Author's notes: My first "Supernatural" fic, so please be gentle.

Language warning: One VERY bad word… naughty Dean!

Disclaimer: Don't own Sam or Dean, darn it all. The witch is mine, however.

It took all some Sam Winchester's concentration to keep his eyes on the road as he drove back to their motel. He'd call Bobby, Bobby could help fix this…

"Um, Dean?"

Silence from the passenger side of the Impala.

"H-how you doing, buddy? You doing okay?"

More silence, this time with a glare thrown in for good measure.

"Look, Dean, I know you're probably r-really upset right now…" Sam began to bite at the inside of his cheek. He had to or he'd break down; he knew he'd just lose it. "But look at the bright side. We got the witch – she's gone, can't hurt anyone else in town. That's w-what important, right?"

He risked a glance over at his brother, before staring back out at the road. This time he'd had to dig his right thumb into the steering wheel to make sure his face had retained its neutral expression.

Dean's eyes narrowed while a sneer curled his upper lip. Still he remained silent.

"And I know that you took that last spell before she died. I know you took that for me, Dean. She'd have got me and…" Sam pulled into the motel parking lot, gently brought the car to a stop, and turned to give Dean his full attention.

"… and I want to say thanks. From the bottom of my heart. Th-thanks so m-…"

He couldn't finish. Sam leaned again the steering wheel, took a deep breath…

… And broke into a peal of hysterical giggles.

This DID cause a reaction from Dean. Green eyes flashing with rage, a savage growl erupted from his throat as he launched himself at his younger brother, who reached out and grabbed him with a disappointing amount of ease.

"Aw, now now, Dean" Sam lectured the grey and white kitten, "Don't get all worked up. You might cough up a hairball or something."

"Me-OW" Dean replied in the kittenish equivalent of "FUCK YOU!"

The end.

Unless you guys think there's potential here for more… *evil smile*