before he had Transformed into this Hero and with the 'Blades of Blood' technique also taking quite a bit of energy, Inuyasha was nearly on empty. So when the Cat-man tore up the ground to reach him, Inuyasha could do little to defend against the onslaught.

Mizuki's clawed hand encompassed his head with ease as he forced the Half-Demon's skull into the ground with bone crushing force. Over and over again Inuyasha's skull met the stony ground harshly as the enraged Mizuki continued his mission in turning the Dog's skull into dust, as well as most of his other bones in the process. Again and again the stars erupted and the cosmos blossomed behind his eyes, and again and again they were snuffed out only to be reborn in a seconds time.

Suddenly a blink of a red light and the sound of a winding down warning siren filled both their eyes and ears and moments later a blinding flash of red erupted from Inuyasha's prone, unconscious figure. As Mizuki lowered his arms from his protected position he saw that Naruto took the place of the Half-Demon that had caused his heart to skip a beat and fear to creep within his mind. A sneer found its way upon the Cat-man's face as a pool of blood began to seep from the boy's head and began to fill the small crater that his head had made. With that the Demonized Mizuki threw his head back and roared to Hell his victory over the Demon's spawn.


The Transformation into the new Hero had taken a lot out of the age old Demon that resided in the blond teens stomach, not to mention the little…clean up that the being had to deal with prior to the sudden genetic shift. Naruto had more power than he could ever dream of in his mind thanks to the Demon's presence, and when he had finally given up on himself after so many years of self reliance he created a figure within his own mind that soul purpose was to destroy him. The presence was quite strong, powered by years of suppressed hatred and despair, similar to the Hollows of old the Demon mused, and it had taken quite a bit of it to turn it to nothing more than a memory of dust.

Once the presence was destroyed and Naruto was able to protect himself by becoming one of the Heroes that resided in the watch, the Kyubi had taken a small rest, its confidence in its container in great supply. Rest is what took up most of the Kyubi's time since it had to recharge its great power that it had once possessed, and luckily that time when its power was all but fully recharged was coming so very close. The other portion of its time was spent viewing its blond container.

Its mighty tails twitched slightly as it woke, and, perking its head up high into the air, it yawned with jaw cracking intensity. Surely by now the fight would be over and the Kyubi could once again, like the many nights that it had stayed awake through, comfort Naruto's sleeping soul as it always did. Getting on all four of its slender legs the Kyubi stretched like one of its brethren, arching its back with a feline like elegance, and slowly began to shrink. As the great Beast decreased in its size, the size of the seal that held it shrank as well until it was a semi-comfortable space for that of a human.

Again the Beast stretched, but this time it was with its arm high above its head. A satisfied moan was held trapped by her crimson lips as the joints in her shoulders, spine and even sternum cracked in a delicious symphony of pops. All of her lean muscles coiled under her bare flesh like those of a tuned spring, stretching and straining like tendons of a fine thro bred horse. She ran her manicured claws through her shoulder length orange hair held in two messy ponytails to loosen some of the smaller knots that had accumulated in it from her light dozing session. She had once tried to grow her hair out to past her rear when she was still within the Court but brushing and combing became an almost impossible task, so she left her hair at shoulder length; personally she thought that she looked rather ravishing with it as such.

She looked down at her figure as well as her reflection from the pool of unshed tears that covered the entirety of the young blonds mind and couldn't help but smile. She was nude, of course since clothing in her case was slightly uncalled for, and she had to admit that she was rather attractive. Her face was as lean as her muscles and form was, with ruby irises, crimson full lips along with elongated fangs that would peak past her lips as she smiled, and a slight rosy hue to her cheeks like those of a school girl. Her shoulders were narrow and her hair fell to them in like the rays of the setting sun. Her breast… her smirk grew ever so slightly, her breasts were of a high 'B' class to a low 'C' class. She had seen other women with abnormally large breast and was disgusted with them; she wanted breast that could be used as comfortable pillows for her mate-to-be, not something that could cause him to suffocate in bed if she rolled over while they slept. Her eyes lazily cascaded down her tone stomach to her-

The entire mindscape shook violently, causing Kyubi to loose her footing as well as causing several of the Charka pathway pipes that lined the ceiling and walls to clatter onto the ground. Kyubi looked around fearfully from her position on the floor at the pipes that fell every time a tremor tore through the mindscape a the blond; those pipes were never intended to fall from the bolted posts unless its creator was close to…

"Oh God… NO!" roared Kyubi. With a snap of her fingers she was clothed in crimson slacks and matching tank top and on her feet just as quickly.

