Shadows of the Mind

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso


'Every one of these victims had an IQ above 180.'

Spencer Reid's life flashed before his eyes.

'It's a conductive gel, the kind they use in EEGs.'

The helmet of the strange machine was strapped to his head, and he knew that eventually, he wouldn't be able to take it anymore. That he would die like the seven previous victims.

'It's like their brains were overloaded. Fried, almost.'

To his left, a man in a white lab coat fiddled with the machinery. 'I've got hopes for you,' he muttered to himself.

'I think he's experimenting on them.'

A mad scientist. That kind of unsub he hadn't experienced before. It was something new, though he was sure he probably could have done without it.

'Reid, what are you doing? Look out!'

His friends. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his friends, there to rescue him. He hoped dearly that they were real, and not just figments of his overactive mind.

'Morgan. Emily,' he mumbled.

'Hans Berkstein. This is the FBI. Put your hands behind your head, and turn around slowly.' Morgan enunciated each word slowly and carefully, so there could be no cause for confusion. He could barely hide the anger in his voice.

Emily moved slowly towards Reid, as Morgan kept his weapon trained on the scientist. 'Reid, can you hear me? I'm going to get this thing off you, okay?'

Hans Berkstein turned slowly, an expansive smile on his face. 'Do not think you can stop my research that easily.' He laughed maniacally, doing nothing whatsoever to contradict the popular stereotype. Then, before Morgan could stop him, he had pulled a lever below his shoulder.

A shockwave spread across the room, knocking everyone to the floor.

For Spencer Reid, everything flashed white, and he woke up in a world like no other.

A/N: Instead of studying, like I should be doing, I'm writing this. Those of you waiting for another chapter of Sanity Frontier will just have to wait. I'd write more, but I have an exam in two hours, so just be content with this. Peace out – tfm.