Lucius had been an emotional basket case which was not an attractive thing on a Malfoy Harry realized for the last month. Even Blaise and Draco agreed Lucius was the worst of the pregnant men. Harry loved his husband more then the world, Rosie and Teddy being the only things that meant as much to him, and their grandkids but he had seriously been missing having an office out of the house since his husband had entered the last month. Rosie and Teddy went to stay with Andromeda and Ted for though Draco and Blaise would have taken them, with a two year old and a five month old, they had enough to handle.

Three days before his husband's due date Harry had to take his husband to the hospital as his water had broken. Harry had to admit as he held Lucius' hand through contractions it definitely was different being on this side of things. He would have been amazed with his husband but he knew what it was like being on that side. The family was out in the waiting room waiting to hear.

Harry kissed Lucius as the healer told them he could see the head. "It is almost over my love. Come on we will have our little prince or princess in our arms soon."

Lucius squeezed his hand almost enough to break his hand. "We should be glad we decided this was the last one or you would be having the next baby."

Kissing Lucius he reminded him that he had been in the bed last time. They had agreed though this would be their last child as they already had two young ones. The healer got Lucius pushing again and they both watched in amazement as a baby came into the world. They had stuck to their original plan of not finding out the gender of the baby and they both had tears sparkling in their eyes when they realized it was a little boy. They technically had not had a son together. His husband had Draco with Narcissa and Harry had adopted Teddy with Severus first thought biologically he was both his and Lucius' son.

Harry kissed his husband. "It seems poor Rosie is going to be out numbered, three brothers"

Lucius laughed a bit. "W will never have to worry about her dating with three brothers watching over her but she does have Bianca. Go see our little man."

Harry walked over to cut the cord and looked down at his little prince. Their son looked a lot like Harry though unlike Teddy he was not the spitting image. He had Harry's black hair and beautiful green eyes and nose but he had got the rest of the Malfoy features, where Rosie was Lucius but for the eyes. He had tears in his eyes as he cut the cord and carried the bundled baby to his husband. They both would have been thrilled with a daughter but they were kind of happy to have a son they shared from day one. Harry marvelled as this time he was the one watching his husband nursing.

Lucius had felt so jealous when his husband was with Rosie and he understood now the look on his face. Harry kissed Lucius and marvelled. Lucius may never have thought he would get pregnant but he knew if his husband could have gone back and made sure Harry was the pregnant one, he didn't think Lucius would change it.

Harry took his son for a burp and they knew they needed to think of a name for the baby. "We need to settle on one before the others come, they will want one."

Lucius laughed and nodded. "I agree with you on that. I think we had the perfect option."

Sure enough when the rest of the family came pouring into the room to see the baby they wanted two things. They all looked at the color of the blanket and even Rosie was thrilled like Teddy to be getting a baby brother. Draco made the same crack as Lucius had that his little sister was sure going to have a hard time dating with not only two dads but three brothers not to mention her cousins. George and Fred had been asked to be godparents this time to the twins since Oliver and Penny were for Rosie and they were happy to sign off on the birth certificate.

Blaise looked down at his newest brother in law. "And what name have you two come up with for this little prince?"

Harry did the introductions. "Our son we have decided to name our beautiful newest addition to our family Justin Hector Malfoy."

They had decided to look to Roman history like Lucius' name and chose Justin, the name of one of the last Roman emperor. His middle name Hector came from Greek mythology, the famous Trojan prince who was killed by Achilles and dragged behind his chariot. Hector was also the name of not a constellation like Draco or Rosie's middle name but an asteroid something he had in common instead with his big brother Teddy. They had decided to have two with constellations and two with asteroids. They had given Rosie three middle names as they had wanted to honour Severus but as Draco and Teddy had only one they stopped with one for their son.

Draco looked down at his daughter and over at his brother. "I think we Malfoys can produce pretty cure looking babies I must say."


This time it was Harry bringing his husband home to a party and a nursery. He had never imagined a few years ago he would be this happy. But as he looked at Teddy he knew how lucky the two of them were that Lucius had come into the bar that night. He may never have been able to have a proper life with his son and he would never have found his soul mate or had both Rosie and now Justin.

Lucius smiled as he held their newborn son in his arms. "I get to be as demanding as you were with Rosie. I want to se my nursery."

Harry laughed and steered his husband towards the room. "I hope you like. I had all of the little Malfoys including our grandchildren helping with it."

Lucius had seen the ones his husband had done for other children so he was not shocked his husband had gone over board. It was the same set up as Rosie with the wardrobe and shelves along one wall, the round crib, rocking chair and fully stocked change table. But the room looked like New York, not the zoo or the zoo alone like Gabe and Felix's though. There was the playground with the sandbox that Lucius had taken Teddy to, there was the lake in central park filled with ducks, and there were kites of all shapes and forms flying above it, and hotdog cart and some dogs playing, along one wall. The wall with the crib had a number of the famous New York land marks and signs in a collage including the Statue of liberty and a monkey hanging from the zoo sign, and in lights in a sign that should have read Broadway there was the name Justin. Actual kites hung from the roof but there was a zoo themed mobile over the crib.

Harry kissed Lucius who had sunk into the rocking chair. "To remind us both of the supposive one night stand that led us to our marriage and beautiful family."

Author note: Justin Hector Malfoy: Justin (Latin) means just, is the name of a few of the last Roman emperors, when it had split East and West, honour to Lucius whose name also comes from Roman Imperial history. Hector (Greek) means anchor, the name of the brother of Paris, the leadr of the Trojan armies who was killed by Achilles. It is also the name of a meteor. Teddy's middle name Remus comes from Roman myth but is also the name of a meteor. Decided since Draco and Rosie's middle name Lyra were both constellations, Teddy and Justin's middle names would both be meteors

So I have loved this story and am sad to see it end but in a few days I will havea new story up for you guys to read. Have not decided HP/SS or HP/LM pairing yet but I will put a head up here when the first chapter is posted.