Another tremor, three times as great, shook the very foundation of the mind, knocking what few pipes remaining on the walls off as well as thick ceiling tiles. The air began to storm through the thought corridors and tear doors of categorized memories off of their hinges and toss them about like leaves on the wind. The very mindscape was falling apart and Kyubi feared what this could mean. One of the possible out comes, one of the only out comes, was that Naruto was experiencing some severe head trauma and was dying; and if he died, well…

A crack of thunder and a flash of lightening were Kyubi's signal that her warden was on he's way, and come he did. A rift opened several meters above the entrance hallway, electricity crackling and sparking around the edges of the black hole that was the rift, and out shot Naruto, beaten, blood and unconscious. His nearly dead spectral body soared through the air and ricocheted like a stone off of a waters surface every time he made contact with the ground that was his mind. Craters formed with each ricochet and more of his body was beaten, with each bounce his speed slowed ever so slightly as his body reached its intended target: the cage of its mightiest burden.

Kyubi jumped skillfully and caught his renegade projectile of a body, but was not aware of the force that was propelling it. The overwhelming force caused her to join in on his crash course until they met the back wall of the Seal with bone crushing force. Once they had finally come to a stop Kyubi quickly did a systems check on her container, but as she placed his head in her lap to begin the overlook, she knew what was the cause. The entire back of his skull was missing… and the only thing that was keeping his skull still attached to his body was the flesh of his neck and throat. Blood, fragments of his skull, and globs of gray matter began to pool on her lap as she held him, and his crystal blues looked upon her in shocked horror.

Tears spilled from her ruby eyes for the first time in over fourteen years, only to be replaced with a cosmos imploding rage. Tiles that had begun to fall from the ceiling stopped and seemed to levitate in mid air in an all-encompassing red aura. Pipes twisted and withered on the ground like snakes until they sprang to the walls and ceiling, reattaching themselves. Her eyes began to glow with an intensity that shattered the tiles beneath them. The tides of unshed tears churned and bucked and whirled around their figures as they bended to the will of the lone the woman at the center of the vortex. Hatred consumed all and in its process it gave birth to a new mind and being.

They dare harm him! They dare harm him! Has not this boy suffered enough and now this man thinks he can kill him, her jailer and future mate! Oh this land shall know the power of one of the figures of the Court, they shall know of her hatred that crushes mountains and churns the very sea that she was born from. They will cower before her and her brethren.

Silently her hand rose to her lips. Taking her index finger as well as her middle finger she drew them across her upper lip and bottom lip respectively. In place of the crimson lips were now pulsing emeralds, and in one swift motion their lips met; master and prisoner became as one. Tears seeped from her eyes in new droves, this day of their union was not supposed to happen until he was awake, ready and understanding, not asleep and near death. But it did its part as her purified medical Charka swept into his body and began the healing process.

Gasping for breath, she parted from her love. She looked at him one last time, combing her nails through his sunny locks. Oh, how this mere human, and a child at that, had stolen her heart and made her want to move the very universe that her Lord had made just to see him smile and hear him laugh. She had little to worry about now as she felt his flesh knit back together at the back of his skull, but now was not the time for celebrating; now was the time to rend the living and rip the dead. Her body split right there, one body with Kyubi's young mate still resting on her lap and the other standing to her full height. With a wave of her hand five strange figures appeared behind the one-time Arch-Angel, all with different cloaked forms and attributes.

"We're leaving," the Kyubi said.

One of the masked opened its mouth to protest but was silenced by the scream from the still unresponsive Naruto. All eyes whipped to the blond only to see his right arm torn from his body and lying several feet away, luckily his screams were silenced by the healing lips of Kyubi's Clone.

Kyubi's rage once again shook the mindscape, and nearly caused several of the pipelines too rupture under the strain from both her Charka output as well as her intent to kill. Her heated gaze met the eyes of the one figure that was about to protest her decision of revenge.

