Author's Note: This story was written by me, Peachy. This started out as a scene from one of my previous fanfics, "It's Always You", which I have now expanded upon and turned into a standalone fic. (Yeah, I know, I cheated. xD) I couldn't help it! It was such a smexy little scene, but it never got to the…good part, if you know what I mean. And I realized a few weeks ago that I've only written one actual lemon scene, and it was Xemmy/Saix, not AkuRoku!! Shame!! T_T. So after realizing that, I just had to rectify the situation, and this scene was just screaming to be its own oneshot. So, here you are, ladies and gents. And yeah, if you did happen to read "Bubbles" in its original form, you'll notice that I added the whole weekend trip aspect in order to make more sense out of the whole thing.

Anyway, enjoy! Comments are, as always, greatly appreciated! :D


The Bubble Bath


Roxas sank down in the tub until the hot water reached his chin. It was a quiet Sunday evening, and the blonde wasn't left with much to do. Sora had gone over Riku's house that afternoon, and Roxas had come to the conclusion that since his twin wasn't home by now, he would most likely be spending the night with his silver-haired beau.

Usually he would call up Axel in these situations, and the redhead would rush over, especially at the notion of a bored Roxas in an empty house. But Axel had gone on a weekend trip to visit his brother Reno up north, and even if he did come home soon, Roxas felt guilty about calling him to come over when he would most likely be exhausted.

So, Roxas had decided to take his evening bath a little early, something only Sora and Axel knew he did on Sundays. He closed his eyes and felt the tension from the day drain out of his body, soothed and relaxed by the nighttime bath. Just as his thoughts began to wander to a certain pyro he knew, he heard the door to the bathroom creak open.

"Sora, I'm in the bath! …Axel?!" Roxas exclaimed, sitting up quickly in the tub.

"Hey there, Roxas." The redhead said, trying to make his grin seem harmless. It didn't work.

Roxas was suddenly all too aware that he was completely naked in the bathtub, and the redhead's eyes had traveled from his face to much, much further down on his body. He covered certain key areas with his arms, blushing furiously.

"What are you doing here, Axel?" Roxas asked between gritted teeth, his blush spreading to his ears and neck.

"What do you mean? I'm back from my trip. I wanted to see my Roxie bear." Axel replied with a cheesy grin.

"No, I mean what are you doing in my bathroom?" The blonde exclaimed, struggling fruitlessly to quell his deepening blush.

Axel shook the small plastic shopping bag he was holding in one of his hands.

"I got you a present to help you enjoy your bath." The redhead said, a distinct hint of mischief in his voice.

Roxas didn't like that tone at all. It meant Axel was up to something, and it couldn't be anything good.

Before he could inquire further, Axel reached in the bag and pulled out his "gift"– a bottle of lavender bubble bath solution. Roxas raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Well, thank you Axel, I guess." Roxas said, confused. He had expected something perverted.

Axel dropped the plastic bag on the ground and took several steps forward so that he now stood right in front of the bathtub, looking down at Roxas. His grin spread from ear-to-ear, and the look in his catlike eyes was positively devious.

"Um, Axel, why are you hovering over the bathtub? And why are you wearing swim trunks instead of shorts?" Roxas said, feeling rather like a mouse trapped by a large cat… a large, dangerous cat that hadn't eaten anything all day long.

Without a word, Axel popped open the cap to the bubble bath and slowly poured its contents into the hot water. Roxas gasped in surprise as the redhead proceeded to strip off his t-shirt and climb into the bathtub, kneeling in the water in front of Roxas.

Roxas squeaked in embarrassment and pulled his knees up to his chest, hugging his calves tightly and staring at Axel incredulously.

"Axel, what…?!" Roxas was lost for words as lavender bubbles rose all around them.

Axel was still smiling devilishly. He met Roxas's eyes and the blonde blushed an even deeper shade of red, a feat that Axel hadn't thought possible.

"My my Roxas, if I had known it would make you speechless for once, I would've joined you for a bubble bath months ago." The redhead said, his voice languid and full of tease and promise.

Roxas shivered even though the water was still hot. He was still partially paralyzed at the shock of Axel joining him in the bathtub. He managed to meet Axel's gaze without looking down, and he was proud of himself for being able to do so.

"Axel," the blonde said, a questioning lilt in his voice.

Axel put his palms flat on the bottom of the tub, slinking over to Roxas on hands and knees.

Roxas, forgetting that he was still unclothed, let go of his legs and scooted backwards until his back hit the wall of the tub. Axel moved in so close that his chest hovered over Roxas's own, his hands coming to rest on the tub floor as he placed his legs on either side of the blonde's.

