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Cyborg chuckled darkly as headed down the hall towards the kitchen. He had been hard at work all night and he was looking foreword to a big breakfast. "Besides," Cyborg chuckled again, "I wouldn't want to miss any of the show."

Cyborg was halfway thru his second plate of eggs and bacon, when Robin entered the kitchen. Raven and Star came in shortly after Rob. As they all went about their morning routines, Cyborg found himself watching the door. Soon BB would be waking up and then…

"CYBORG!" The yell rang thru the tower, rattling the windows in the kitchen. The other titans turned to Cyborg only to find him rolling on the floor. He was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down the human side of his face. "Cy," said Robin warily, "what did you do to Beast Boy?" Cy just lay on the floor gasping for breath. Before Robin could utter another word a green blur rushed past them, knocking them to the ground.

Robin, Raven, and Star picked themselves up to see BB sitting on Cyborg's chest. He was in his gorilla form and he was strangling Cy, who was already turning blue. "Beast Boy," Robin yelled as he and the girls pulled BB of Cy. Beast Boy stood between them still in gorilla form. "Beast Boy, what's wrong?" Robin stood between him and Cyborg who was still gasping for breath. Beast Boy just growled in response. Robin raised an eyebrow. "Come on Beast Boy, change back and talk to us." The green gorilla shook his furry head no.

"Stop being such a child," Raven said as she waved her hand a BB. Suddenly he was encased in Raven's black magic. When her magic faded away Beast Boy stood there in his human form, but there was a few changes in his appearance.

Beast Boy was wearing a silky black maid outfit that barely reached to his knees. His normal gloves had been replaced by lacey white gloves that reached to his elbows. BB's olive green hair was now black and silky. It hung in waves that reached to his hips. His legs were encased in white tights and he now wore delicate black heels.

Stunned silence fell over the titan's. Even Cyborg was quiet. Beast Boy looked…well like a girl, but it was more than that. BB looked amazing in girls' clothes. He could pass for a girl without a problem, well except for the green skin.

Star flew closer to BB, examining him closely. "I am confused, is friend Beast Boy becoming one of the dressers of crosses?"

"NO I'M NOT," yelled Beast Boy turning an impressive shade of red considering his green skin. "This is all Cyborg's fault." He once again charged Cy but Raven and Robin restrained him.

"You deserved it." Cy was finally on his feet and he looked just as livid as Beast Boy. You sent those embarrassing Christmas party pictures of me to Bumblebee and she posted them on the Internet!"

"Dude what are you talking about?" Beast Boy yelled.

"Don't play dumb! No one else would have pranked me like that."

"Friend Cyborg, I am confused? Friend Bumblebee told me that she only wanted those pictures because you would not give her any of you at the party…" Star found herself facing four pairs of startled eyes.

"Star, you gave Bee those pictures?" Cy looked at Star confused and horrified.

"Well, yes I did. She said she required them. Did I do something wrong?" Starfire's eyes began to fill with tears. "Oh friend Cyborg," Star flew into Cy knocking him down with one of her "hugs". "I'm sorry for upsetting you. I will immediately make you the Tammerian dish of forgiveness."

"NO," Cyborg shot up, throwing Star off him. "No Star, its okay. You didn't know." Cy grimaced. "Besides," he thought, "I don't want food poisoning or worse."

"Well if that's all..." Robin began.

"No it isn't all." Beast Boy tugged at the clothing on his body. "Cy still has to get these off me."

"Beast Boy, can't you undress yourself?" Raven's voice rang out over her book, which she had picked up the minute Star had hugged Cyborg.

"I'm not that stupid Rae." BB rolled his eyes. "They won't come off."

Everyone turned to look at Cyborg who was looking at the floor while he shuffled his feet awkwardly. "Ummm….yeah…. the wig and clothes have microchips explanted in them. They bind with the skin so the wearer can't remove them for 24 hours…"

Beast Boy once again started towards Cyborg. Anger and hurt shone in his eyes and nobody dared to stop him. But the alarm did. The T.V. turned on showing the little red dot of the attacking villain. But no one could tear their eyes away from BB and Cy. When they were little more than a foot away Beast Boy stopped. For a moment he just stood there staring at Cy. It was easy to see that BB felt hurt and betrayed. "And I thought you were my best friend." BB said those words so quietly and calmly that the rest of the team could hardly hear them. But Cyborg heard them. He flinched as though Beast Boy had punched him. Slowly and without a backward glance, BB turned and walked thru the doors.

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