"Any questions?" Kyubi's inquiry rumbled throughout the entire plane of their existence and was answered with quick negatives, but as she turned to leave the land of dreams she heard of her brethren speak.

"So we finally get to weld some poor Fucks asshole shut and drill him a new one right between his eyes?" asked the figure as she fingered her twin custom tailored Beretta 92 FS's as they rested in their holsters on either side of her firm breasts.

Kyubi seemed to ignore her as she continued towards one of the hallway at the back of her cage, but all of the cloaked Heroines could feel her murderous grin spread like a knife wound across her delicate features, "Oh yes, Rebecca, but not just this 'poor Fuck' but all of those who dare harm my beloved mate!"

Revy silently began to chuckle as she and the other Heroines followed their sister with her hands resting behind her head, but soon the silent chuckling turned into a fit of giggles and finally exploded into out right cynical laughter. Even as she entered the hallway to the outside world her laughter that chilled the souls of men never dwindle.


Mizuki had not been satisfied with his victory and had commenced in the desecration of the Demon Spawns corpse; ripping the flesh from its chest and even going as far as tearing its right arm from its body. The Cat-man licked the blood from his claws and lifted his bloodstained maw to the heavens and roared into the night's sky. He hefted the removed limb in his hand as his body was bathed in n unholy moonlight, and swung the arm experimentally like a club. Iruka shivered in utter terror as a sneer made Mizuki's face glow and was unable to cry out as he was beaten with his own students severed arm. Bones began to break under the assault and consciousness was lost soon after, but still the large Cat never ceased his rampage on his incapacitated peer.

And yet the hidden ANBU looked on in distaste and rage. ANBU's were never one to let one of their own be killed before them, but the disregarding of direct orders was one thing that went above even that, so they looked on waiting for the Kage's orders to commence a counter offensive. They had watched as the young Genin-to-be had retrieved the strange artifact, and were at awe with what it was capable of. Mizuki was a fool if he thought that thing was one of the Land of Snow's Charka Armour, even though the ANBU them selves had no true idea what it was, they knew for a fact that it was not a Transformation emitter.

The Leader of the ANBU platoon reached towards his earpiece communicator that contacted him directly to the Hokage when he saw the Cat-man raise the unconscious teacher by the neck to eye level. He knew how this was going to end and the Teacher was too good of a person to have this happen to him, "Boar to Hokage, requesting immediate intervention." The way that Mizuki was slowly caressing Iruka's cheek with one of his sharpened nails did not sit well with him.

Static erupted in his ear and was soon replaced with a slightly winded voice, "Denied, I'm twenty-four clicks away and will be there shortly."

Boar snorted in a very unprofessional way, "No offence Lord Hokage, but you are getting on in years and you won't make it in time." He continued to watch as Mizuki drew strange patterns and symbols across and around Iruka's face with his claws.

"Hold your position."

That one statement held enough intent to kill that every one of the members of the ANBU platoon shivered violently. But what happened in the next ten minutes made every one of the ANBU quit their Ninja career indefinitely.


Iruka had just regained consciousness when Mizuki began to defile his face with his claws as his face held a child-like morbidness as the skin peeled and the blood flowed. He was currently beginning held in the air by his throat and the edges of his vision were already starting to fade, never a good sign indeed. He knew he was going to die, he knew that the moment Mizuki had revealed the information on the Kyubi, either by the stronger-then-average-Chunnin or by a grief enraged Naruto, and he had strangely enough come to terms with it. But as his broken arm reached towards his students dying form he wished he hadn't. His brother would never know how much he loved and cared for him. With a brief and choked "Otouto…" his suffering was ended as Mizuki grew bored with his plaything and snapped his neck with a twist of his wrist.

He tossed his now broken toy to the side and began to swing Naruto's severed arm a few more times. He failed to notice the muscles in the arm tensing and the fingers twitching and when he finally finished his impromptu batting practice the arm coiled and its closed fist struck him hard, directly on the nose. Mizuki howled in pain and threw the arm away from him only for it to be caught by some invisible wind and brought back to its original body…that was now standing on its own, head bowed and an evil aura of blood lust and sorrow surrounding it. The arm connected with the body and twisted several times as it screwed itself back into its socket; and yet the eyes of the Jinchuriki never left the ground.