"Yes?" the redhead said, voice low and seductive.

Roxas gasped as Axel traced an invisible line down his chest with his index finger. Axel paused and looked the blonde in the eyes, waiting for him to pull away. Roxas didn't move.

Axel bent his head down, his mouth an inch from the blonde's own. Roxas, without thinking about what he was doing, closed the distance between them, pressing his mouth to the redhead's lightly.

Axel sighed contentedly into the kiss, pressing their bare torsos together and running his tongue along Roxas's bottom lip. The blonde parted his lips and Axel's tongue sought out every crevice in his lover's mouth as the kiss deepened.

Roxas let out a soft moan and wrapped his arms around Axel's neck, tilting his head and leaning further into the kiss. It was at that moment that Roxas realized just how much he had missed this. He made a mental note to himself to tell Axel later that he wasn't ever allowed to take weekend trips without him again, because he had no intention of pausing the redhead in his ministrations at the present moment.

Axel's mouth traveled to the blonde's neck, and Roxas ran his fingers through Axel's red spikes sensuously, closing his eyes and leaning back onto the tub.

"A…Axel…" the blonde whispered as Axel's mouth moved to suck on his collarbone.

"I missed you, baby," the redhead said in a voice barely above a whisper, his chest rumbling above Roxas's own.

"Missed you…missed you too…ah!" Roxas cried as Axel none too gently left his mark on the curve of his neck.

Axel pressed his hips into Roxas's, and the blonde could feel his…excitement. A blush spread once again on his face as Axel moved his mouth lower, his tongue flicking over a nipple.

"Jesus, Axel," Roxas moaned, arching into the redhead as he teased one nipple at a time, his hands moving to clutch at the blonde's hips.

Axel's tongue danced along the blonde's chest and stomach, but Roxas suddenly tugged on his lover's hair, pulling his head up.

Axel met Roxas's gaze and blinked confusedly, his jade eyes half-lidded and a drowning pool of lust.

Roxas leaned his chest into Axel's, pushing him backward until he was now straddling the redhead.

Axel gasped in surprise as Roxas reached down and slid off the redhead's swim trunks, throwing them on the bathroom floor.

Roxas lifted his head and captured the redhead's mouth in his own, making a grinding motion with his hips that made both boys release a loud groan.

"Bed?" Axel said it as a question, his voice hoarse with arousal.

"Mmm-hmm," Roxas hummed in agreement in between kissing the redhead's mouth.

Axel wrapped his arms securely around the blonde's waist and lifted them both to a standing position, Roxas gasping in surprise as he was always forgetting how strong the lanky redhead actually was. Roxas locked his legs around Axel's back while his hands went to the older boy's neck and hair while Axel stepped out of the shower and carried the blonde out of the tub, never breaking the kiss.

After fumbling with two doorknobs and nearly tripping in the hallway, the pair finally made it to Roxas's bedroom, naked and dripping wet but too engrossed in their actions to notice or care.

Axel carried Roxas over to the bed, thanking the gods that the blonde had the bottom bunk. He laid the smaller boy down atop the comforter and settled himself above the blonde's waiting form. Roxas captured Axel's mouth in another heated kiss and arched his back, pressing their erections together intimately.

"God, Roxas, I want you so bad right now." The redhead moaned, clutching the boy's hips and pressing himself down on the blonde harder.

"Then take me." The blonde whispered, running his small hands up and down the expanse of Axel's back before resting them atop the redhead's shoulder blades.

Axel pulled his mouth away from teasing the blonde's neck and locked eyes with him.

"Are you sure? It's a big step, Rox…" he said seriously, resting his weight on his forearms.

"I know it is. But I'm ready," Roxas replied, finding it slightly amusing that Axel was attempting to have a serious discussion while they were both naked and Axel was straddling him.

"Are you just saying that, Roxas? We can do other things…I'm totally fine with waiting…it doesn't have to be tonight," the redhead said, stroking the younger boy's cheek with his fingers with a tenderness that brought a lump to the blonde's throat.

Roxas cupped both Axel's cheeks with his hands and locked eyes with him, smiling sincerely.

"Axel, we've waited long enough. I want you, right now, in this bed, tonight. What are you gonna do about it?" His smile turned into a smirk and his voice dipped lower as he said the last few words, his hands moving to run through Axel's mane of red spikes sensuously.

Axel managed a shaky laugh and leaned down to kiss the little blonde.

