A Final Fantasy VII Christmas Carol

Christmas Eve in Midgar

Paperwork was like shoveling snow during a blizzard, Sephiroth thought as he stamped and signed off on yet another request form. If anything the holidays had made it worse. How was anything supposed to get anything done with every able bodied man, woman and SOLDIER requesting time off all on the same day?

It seemed that the entire month of December had been dedicated to decorating, shopping for presents and going to parties so that nothing got done and who was left in charge of it all?


And because he was the one in charge, it was his duty to nip this holiday festivities ridiculousness in the bud. Or at least try to keep it from completely shutting down Shinra operations.

That's why his department was going to be up and running on Christmas day while every other office in the Shinra Tower, as well as the City of Midgar would be closed for the day.

If Wataii wanted to make a comeback,' He though irritably. 'there would be no better time than the Christmas Holidays. Not that they would dare.' He smirked to himself, as he stamped one form and picked up another. After all, he had personally handed them their asses after the war.

As far as he was concerned, Christmas was a waste of time and he refused to be a victim of its foolishness. That's why he'd insisted on the Neilbeim mission tomorrow. It was marked as urgent and he refused to delay it despite the wide spread groaning, bitching and complaining of his entire department.

Sephiroth paused in his work as he heard his outer office door open and slam shut. Listening, recognized the peculiar stomping footsteps of his Second in Command Zack Fair, as he approached his office. Zack was one of Sephiroth's closest friends but sometimes he grated on Sephiroth's nerves. The man was always so light hearted and happy that he even walked that way.

Normally a visit from Zack was a good thing and the number one reason why Sephiroth put up with Zack and his foolishness was the fact that Zack's lighthearted friendliness always seemed to put Sephiroth in a good mood. Just not today. Sephiroth didn't know why he was in an especially irritable mood. The paperwork hell he was dealing with wasn't any more voluminous than usual and he was trained to handle stress and diffuse tense situations.

He figured that, among other things, he must be suffering from eyestrain from the glaring green and red flashing lights on the garish Christmas tree that Zack had insisted Sephiroth needed to cheer up his office. He knew that his staff liked it and many of them had taken the time to place little wrapped packages under it despite his protests. Sephiroth found himself being constantly distracted by it. The flashing lights a constant distraction in the corner of his eyes

"What do you want Zack?" He asked before Zack had set more than one combat booted foot into the room.

"What makes you think I want anything?" Zack answered in a conversational, overly relaxed tone of voice that made the the small hairs on the back of Sephiroths neck to stand up at attention.

"Because I know you. Let me guess, you've come to whine about the mission tomorrow."

"No I didn't but since you mention it, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow is Christmas Day."

"I know that and you know that this mission is important."

"I was there at the briefing, Seph and we both know that it's a glorified monster hunt."

"There are women and children involved."

"Yeah, yeah and none of them have been casualties. Most of the reports were spotting's of monsters near that reactor. No ones even been hurt. If you ask me-"

"Which I didn't."

"And you should have since I am your first in command but if you had asked me I would have told you that this whole thing stinks like Heidegger on a hot day.

Sephiroth gave him an irritated look.

"What? Am I wrong?" Zack asked.

"Why are you here?"

"Oh! I brought you a present." He said tossing a small brightly wrapped and be-ribboned box at Sephiroth. Sephiroth caught it with one hand and tossed it right back.

"I don't want it."

Zack caught it easily and nonchalantly placed it under the small tree. "And I want you to quit work and come to a party."


"Come on Seph the party's going on right now in the mess hall. Everyone's there and having a good time."

"A total waste of time." He said, stamping another form with a bit more viciousness then it deserved.

"Seph, it's Christmas Eve."

"I know!" He cried, raking his hands through his long bangs and scraping his hair back. "How can I not know with every SOLDIER and employee under my command begging for time off and too busy walking around spreading cheer and joy and generally getting nothing done. This is military facility not a cruise ship!

This whole month has been nothing but insanity. And as far as I'm concerned there have been enough parties and celebrations and bullshit this month to set us back till spring and it's a total waste of time. And that stupid tree that you insisted on has been blinking in the corner and giving me a migraine for a solid week."

"Go on Seph. Don't hold back. Just let it all out now." Zack said solicitously.

Sephiroth scowled dangerously at him.

"All i'm planning on doing tonight Lieutenant, is to finish this bullshit," He said, inadvertently swiping a pile of papers onto the floor. "and going home to bed which is what you and any other moron with half a brain should be doing the night before an important mission."

"Anything else?"

"Bah get out of my office if you're only here to irritate me. I am not in the mood."

"OK, OK." Zack said hands up in a warding away gesture. "But before I go-"

Sephiroth gave him an evil look that looked seconds away from setting fire to something. Zack carefully edged away from the Christmas Tree.

"The other thing I wanted was to ask you to come and meet a good friend of mine tonight. She's a sweet girl and she's making a big old fashioned Christmas dinner. You know since I wont be around for Christmas and all."


"Think about it at least. If you want I can help you finish so you can get out of here sooner."

"Zack-" He snapped warningly. Then sighed, rubbing his eyes. He really was fed up and tired and being unjustly harsh to his Second. "Just go."

"All right, fine. But if you change your mind just call my cell, right?"

Sephiroth gave him a stony, stubborn look.

"OK. I'll just go now."

"And Seph?" He said, pausing in the doorway with a lopsided smile.

"What?" He growled.

"Merry Christmas."

Sephiroth's eyes flared and he finally shot a fire ball at the special Shinra issued, fireproof door just before Zack slammed it shut just in time to avoid the blast and went away at a fast jog.