But once Naruto's head elevated to the point that it could see Iruka's dead body the temperature dropped thirty degrees and the aura of evil multiplied into an all-consuming hurricane of hate, rage, sorrow, insanity, and detachment.

"You hurt my Kit. You hurt my Kit. You hurt my Naru-Kun. You hurt my Naru-kun." With each repeated phrase the intensity grew until it was howled to the heavens. The earth cracked, the trees were uprooted, thunder crackled across the sky and serpents of lightning danced, the wind whipped around the forest like angry bees; yet the aura never waned, only growing.

With a wave of the teens hand Mizuki was surrounded by five Kyubi influenced Naruto's, each one with the watch portrayed in a different manner; blocking half of his face, centered over his heart, and several other positions. Finally the eyes of the blond met the eyes of the Cat-man as he raised his downcast head, but they were no the eyes of the blond child that had entered the forest…they were of the eyes that had seen the creation of time itself and of all the pain the blond felt throughout his life. They were the eyes that were boring a hole right through the once fearsome Cat-man; the crimson red orbs of he Kyubi.

When the Kyubi-fied Naruto finally spoke it seemed that the world ended, "You have been found guilty of both attacking my Naru-Kun, attacking a Hero, and this boys Older Brother. Your punishment is your life." With a nod of its head the other Naruto's were engulfed in a blazing orange light and were replaced with a new appearance. The strange thing of all was that each of the new 'Heroes' were actually 'Heroines'.

The first one that Mizuki took notice of was the one that he wanted to make his. She wore what looked like jeans, but what captured his true 'attention' was that the jeans were cut so short that the looked more like bikini bottoms. For a shirt she wore a small black sleeveless tank top that showed off her well-toned stomach and midsection, and accented her well proportion breast. Swirling around and down her right shoulder was some type of tribal tattoo that consisted of several crescent and wave like pattern. Strangely enough this girl also wore heavy-duty combat boots and her chestnut hair in a loose ponytail. What Mizuki did not take notice of were the two silver objects that were place on the outside of both breasts.

The second girl that he noticed was a girl that wore a civilian style sailor schoolgirl outfit and navy blue well kept hair. It was a normal blue and white outfit with a skirt that came just a few centimeters above her knees. Across her nose was a scar that was eerily similar to the one that Iruka had across his nose, but her eyes held none of the same warmth that his did; they held a cold granite feel that told him that if she had a chance she would kill him and revel in the blood that would pour form his wounds.

The third girl was also very attractive. She seemed to wear a botched up school uniform as well but what accented it the most were her light purple and dark purple striped leggings and, when the wind blew correctly, panties. Another thing that seemed to define her person was the sucker she held in her mouth as well as her whiter, slightly bulky, sweater that was slipped off of her shoulders and thick black bra straps. Her hair was that of majestically purple icicles that draped around her face and covered one of her eyes.

The fourth girl could be considered an Amazonian warrior considering her height. She stood at an impressive one hundred eighty-five centimeters and her hair was shortly cropped and if one was to look at her for only a brief instant, they would think that this intimidating woman was actually a man. Her clothes were those of a normal woman's, slacks, long sleeve shirt, and sandals, but what was odd was that in her left hand was a large silver briefcase.

The fifth and final woman was more of a darker complexion then any of the rest. Her golden hair was reminiscent of that of a cheerleader's pom-pom and her dress was that of a martial artist. Even though her outfit was rather revealing and her form was small, the way her muscles coiled under her arms like vipers was the only sure sign that she was a fighter.

Each one of the girls surrounded Mizuki and it seemed that each one was rather angry, but that was fine with the feral man… he always liked it rough.

The Kyubi enhanced Naruto raised its newly reattached arm and point his finger at the killer Cat like some ruler of old and ordered, "Now let me show what this watch is truly capable of!"

Sadistic smirks formed as the girls began to circle their prey, they no longer were the angels they once were; they had become devils. Tension mounted as some type of power surged forth from the She-Devils and the atmosphere swirled, crackled, churned, and compressed, making it hard to breath. One by one the girls revealed how they had come by the name of Heroin.

