Lets talk Heaven, I thought as Fangs lips skimmed to my collarbone and I stroked his dark hair.

Because this was totally it. My body had never had a chance to loosen up since I said " I do" To his smiling face.

My god, his mouth had been a beautiful smile as his eyes glowed with pride as he took my hand and said " I do" As if he was rushing to get over the words so he could kiss me. In front of everyone, and let them all know that I was his.

Something I was fine with.

" I love you, Max." He whispered huskily as my hands moved back to the shafts of his wings as the jutted from his bare back. I had long ago managed to get him out of his shirt not that he had been fighting me.

In fact I had never seen a boy so eager to drop his clothes.

Our honey moon house was a cottage on the beach. So far there had been no Maniacs, or white coats or even a single threat against our very existence.

We had truly broken free of my usual life style.

I shivered as Fang's hand brushed the strap of my dress off of my shoulder and then kissed the tender spot of my neck.

He was evil I decided, maliciously so. But it was a good kind of evil, at least he was going to kill me with pleasure. I decided that was a much better way to go.

I mean compared to being blown up by erasers or something of that genre.

I was most excited to have kids. Once Fang had said to me "wait ten years and then you can be a mother", and he had said that when we were kids. Well I had done my time and know I was completely ready to bare children of my own. With him.

" Max.. let me go get something.." Fang rasped as I paused in my thoughts and looked at him. His face was slightly regretful as if he was going to punish himself.

" What?" I whispered as I caught his face tenderly in-between my hands.

" Fang I have no idea how long this no danger streak is going to last, we simply don't have time to waste!"

" Protection." He breathed as I cocked my head.

" What do you mean." I demanded as he rolled his eyes.

" You know what I mean."

" No, Not really." I glared at him and then it dawned on me what he meant and my heart plummeted.

" Why?" I pouted.

" I thought that would be what you wanted." He frowned and I shook my head.

" No not really, i wanted kids."

I made a little sound in my throat as his lips moved back up to my neck and he rubbed his head against my neck.

" Don't you ?" I asked as he looked up at me his eyes faltering in confusion for a second.

" Not yet." He finally whispered and i felt my heart break and instead of feeling warm suddenly i felt cold. His hand was tight as he lay it on my thigh.

" Well then see you tomorrow." I smiled wickedly as Fang looked at me blankly.

" It's just a Condomn, Max!"

" I'm not letting any piece of Latex, get in between me and you." I shrugged as he grabbed my face and captured my mouth. his lips where desperate he was completely running on testosterone it would seem.

" Max...." He whispered against my mouth desperatly as i backed away.

" Sorry Big Fella, your going to go cold turkey for a while." I smiled as i patted his jeans, and he frowned.

" This all over a condomn ...."

" Yes, i would think you wouldn't want it." I snapped " Its supposed to make Sex less enjoyable."

" Max. I'm not ready to be a dad." Fang whispered as he came up over me as i lay back in the pillows.

" Really? Cause you've been one for most of your life." I said coldly as he lowered his weight down tell he was pressed down on top of me.

" You know your not going to win, Max, I am quite the tempter." He whispered and i smiled and patted his cheek.

" You have no idea, how stubborn i am."

" Oh yes, i do." He rolled his eyes as his hands skimmed over my body. " But i'm just as stubborn."

" So its war for love." I smiled as he delicately kissed my nose. I was about to show him just how bad of a girl i could be.

" Let the games begin!"