"Well in that case, don't wanna keep you waiting much longer, Roxas," he said seductively before pressing his mouth to the blonde's and eliciting a moan from the younger boy as his tongue worked its magic inside his lover's mouth.

Axel kissed his way down Roxas's chest and abdomen, his mouth moving lower still as his hands ran down the blonde's arms and waist. Roxas shuddered in anticipation as the redhead's hands rubbed along his thighs, his mouth kissing a line down his happy trail until, with one sudden motion, he had taken the boy in his mouth, his tongue rolling over the tip of the blonde's erection.

Roxas was unable to restrain a loud groan and he gripped the headboard behind him as if for dear life as Axel moved his tongue from base to tip.

Roxas's accepting reaction serving as encouragement for Axel, the redhead began to take more of the younger boy's erection in his mouth, working him with his teeth and tongue until Roxas was reduced to a moaning mess beneath him.

Just as Roxas's moans were taking on a higher pitch and his legs began to tremble, Axel pulled his mouth away from his erection, once again straddling the blonde as he moved in to kiss his mouth.

Roxas let out a frustrated groan and looked at the redhead confusedly.

"Now, now Roxas, we can't have you spent just yet. Only getting started." Axel said, chuckling at the blonde's impatience.

Roxas allowed the entrance of Axel's tongue into his mouth once again and was soon moaning in pleasure as Axel began to rock his hips into Roxas's own.

Suddenly, Axel stopped, looking around the room quizzically.

"What?" Roxas said, his voice husky in his aroused state.

"I need some sort of lube…otherwise I could really hurt you," Axel replied, his brows knitted in thought.

"Lotion…Sora's got lotion on the nightstand," Roxas managed to think through the pleasurable haze that fogged his brain.

Axel located it and, deeming it usable, began to lather up his fingers while he resumed the kiss.

Roxas gasped as he felt the tip of Axel's finger rub against his entrance.

"I'm gonna do it now, okay?" he whispered, their faces inches apart.

Roxas nodded and closed his eyes as Axel's finger slipped inside him. Immediately the blonde gasped and clenched the sheets tightly.

"Try to relax. It'll start to feel really good soon, I promise, but for now it might hurt a little." Axel said softly, his legs on either side of the blonde's and their bare torsos pressed together.

Roxas opened his eyes and caught the redhead's gaze as he nodded in response, trusting Axel completely.

Axel began stroking the blonde's fully hardened member as he added a second finger and tried to loosen the boy as much as possible for later. The mix of pleasure and pain made Roxas grip Axel's shoulders tightly, a whimper escaping from his lips.

After a few minutes, Roxas felt an intense bolt of pleasure hit him and squealed, bucking his hips to meet Axel's thrusting fingers. Axel smiled, knowing he had hit the boy's prostate, and thrust his fingers in a few more times before pulling them out and lathering up his own rock-hard erection.

Axel pulled the blonde's legs up and around his waist and leaned in to kiss his mouth passionately.

"You ready Roxie?" the redhead said, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Yes, Axel, take me," Roxas moaned, his loins throbbing with heat. Without any further hesitation, Axel pushed his erection into Roxas's entrance, slowly and shallowly at first to spare him some pain.

Roxas sucked in a sharp breath and let it out slowly, wrapping his arms around the redhead's neck. After a few moments, Axel began to work up a rhythm of slow thrusts, his mouth dancing along the blonde's neck and jaw line.

"A-Axel, yes…" Roxas whined, arching into him. Axel's thrusts became deeper, and soon he hit the boy's prostate, sending the younger boy into a fit of moans and whimpers, the pain disappearing and replaced by almost overwhelming pleasure.

Axel brought his mouth to his lover's and kissed him passionately, taking in every tone of the blonde's gasps and moans. He had imagined making love to the blonde many times before, but he had never expected him to be so loud, and the boy's approving reactions only turned the redhead on more than ever.

"Mmm…oh, fuck, Axel…please…" Roxas moaned, meeting each one of Axel's thrusts eagerly.

"What was that? Do you want something?" The redhead said, his innocent tone completely destroyed by his devilish grin.

"Mmm…yes…I-I want—" Roxas trailed off as one of Axel's thrusts hit his prostate dead-on.

The blonde cried out, throwing his head back in ecstasy and clenching Axel's shoulders even tighter.

Axel let out a loud groan as he saw Roxas react so wonderfully, but he wasn't done with his little game.

"What do you want, Roxas? Tell me what you want," Axel said, purposefully slowing down the pace of his thrusts and causing Roxas to groan loudly in frustration.