The first girl, the brunette, delicately unsheathed her two silver Cutlasses and pulled the slide of each pistol by placing the un-cocked slide between her teeth and pulling harshly.

The second, navy blue haired, girl pulled our of her skirts pocket a hexagon shaped piece of metal with the Roman numeral XLIV inscribed on its front. She brought it before her and whispered, "Buso Renkin." Once those innocent words past her lips the hexagon erupted into mechanical parts and reconstructed themselves around her upper thighs, forming four sentient death scythes; the Valkyrie Skirt was its name.

The third girl, in her white sweatshirt raised her hands like those of a surgeon as they walked into the operating room, allowing her sleeves to slide down to her elbows. Once her hands were revealed her hands twitched and were soon covered in majestic rich blue ice like claws.

The fourth Amazonian girl released the locks on her briefcase and from it flowed countless numbers of…paper? Yes paper and like some kind o puppet master, with a flick of her wrist, from her paper formed some type of wolf as well as a tall golem.

The fifth and final girl did nothing special, or could be considered special. All she did was clench her fists and bend her knees in anticipation.

Around and around then went, how they killed, it was anyone's bet.


The once still form of Uzumaki Naruto began to stir from its position on the Kyubi Clones lap, much to her disappointment. She had enjoyed her time in Naruto's presence greatly and was oh so reluctant to let it end… she was half tempted to knock him back out just to keep him in her lap and loving hands. To her, his hair was of the finest silk that could ever be created by the Lord above and his slightly tanned skin was of the smoothest and most relaxing texture that had ever graced her hand.

But as the information of the outside world filtered through her mind, as his body began to fade like an illusion on the wind, she knew that he needed to wake up; no matter how much the real world was going to hurt, he needed to know. With one last second to spare, Kyubi bent her head and kissed him, her mate, one last time, putting as much love into as she could. And as he finally vanished she wept with the tears of his sorrow that he would never shed before vanishing herself.


Naruto's eyes snapped open when the smell of smoke, blood, and gunpowder. As his eyes adjusted to the lack of light he was assaulted with a vision from his worst nightmares. Trees were utterly destroyed, paper lay every where as well as chucks of ice; landscapes were reformed like God himself and come down from his throne and reshaped it, and Mizuki…Mizuki…The one time man was littered through out the clearing, no piece was bigger than the mans head; which had its mouth open in a silent scream and its eyes wide in horror with a coin sized hole between his eyes.

But this did not matter to the blond all that mattered was-


There, not more than three meters away was the cold form of the once proud teacher of the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja academy. His eyes were half lidded and his hand was still grasping at the blond that rushed to his side. Desperately, Naruto sought the pulse that would never start, and forever he cried out his name never for him to answer. He frantically tried to push the bones in his young teachers neck back into place but they never moved; why wouldn't they move?! NO matter how hard he pushed on his chest, why wouldn't his heart restart?! Why, why, WHY?!

"Naruto-San," Naruto's eyes whipped towards the four-manned ANBU squad that now stood before him. Each member's shoulders were slumped in sorrow and most of the members no longer wore their mandatory masks, revealing tear stained cheeks and pale skin. The supposed leader of the squad walked towards Naruto and kneeled before the heart-broken teen, placing his hand on Naruto's shaking shoulder.

"I'm sorry…but he's-"

"NO, DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!" the earth shook and the sky split. "DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!"

The ANBU's hand tightened and tears flowed form his eyes, he himself did not want to believe this heresy but- "-he's dead, Naruto…" with that said he quietly moved his hand until his fingers were draped over Iruka's eyes and in one swift motion closed Naruto's mentor's eyes.

As the realization of his mentor's death, both in images that he could not explain as well as gut instinct took hold. Violent shaking started to take hold of his body as all of his chaotic emotions stormed rampantly through his mind and body.

"Let it out Kit," arms seemed to drape around him from behind, circling his neck lovingly; one hand caressed his cheek with slow caring circles, while the other began to pet his chest. Naruto didn't even stiffen for he knew who was the cause of such a sensation, he had seen the fight, felt her resolve, and heard her unspoken words. He leaned into her loving caresses and embraced her warmth. "Let it out Kit."

