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The night I stayed with Temari-nee-Chan I couldn't sleep at all. Despite being in a warm cozy bed in a safe place, it wasn't the same… I was worried about Aniki and I missed having him sleep right beside me. I had stayed in a spare room by myself while Temari went to her boyfriend's room, luckily the perv slept on the floor, but it wasn't very comforting. I didn't like being alone by myself at night, too many bad memories I suppose. I missed the way my big brother's arm would wrap around me, I missed his soft scent, and the soothing beat of his heart…. But I got through the night and in the morning Temari took me to eat and gave me money too.

"Okay, Gaara you all set?" She asked, for the twentieth time I said I'm fine. "All right, now there's money for you to use for food, and to get a proper jacket, it's getting really cold. Take care baby brother. I'll see you soon."

I nodded to her and she then drove away, I let out a small huff of breath, she was right, it was getting colder. I stared at the grey skies, and saw specks of white among the grey, it was snowing. My gaze was torn away from the sky as I heard someone call out my name; I turned my head around and saw Naruto waving at me. The blonde boy wore an obnoxiously bright orange jacket, with a matching scarf wrapped around his neck. I went over to him and the spunky guy gave me a good natured slap to my back and said,

"Oi, Gaara-san aren't you cold?" I looked at him and replied I was fine, which was a bold faced lie. Hell it was even becoming close to impossible to keep my teeth from chattering. Luckily Sai showed up and he managed to take most of Naruto's attention off me. The other boy still had that creepy smile on his face, and he greeted me sincerely, as well as poking at Naruto saying his outfit seemed to scream that the blonde was a Homo. I was stuck trying not to laugh, mostly because of Naruto's reaction, his face turned a bright red and the boy proceeded to chase after Sai, who laughed and the two ran around the school yard. I was too cold to wait for them, so I head to class early.

School for once isn't as bad as it normally is, I actually got to hang around my other classmates, though I didn't say much, which was okay, no one could get a word in edgewise anyway between Naruto and Kiba. At lunch I also finally got to eat, and sat with the others. Naruto looked at me and seemed to be rather shocked.

"What's wrong?" I asked, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Nothing," Naruto replied, "It's just I've never seen you eat lunch before…."

My eyes looked away and I stared at the ground, "Well I'm normally just not hungry, I-"

"Oi, Naruto-kun now you're stalking poor Gaara-san." Sai cut in, "I swear one day it's the bright orange clothes next thing you'll be waving a rainbow flag declaring your love to Gaara. It'll be okay Gaara; if you want I can get you my mom's pepper spray."

"Uh, no thanks," I said sitting down next to Naruto who flicked a bit of mashed potatoes at Sai. The raven haired boy easily dodged the flying food, and said,

Now, now Naruto-kun, I don't want any of your potatoes…hehehe" Naruto's eye twitched, and I practically gagged on my milk from Sai's suggestive tone. I stared at the black haired boy across from me, to which he smiled back, as if there was nothing wrong with what he had just said. Naruto on the other hand turned his head and saw that Kiba who had been watching the whole time, hysterically giggling into his hands.

"I'm s-sorry guys, but bwahahahaha!" He spoke before bursting a gut.

"You know what, fuck all you guys! Except you, Gaara-san, sorry that my Friends! Are acting like retards!" Naruto almost shouted. Everyone, within hearing range, turned to stare at our table. I desperately wanted to hide…. Maybe I was better off being alone during school hours.

The last couple of periods at school went by uneventfully, thank goodness. I got on my bus and curled up on the seat trying to warm myself up, I almost fell asleep by the time the bus pulled up to my brother's stop. I looked up towards the front and sure enough I saw my brother. He smiled at me and I scooted over in order to make room for him to be able to sit. When he sat down I quickly curled up against him in a small hug.

"Hey little brother, how was your stay with Temari?" He asked. I reluctantly pulled away from him in order to answer,

"It was okay, I missed you though, and I was worried… but um, Temari-nee-chan gave me some money for food and stuff." I pulled out the money from my picket and handed it to him. He patted my back and said,

"All right, before we get home, we'll go get something to eat." Again there was his gentle smile which I dearly loved. I smiled back and curled against his arm.

