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Chapter 6 -- Driving and Drinking

As we started driving home, their was a really long awkward silence. I tried to start talking.

"So, how about them Red Sox?" I asked nervously. All guys like baseball, write?

Edward didnt say anything. I tried again.

"Um, have you had health yet? The teacher is a serious perv!"

Nope. he didn't say anything. He just clicked his seat belt in and looked like his head hurt. I was starting 2 be toetally creeped out.

"So, you like music?"

"You could say that."

"FINALLY! HE SPEAKS!" (I had a slight outburst)


"Oooh, yeah, um, forget that please!!!" I felt like a idiot.

"Well, about music," he moved on nicely, "I sorta like everything. Especially classical."

He slid in a CD. I hadn't ever heard it before, but it sounded familiar!!! Still, it wasn't my style. I was more of a rap kinda girl myself.

"What is it?"


Bach? What kinda of person listened to BACH? REALLY!!!! I was starting to think he was a geek intil I stared back into his beautiful eyes. Wait a minute. They had \changed colors! I could swear that they were dark red before. Now the were gold. Werird.

"Do you have contacts or something. Youre eyes look way different."

"NO!!!! Its just, um, ah, the florecence?!!!"

"Alrighty then."

I looked at him again. He was incredibllly handsome. Perfect almost. It wuz like he was flawless…And his skin, it was super pale, especially comparded to his bronze hair and eyes. At that moment I felt myself pulled to reach out and touch his face…It was sooooo cold!!!!! It couldn't be normal.

Then I thought about how perfect he was at everything. He was fast, handsome, smart…and I remembered that one time where he seemed to know wat Mike was did even though he didn't see it. It was like he read mines!!! OMG, I thought. He has got to have some kind of condition or something! Maybe he was physcic! Or maybe he had super powers!!!

Cool it, Bella. Your crazy, I thought. There is nothing wrong with him! He is the perfect boyfriend!

But when I thought about it, I knew there was something rong. Plus, earlier he said he could eat a cow. No humans would have did that. I thought about my theories as he drove in silence.

Suddenly, I started talking, "Youre not like the other people are you? Youre different!!! There's something bad about you. But Im not afraid!!!"

"Do you have any theories?" He growled.

"Dropped into toxic waste?"


"Raised by wolves?"

"Haha. Wolves? No. Sorry to disappoint."

"Were you bitten by a spider?"

"Bitten? um, not by a spider."

"Then, what happened to you? What made you this way? I know there is something!!"

"What if Im not the heroe? Bella, what if Im the bad guy?"

I thought for a minute. There was no way something so gorgeous could be evil.

Then the car jerked forward as he sped up. I looked at the mile measuring thing. We were going 140 miles! He was insane! We would be killed. He was a monster! We would be killed. I thought for a split second. Was he drunk? Had he been drinking? I didn't think so. But I didn't know for sure. And his eyes did look different and red. Maybe he was drunk!!! You get bloodshot eyes when that happens, right? He had to have been drnking! I didn't want to die!!! And I had to be the designated driver and tell this hawt guy what he was doing. Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

"Friends don't let friends drink and drive!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs!

"Drinking? Am I really that redictable? How did you know I was going to drink—"

He paused and growled menacingly.

I screamed as much as I could.

Then he got closer and smiled! I could see his teeth. They were bright white and pointy. His inscissor teeth were longer and looked super sharp! He had fangs!!!

"Youre, you're a vampire!!!" I screamed.