In one fluid motion Uzumaki Naruto roared to the Heavens his sorrow and to Hell his resolve. Yet still no tears fell. "That's right Kit, let it out…let it all out…"


The Hokage quickened his pace through the forest the moment a bestial roar tore the sky; could the Beast have possibly been released from his prison? Dear God, he hoped not. As the clearing came into view, Sarutobi was startled to see his hand picked ANBU squad leaving the clearing with not one of them wearing their designated masks. Once the Hokage touched the ground in his battle worn scandals the ANBU viewed him with haunting eyes, eyes that had seen Hell. Boar, the Leader of the squad came forth, his steps heavy and his posture saddened, until he was eye to eye with the aged Shadow.

"Boar what is the-"

"Our resignation shall be companioning our mission report," with that Boar unclipped his Boar mask from his belt and threw it at his leaders feet. A Goat mask, a Bull mask, and a Ram mask followed this; each of their owners had a look of distaste and spite on their faces directed towards their commanding officer.

"Now wait just a min-"

"With all do respect Lord Hokage," the long brown curly haired man that once wore the Ram mask started, "Fuck You!"

With that said the entirety of the ANBU squad left, but not before each of the members nodded at the statement from the Ram masked man. By this time Sarutobi was both seething in rage as well as utterly confused. What could have possibly happened to cause such an outburst and declaration? Suddenly reality crashed down around his ears and he remembered why he had come in the first place.

Rushing into the clearing he had half expected to find a dead Naruto, but the carnage that met his old eyes nearly made him empty his stomach content onto the ground. What had taken place here was not a battle but a massacre. Pieces of flesh were tacked to trees either by paper or ice shards. Blood painted the ground and grass, the trees and the rocks. Small coin shaped holes dotted everywhere and claw like gashes were carved into the earth and foliage. This was not even a massacre when the Third Hokage saw reminisce of the one time traitor of the Hidden Leaf Village; this was an apocalyptic genocide.

His eyes swept the clearing several times, taking in each and every piece of brutal evidence, until finally he focused on the reason for his 'outside stroll'. The boy seemed to have fallen asleep hunched over and the Grandfather aspect of Sarutobi's psyche kick in and marveled at how the young boy fell asleep after such an eventful day. Instantly though that side of his mind was crushed when he focused on the blood that covered his entire being. Gingerly he advanced upon the blond and once saw the reason of the boys hunched posture he understood Ram's outburst, and understood why his soul should be damned to Hell for all eternity.

"Fuck You!"

That phrase echoed through his mind over and over again. Had his truly dulled that much over the span of his life, that he would forego the signs dictating ones death and allow it to happen? Had his mind been dulled that much do to the peace he dictated over, that he would let murders within his own solders ranks and not see the warning signs of said murders? He had seen Mizuki's mentality report from the medical official, but his own soft heart had concluded that the man should be given a chance; he knew of Mizuki's near fanaticism on revenge after his only family, his older brother, was killed do to the Kyubi's attack, yet he had smiled and hoped that he would get over his mind set.


That is what had caused all of Naruto's suffering. Hope that the civilians and several Shinobi would see the error of their ways and forgive the boy of his burden. He was to blame for this, wasn't he? It was his hope that the traitor would give up peacefully and not harm anyone…he had indeed become dull in his old age.

The whimpering intensified but all the elder man could do was pull the brim of his hat over his eyes in disgust, in hopes to block out the image of those wide frantic eyes. He was disgusted with himself. Slowly he turned and left the battle ridden clearing, he could not face the suffering boy for he was the reason for his suffering. He could never face him again. How could one, after he had damned his life to be as this?

Several thoughts raced through his head: 'I'm getting to old for this Shit', 'Tomorrow is going to be Hell', 'What could cause four hardened ANBU members to quit just like that?', and 'Will the boy ever forgive me?'.

A roar of pain and sorrow once again pierced the sky like a dragon's fang, and suddenly the night felt bone chillingly cold and Hellishly dark.


"Shh, shh… I'm here my Love. No one will ever harm you again, and you'll never be lonely… I promise you that…I promise…"

XxXxX End XxXxX

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