True Love Never Dies (When You are a Vampire Princess Whose Boyfriend is the Super Hottie Mike Newton)

Summary: Bella has the perfect life: She is beautiful, popular, and smart. She is also a cheerleader for Forks High Schooland has the bestfriends and a super cute boyfriend. Her life is perfect- until a strange new boy moves to her school and changes everything. What will happen?

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"Ready…okay!!! Our team is hot-hot-hot, your team is not-not-not! Come on Forks High, make that shot! Go Forks!", I cheered at the top of my lungs with the rest of my squad. It was the big football game and Forks High School was laying their arch rival team, the Jefferson Fighting Turtles! They had a prety bad mascot, but ours was worse. We were the Forks. Yes, we were the Forks Forks,as in silverwere!!! As lame as our mascot was, I didn't care. We had won all of our games sofar and were doing great! My steady boyfriend was the star quarterback on the football team and he was super cute!!! I joined the cheerleading so I could see him at all the games. It was also extra fun because all my friends, like Angela and Jessica, were cheerleaders too. Lauren was one too, but I knew she didn't like me. Oh-well, my life was stil great!!!

"Bella, come on, its time to get ready for our next cheer," Lauren whined as she twirled her light blonde hair.

"Yeah Bella, come on, it's time to cheer! Yayyyy!!!!" Angela and Jessica jumped up and down while they claped baby claps and squeled. I laughed and joined them I was really excited!!!!

I runned after them. We were all in our new super adorable matching blue and yellow cheer uniforms. We looked really hot so I was excited 2 cheer in front of the whole shool and my boyfriend.

We formed a pyramid on the football. I was on top! "Give me a F! Give me a O! Give me a R! Give me a C! Give me a S!" we cheered. Now the whole stands were cheering with us. "What's thats spell? Forks! Yayyy!!!" I lost my balance for a secund. "Oh no!!!" I heard someone scream as I fell from the pyramid. OMG!!! I was going to die!!!

As I was falling, my boyfriend ran over from the football field. He got their just in time to catch me before I hit the ground and killed myself. When his musculer arms wrapped around me I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. His light blond hair fell in his eyes and he smiled. "Awwwww…." Said the entire crouwd.

"Omigosh Mike! You saved me!!!" I kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"It's no big deal."

I giggeled and blushed. "I love you Mike." I kissed him again, this time on the lips. "Ooooohhhh….", said Angela. Lauren just looked bored and Jessica looked super jealous. But I didn't care cause I was in luv with Mike.

Then he had to go back to finish the football game so I told him goodluck and went to watch with my friends from the stands.

Mike ended up scoring the winning touchdown, but I didn't realize it until later cause I didn't understand football. I kinda thought sports were dumb, but at least the guys who played them were super hot!!! Most of the time I just paid attention to how hot Mikey's butt looked in the tight football pants. He was soooo hawt!!! I knew I was super lucky to be his gillfriend.

Just as I was thinking this, my BFF Angela came up to me and laughed. "All the guys and us were gonna go to that one burger joint to celebrate the victorry. Are you and Mike gonna come?"

"Oh, sure Angie, I would love to come. Totally!!! I don't think Mike has plans so he'll probably come too! Oh! That'll be really fun! Thanks for the invite! Yayyy!!!" I hugged Angela and then ran towards Mike. I kissed him and then told him our plans.

"Oh, grate! I always love spending time with you!" he smiled enthusiasticaly. We hopped into his awsome red convertible and drove off into the sunset (to the diner).

My life was going perfectly and nothing could ever ruin it…

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