Lucius walked into the night club. It had been a long day of business meetings and he had not wanted to head back to the bar alone. In the three years since the war had ended and his wife was killed Lucius had become a bit of a playboy. Not that he had ever been in love with her. It had been an arranged marriage. But they had been friends. Now free of the war and having to spy he was enjoying the freedom. He had been a spy since the week he took the mark as he was forced, with Severus and had remained one to protest his wife and son. Draco was now running the company from the home front as his father had what he called his mid life crisis. Lucius did not think of it that way. He was finally free to travel, have some fun and be care free. He never had his late teen years or twenties really. It was not like he had abandoned all of his usual work. He was still running the company, they had offices all over the world, he was just not sitting behind a boring desk any where.

He eyed the men in the bar. He quite liked New York. They had a lot of gay bars considering how many were in muggle areas. He definitely had a fondness for cock more then a woman any day. His eyes roamed the room looking for a new prospect when his eyes fell on the most ravishing person he had ever seen.

He walked over to the table were the young man sat alone. "Can I buy you a drink?"

The most incredible set of green eyes looked up at him. "I could go for another rum and coke Lucius."

Lucius stared in amazement and realized the young man in tight jeans and shirt was none other the Harry Potter, or Black he reminded himself. He had grown his hair long and had obviously used muggle techniques to correct his eyes and rid himself of his scar. He had heard Harry had been jet setting. After the loss of the last of his parental figures in the form of Remus Lupin, Harry had adopted the last name Black as he was adopted by Sirius as his heir. Having inherited both the Potter and Black estates which made him richer then Lucius, Harry had taken off. He seemed to be a celebrity in both worlds. He had companies to make money and even if he did not include the income, Harry would have taken a thousand years to run through his funds. But from what he heard Harry was doing quite the job of trying.

Lucius came back with the drink. "I definitely was not expecting to run into you in a place like this."

Harry smiled over the rim of his glass. "I should think you'd be all too aware I was not the pure as snow image everyone thought me to be. My late fiancé and all."

Of course he knew. Harry had been engaged to Severus before the final battle. It had definitely been a shock to him. He had not even known Harry was gay. The wizarding world had found out weeks before the final battle and it had been an uproar that the golden boy was bedding a former death eater. The loss of Remus was the reason most people thought he took off. Those who knew he was engaged to Severus knew it was the loss of his fiancé.

Lucius shrugged. "I meant in New York and a muggle bar to be honest. And I thought you had slightly more up scale tastes."

Harry looked at the stage where the show had not started. "I probably came for the same reason as you did Lucius, looking for a good lay for the night."

Not sure whether it was an invitation or not Lucius took his chance and took his hand and ran it up the inner thigh of the young man. Harry did not seem to mind and when his hand stopped half way, Harry encouraged it further. He smiled as his hand found the nice hard cock there.

Harry leaned over and whispered. "I was thinking of inviting one of the little dancers up there to join me for tonight but I think I have someone else in mind."

Lucius threw back the last of his drink. "I think I will have to insist. After all I have been buying you drinks all night."

Harry reached over and nibbled along his ear. "I might put on a little show to thank you but you know you might need a few ones."

Lucius gabbed him by the firm tight ass and directed him towards the door. "I think if the body is as nice out of clothes as in, I could pay a bit more then one."

He was surprised to find though Harry led him to a fancy hotel it was a penthouse on the top floor and from some of the personal items every where, Harry lived here. For a moment he thought to ask harry what he was doing here in New York on a permanent basis but he was drawn into a bedroom and it seemed Harry had every intention of keeping his promise of a show. He pushed Lucius down on the bed and began on the buttons of his own shirt, taking out the wand he had not seen on the boy before and turning on some music and removing Lucius' clothes in one go. He was not sure if Harry's inhibitions were down from being drunk or he was just far more wild then usual but Harry definitely knew how to put on a good strip show. By the time the young man was down to his boxers Lucius was rock hard and panting from need to take the nice fine ass.

Harry though had no intention of bottoming just yet and pressed him down against the bed when his boxers were gone. "My bed, my rules Luc."

Lucius smirked but pulled the hard young body down towards him. "I think I like the sounds of that, I am always up for something new."

The mouth hungrily cut off his words and he parted his lips to allow a delving tongue to slide in, His hands went to the beautiful chest, still taught and muscular from his quidditch days or some new exercise Lucius did not know about. The mouth soon ventured down his mouth and Lucius groaned loudly as the mouth nibbled on his earlobe and trailed down his neck. Lucius had never been a bottom and never thought of it till now but as the young man sunk his teeth into his collar bone, he decided that he would not mind this more often.

Harry looked up at him when he hissed as the little cat bit into one of his hard nipples. "I see that Draco was not the only snake in the family."

Lucius ran his hands through his hair as he felt the other nipple bit and the mouth moving towards his cock. "Family tradition."

He was panting in desperation when Harry finally took him in his mouth and it took only moments before he climaxed in the young mouth. He allowed Harry to clean him off but he was tired of bottoming and rolled Harry over and parted the beautiful muscular thighs, using a contraceptive spell before positioning himself between the fine legs. He drove home into the fine ass and was delighted to hear the panting groan from the young man. He soon felt the legs wrap around him to help him gain better leverage and soon they both came to a climax together. It was definitely not the last time of the night.


When Lucius woke up the next morning he found himself alone in the bed. Finding his clothes he dressed and went in search of the nice young warm body. He found the penthouse was empty but there was a note sitting on the desk that was next to the door.

'Had fun last night, if still in town for a few more days welcome to come back for another go tonight. The doorman will let you in.'

Shaking his head Lucius was amazed. He was usually the one that left after the sex was done. He again wondered what the young man had been doing here. He had planned on heading off to Hawaii for a few weeks that night as he was done business but he found himself quite intrigued and knew he would be back tonight. He could not get the firm body out of his mind.

He took the note and slipped out of the hotel. "I must say it is definitely different being on this side of things."