A MelloxNear Fanfic

A story about rivals inspired by a role-play by rivals.



This is the, relatively short, first chapter of my first serial fan fiction 'Miserable'. It is just as the story description implies, a fan fiction inspired by a role-play. Originally me and an old friend of mine began this role-play over MSN, of all things, so the logs I took of it, naturally, required a bit of tweaking in order for me to translate our pathetic early attempts at role-play into an acceptable form for this website. Of course, me and my friend quickly began to adapt to proper role-playing standards and so, as my log of our RP continues, it quickly becomes of a much better quality. So, basically, as of right now, about 99% of the text below is entirely written by myself, and only the dialogue, in rare cases, was from the actual beginning of the role-play. I must also ask for my audience forgiveness for the horribly written introduction. This role-play was started on a whim, and certainly did neither of us plan for it to become nearly as huge as it did, with time.

Yeah… so we're talking about hundreds of thousands of words worth of fiction.

I'm just going to take some time to upload it all in a presentable fashion.

What else… Oh! I'm not sure why I'm putting up this story, seeing as how it was, after all, only a role-play, but I shudder to admit that the only thing I truly miss about that friend, or, the Near character of this fan fiction, was her ability to role-play so well with me.

I loved this role-play. In fact, for nearly a year, participating in it was my all-time favourite activity.

And, of course, now that title has been reclaimed by videogames once again… e3e

Right-o. So, it's cool if no one reviews on this chapter or even so much as bothers to read it. I only put up this introduction because, let's face it, without some kind of a beginning there can be no story. If I could do so without feeling guilty, I would just skip to the good parts and leave out this boring jibba-lab here at the beginning.

Count on better chapters coming up.

And lots of them.


Credit to Liz.

& the magical 'I don't own Death Note' Disclaimer.


The silence filling the still workplace, once alive with the activity of the SPK agents, was nearly unbearable. Each and every desk and dormant computer was left forgotten as the two most bitter rivals were facing down, as they always did, after a particularly uneventful day.

The spiteful blonde stood, just steps from the hallway door, awaiting his counterpart's next move in the dodgy bit of their usual competition they seemed to be caught up in, once again. He knew well why he'd originally come to this place, and had, in fact, gone out of his way to place himself inside the same four corners with the man he hated more than any other, but, with every passing moment, couldn't help but to doubt just a fraction more his own ability to give his rival the challenge only the albino deserved.

And, of course, the calculating white-haired boy could only guess as to what was the true reason his long-term rival had sought him out once more. Usually their meetings were short, few, and filled with pointless accusations, mindless violence (of which he never led) and developmental points that never really added up to anything useful. The only thing the younger was sure of, was that, as with every meeting the two shared, he'd best stay on his toes. Who could ever be sure how things would end up, or what it would lead to, this time, anyhow.

Moments passed and all Mello could do was re-run the day's events in his head, one by one, his boredom, his breaking into the SPK headquarters, his meeting with Near, and filing them all away so that he could repeat these same steps should he feel it appropriate to tangle with the albino once again. And Near, of course, was trying to guess what the blonde was thinking, having had little other to go on, and was constantly reminding himself of how very little he cared for the situation at hand. Certainly, a meeting with Mello was always a welcome challenge, but just the thought of how easily the blonde must have been able to break into his fortress that he'd been able to saunter in through the front door so casually.

Then again, Mello worked with the mafia, did he not? Mello himself was certainly never the hacker type, but who was to say he didn't simply have a goonie bother with the technological chore for him?

Still, bothersome. Near made a short mental note to hire himself better security guards very soon.

"So…" the lean blonde began, at last breaking the silence of the dark room, "I'm betting you're wondering why I'm here."

A pale hand travelled up to wind itself in the silvery locks of the owner. "Yes. The thought had crossed my mind that you may be here to acquire some sort of a lead in the Kira case. However, it seems more like Mello to have wandered here simply for some sort of a relief to his boredom."

The blonde frowned, but made no moves for the smaller boy.

At least, not yet.

"I don't see why you constantly go through such a bother as to overcome my building's security services merely so as to provide yourself a momentary occupation. I was yet to know what an incredibly entertaining person I was until you became so frequent a visitor."

Mello clenched the hands that hung limply at his sides and took a small step towards the albino, who was crouched low on the floor, just meters from him. 'No matter what, I need to show Near how much I hate him…'

It was almost funny how that tiny boy looked in the eerie light of the dimly lit office, he almost look sad. Then again, to Mello, it may have just been the reflective glow from the floor tile highlighting the dimension of his wide sunken eyes.

"But I'm betting…" Near spoke up once again, "That one of the real reasons Mello is here right now is not only for his own good, but also that he wishes his own presence to become a nuisance to me."

A moment of silent plotting passed between the two cautious rivals.

"Am I correct?" the silver haired boy questioned softly.

At last, Mello grinned, his white teeth illuminated, to match his energetic response.

"That's the idea," he replied, "I'm just trying to get in your way so you'll fail and only get more miserable."

'Miserable…?' Near's impossibly large eyes widened just the tiniest fraction. 'What would make him say such a thing?'

"I knew you would say that, Mello." The albino lied, "But, unfortunately for you, I'm not miserable at all."

And whether or not it was the truth, a lie, or if the albino even knew himself well enough to be sure if he truly was miserable, he had to return Mello's grin. He convinced himself it was merely common courtesy to do so.

"Don't fucking grin you white shit!" Mello roared, diving for the albino without warning.

'Why am I doing this already?' Mello interrogated himself as he moved towards the younger boy, pinning the smaller body below his own in a few quick moves. The blonde moved swiftly to ensure that both of his rival's arms were being held down to the cool tiled floor, so as to keep the crafty albino for making any shifty moves. As for the rest of his body, Mello hovered above Near, one leg on either side of the boy, so as to support his weight.

Mello let out a sharp intake of breath, trying to steady himself from another one of his commonly uncontrollable outbursts. "I'll make you miserable."


Sorry, I'm horrid at sectioning off chapters. Ish kinda like a cliffhanger, right? A