A/N: Alright, so when I started writing this story, I was planning on making them all human cause it's just easier that way, but I completely forgot about it when I was writing the last few chapters. So I went back and changed any references to them being vampires. It might not be very original excuses but they're there.

So, incase my rambling made no sense let me re-cap. In this story, everyone is a human.

Alright, on with chapter 7.

Chapter 7

Forgetting All the Hurt inside You've Learnt to Hide so Well

After an hour or so of beautifying, Alice decided I looked perfect and that she could now interrogate me until I had to go talk to Edward.

"So who's this Jacob?" I sighed heavily, letting her know that I didn't appreciate the fact that I was being interrogated but that I would go along with it because I hadn't seen her in almost 2 years.

"Umm...well, he's a friend. I've known him most of my life because my dad is best friends with his dad. They live over on the reservation?"

"Mmhmm. That's all very interesting but not what I want to know right now Bella." She paused, to smile wickedly at me. "Are you guys together? Or have you ever been? What's the deal!"

"Alright. Well, he kinda...well he's made it clear that he likes me, and he wants us to be together. But after Edward...I don't know, it just didn't seem right. If we ever did get together I would feel like I'm betraying him because I'll always be in love with Edward...You know?"

During my little ramble, I had looked down at my hands, but now that I was done I looked up to see Alice, open mouthed staring at someone in the doorway. I slowly turned my body, only to see Edward standing just outside Alice's door.

I shut my eyes for a second, certain that this was a dream. There was no way Edward came into the room just as I was explaining why I could never love Jacob. That's just cruel. After everything that had happened to me, I thought I had made a truce with karma? Why does stuff like this happen to me? But no, when I re-opened my eyes, Edward was still standing there, a shocked look on his face, and Alice looked kind of scared and guilty all at once.

I took the moment to take in everything about Edward. His hair, gorgeous as always was still perfectly in tact and ready for me to run my hands through. His eyes, showed shock, and...was that sadness? Was he sad to see me? What am I thinking? Of course he is. I just barged into his house expecting some sort of closure.

He doesn't want you! Get over it!

I turned away, deciding it was best to keep looking at my hands instead of torturing myself by looking at him anymore.

"Bella?" I heard his voice coming from the doorway, soft and tentative.

I have to get out of here.

"Bella...that is her isn't it Alice? I'm not dreaming?"

"No Edward, it's her."

"How did you...I mean...how did you convince her to come?"

"I...I didn't Edward. She showed up here on her own this afternoon."

"Wh-what? Bella?"

I raised my head and looked at Alice. She smiled slightly and raised her eyebrows, silently asking me if I was going to respond to him. I felt my eyes widen with fear. She must have understood my pleading because she asked Edward if he could wait outside for a minute.

"Bella. Look at me. Did you hear what he said? He asked if it was a dream. He wants you here."

"But I...Alice I don't know if I can do it. This was a stupid idea. He doesn't love me anymore. I'm just causing myself more pain."

"Bella stop it. He still loves you. He's been moping around here for the past two years. Every single one of us has tried to figure out a way to get him to go back but he seems to think you'd be so angry at him that we could never go back. He alternates between that, or you'd just be disgusted and wouldn't want to see him."

"You have got to be joking. There is no way that's true."

"Bella honey, you've got to believe me. Just talk to him. Let him explain."m

Bella, just talk to him. If you're not going to leave then you might as well. You came all the way out here.

"You're stronger then you think Bella."

I looked once more at Alice, before hugging her tightly and then turning towards the door. I had to do this quickly, before I could talk myself out of it.

My hand was on the door. I took a deep breath, then turned. He was standing there, in all his glory, hope written all across his face.

"Bella...can we talk?"

"Of course." My voice came out strangled and tight but it was enough to get my answer across. Maybe Alice was right. Maybe he does still want me.