"Okay, Aniki."


That night me and my brother were able to get something to eat, and managed to avoid our father, for once things seemed to be going right. I wanted to talk to Aniki about Temari-nee-chan but I already knew that Kankuro wouldn't want to. Sometimes I wish they would just go back to being normal, but I know that will never happen. So anyway, after homework was done, and we both had our showers we called it a night. We both fell asleep, quickly, and peacefully.

Later on that night around two or three in the morning I remember Kankuro waking up and getting out of bed.

"Aniki? Aniki? What's wrong? Where are you going?" I muttered drowsily rubbing one eye. He looked back at me and whispered.

"I'm going to get a glass of water; sorry I didn't mean to wake you. Go back to sleep I'll be back up in a few minutes, okay?" I nodded and pulled the covers back over me and closed my eyes just as he left the room.



Kankuro was silent as he crept down the stairs, his eyes quickly adjusting to the looming darkness all around. If he was to get to the kitchen he would have to go pass the living room where his father would probably be passed out. The floors creaked softly under his bare feet, but the brunette kept going, constantly looking in the couch's direction, scanning for any signs of movement. The teen did so until he finally reached the kitchen. Kankuro let out a small sigh of relief and went over to the cabinet and pulled out a small glass and filled it with the tap water and drank it quickly. He placed the glass down and when the brunette looked back up he saw in the reflective glass on the cabinet the outline of his father. The hair on the back of his neck rose and he turned around sharply, body starting to shake from fear.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" the man slurred. Kankuro pressed himself as far as he could into the counter. He had to get out of here, but how? There was no way to get out without coming in close vicinity to the older man.

"What a nasty little boy you are," Tagaku slurred, "And all naughty children must be punished."

The man then began to walk towards Kankuro. The brunette's legs trembled and he found himself unable to move. All he could do was close his eyes and brace himself for the pain that was certain to come. Instead of feeling a harsh slap however he felt his father grab his chin and forced the young brunette to look at him. Kankuro stared at the half-drunken man with fear-filled eyes and he stuttered,

"P-please, don't do this, I beg you…." He was cut off as the man pulled him closer and made soft shushing noises.

"If you're worried about Gaara finding out about our 'special' agreement, then I suggest you don't scream…" Kankuro's eyes went wide, this man was still going to rape him no matter what he said, or did.

With that Tagaku forced the young teen around and forced his hips against the younger's. Kankuro let out a gasp as he felt the other's already hard member press against his thigh. He was forced to bend over the counter, the edge painfully pressed into his stomach. Kankuro wanted this to be over with quickly, so closed his eyes again and bit his lip to prevent any cries from escaping him. Tagaku chuckled, before slowly removing the boy's pants and underwear in one shift movement. The man's fingers pressed against the boy's opening and he pushed them inside, toying with the child while undoing his own pants. Kankuro whimpered as the fingers went even deeper inside, but the feeling left him just as the fingers did, only to be replaced with the same almost unbearable pain when the man forced his cock into him. Kankuro gripped the sides of the counter with all his might in a feeble attempt to try to ease the harsh motion of his hips being forced to bang up against the counter's edge.

Tagaku's pace was hard and brutal as it always is, as he continued to slam into Kankuro he leaned forward and whispered into his ear,

"Unfortunately we don't have enough time to do a full out session, but I guess I can live with only a quickie for tonight." He then bit onto the shell of the younger's ear. Kankuro let tears fall down his cheeks but made no sound. For several more minutes Tagaku continued to thrust into the teen before finally spilling his seed inside Kankuro. The older man let out a soft moan before pulling out. He smirked at Kankuro who was slouched over the counter barely able to stay up.


Kankuro stayed absolutely still until he was sure the man had left, his still bruised hips hurt even more, but he was somewhat glad that he didn't tear and bleed again. He pushed himself up and pulled on his pants, it hurt a lot but he wanted to get away from there.

Kankuro limped out of the kitchen, up the stairs and somehow managed to get into bed without waking up his little brother. He sighed, and closed his eyes, grateful that his beloved younger brother was still unaware of his shameful secret.

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