Congratulations Mrs… McKay?


Carter Crazy


Carter walked towards her room at the SGC. She was running late for a debriefing with Hammond and the others and was rather annoyed with herself. Carter flung open the door and rushed in to get changed. Changing her shirt, she threw the other one on the bed and was about to turn and leave when something caught her eye. Looking up she saw a small box sitting on her bed with a small piece of paper attached to it. Carter's eyes went wide. Swallowing hard she moved towards the box and picked it up. Pulling the small piece of paper from the lid she read it.

"To Sam Carter. A gift to you in hopes of an everlasting friendship" Sam looked at it oddly and smiled slightly, it must be from Jack, only he would addresses her as Sam Carter. Sam proceeded to open it feeling a little giddish. Then her eyes went wide as she saw the beautiful diamond studded ring inside. Sam held her breath for a long moment.

"Oh my God" She murmured. She looked at her watch for a moment. "It'll only take a few minutes" She said to herself as she took the ring out of the box. She couldn't believe that Jack had given her such a beautiful gift. Sam paused for a moment then looked at her left hand.

'I shouldn't… Oh what the hell, only for a quick second' Sam held the ring in her right hand then slid it on a certain left hand finger as if it was an engagement ring. Carter held he hand up for a moment and looked at it. It looked good on there, especially because if came from a particular man she liked. Sighing Carter knew she was running late and went to slide it off when nothing happened. Sam froze for a moment and tried to pull it off again… it wouldn't budge.

"Damn it!" Sam tried for another 5 minutes and still couldn't get it off, even after getting some slimy liquid substance it still was stuck tight. Sam's mind raced a hundred miles a minute. She had a debriefing with O'Neill and her team and how was she going to explain to Jack how she had gotten his ring stuck on that particular finger. Sam felt uneasy and knew she couldn't stall forever, someone would come looking for her sooner or later. Sam looked around for a pair of gloves when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Carter froze as her pulse raced

"Just a second" She called as she grabbed the ring box closing it and throwing it under the covers. Sam was about to race for her draws to find a pair of gloves when the door opened. Sam turned fast and hid her hand behind her back then groaned as she saw who it was.

"What are you doing here?" Sam grumbled as McKay stepped through the door.

"Well that's no way to treat a fellow scientist" He smiled standing in the door. Sam rolled her eyes

"What do you want McKay?" McKay took a step forward and looked around the small room.

"Oh nothing much really" he said glancing at the bed and smiled when he saw the box was gone. "Just wanted to know if you go my present?" Sam looked at him curiously feeling a deep sinking start in her stomach.

"Present? What present?" McKay smiled

"Why the ring of course, did you like it?" Sam felt weak in the legs

"The ring was from you?" McKay nodded

"Yes, now don't get me wrong, it's just a friendship ring, not an engagement ring or anything, even though I would love to see it on that finger but if you change your mind and do decide you want to be with me forever then by all means put it on that finger, so did you like it?" Sam just stared at him and swallowed hard

"The ring was from you?" she repeated slowly. McKay looked at her oddly

"Ah speechless, I'll take that as a yes then... Are you ok?" He asked somewhat concerned. Sam just stared at him closing her left hand tightly behind her back.

"It was from you?" McKay smiled again.

"I know it was a big shock and all but…" Suddenly his phone rang. Pulling it out, he answered it while Carter just stood motionless.

"Yes… Ok… thankyou…" McKay looked at her. "I have to go now so I will have to see your lovely face later" He said turning then he glanced back over his shoulder "Oh by the way, Hammond and SG-1 are waiting for you" He said before he left and closed the door, leaving her alone. Carter took a deep breath as she took her hand out from behind her back again and looked at it. She had a ring stuck on her engagment finger that belonged to McKay. Sam looked at it…It belonged to McKay! Not Jack! MaKay!! Sam looked around and hurried over to her set of draws and started pulling clothes out everywhere.

"How could you be so stupid? It wasn't Jack's and now everyone will think you're marrying McKay, and just wait til he finds out about it!" Sam stopped at that thought, seeing in her mind a very disturbing image of her and McKay at an alter. Suddenly she started to look faster throwing everything everywhere.

'There's got to be something in here to get it off, something!… anything!'



Hey just an Idea I thought of

I thought about making it Jack or Felgers ring but thought it would be more fun with McKay.

Let me know what you thought and if you like and want more

Thanks for reading everyone!