"I-I want you…want you to…" Roxas struggled to form a coherent thought as Axel continued to thrust into him at an agonizingly slow pace.

"Want me to what?" Axel said, almost stopping completely.

"I want you to fuck me, however you want, just take me, please, Axel!" Roxas cried out pleadingly, rocking his hips against the redhead's own. Axel groaned loudly in response, not expecting the blonde's answer to be so fucking hot, and altered the rhythm to a mind-blowing pace, each thrust causing the bed to creak and groan underneath them.

Roxas was now punctuating each thrust with a moan, which grew louder over time until the boy was practically screaming, thrusting his hips upwards to meet Axel's own. The bathwater from earlier that had clung to their bodies was now soaked into the sheets, and both boys were now covered in a fine sheen of sweat, the temperature around them skyrocketing as they moved in tandem, seeking their release.

"Oh fuck, Axel, I-I'm so close, don't stop…" Roxas said in between moans, his nails digging into the flesh of Axel's shoulders desperately.

"God Roxas, you drive me crazy…" Axel tilted his head and nipped at the blonde's earlobe, earning a groan in response.

"Never been…so fucking hard…" the redhead breathed hotly into his lover's ear, the tip of his erection grazing the blonde's prostate with every thrust.

Roxas's body began to tremble, and Axel knew the boy was extremely close to his release.

"Yes…that's it…come for me, Roxas," Axel whispered into the boy's ear, thrusting even harder inside the blonde.

Roxas let out a strangled cry and pressed his body against the redhead even more firmly, struggling to keep a measured pace.

Axel wrapped his hand around the blonde's neglected cock, pumping it forcefully in time with his own thrusts.

"AXEL!!" Roxas screamed his lover's name as he hit his peak, thrusting upwards wildly into the redhead's hand. Axel clutched at the blonde's hips and struggled to get in a few more powerful thrusts, stroking the blonde's erection as he rode out his intense orgasm. Axel thrust one more time before releasing into the blonde, his entire body shuddering and the blonde's name spilling from his lips in ecstasy.

Axel collapsed on top of Roxas, completely spent. Roxas interlaced his fingers with the redhead's and the two lay that way, catching their breaths and slowing their racing heartbeats.

Axel kissed a lazy trail from Roxas's earlobe across his jaw line, stopping to kiss both the boy's cheeks before capturing his mouth in a slow, tender kiss.

Roxas sighed contentedly into Axel's kiss, both his hands still entwined with the redhead's own.

"I love you so much, Roxas." Axel said, pressing his forehead to the blonde's and catching his gaze.

Roxas smiled broadly and kissed each of Axel's tattoos, his nose, and then his lips.

"I love you too Axel." He said, feeling like the phrase had now taken on an even deeper meaning.

Axel's face lit up in a brilliant smile that took Roxas's breath away.

"I'm still not used to hearing you say it. I missed the hell out of you these last few days, Roxas." Axel admitted, stroking the boy's mass of blonde tresses.

"Mmm…I missed you, too. So you call me by my full name in bed, hm? You usually only do that when you're very serious." Roxas said with a teasing smile as he brought both their hands up on the pillow above his head.

Axel laughed warmly and brought his lips down an inch from Roxas's mouth.

"Well, this is something I take very seriously, Roxas. In fact, I may have to impress on you the dire seriousness of it all…" He said, his voice beginning to regain its seductive tone and a characteristic Cheshire grin spreading across his face.

It was Roxas's turn to laugh as he rolled his eyes and kissed the redhead briefly.

"Oh no, not tonight, sir. I am officially spent. And so are you," he added with a chuckle as Axel failed to suppress a yawn.

"You're right. Is Sora coming back tonight?" Axel inquired.

"I don't think so. He's at Riku's house."

"Good. 'Cause I really don't feel like cleaning this place up. Or getting dressed." Axel said, making Roxas laugh.

"Me either." He said, the pleasant feeling of sleepiness washing over him and causing his eyelids to droop.

Axel pulled the covers up over both of them and laid down alongside Roxas. Roxas cuddled into the redhead, resting his head on the older boy's chest.

Axel wrapped his arms around the boy protectively and kissed his forehead.

"Goodnight, Roxie." He whispered into the dark.

"Goodnight." Roxas mumbled into the redhead's chest, drifting off into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Author's Note: "Roxie bear." Lawl. That nickname, I'd like to add, is totally canon. Quinton Flynn (aka English voice actor for Axel) totally said "What's up Roxie bear" at a convention. Look it up on youtube, it happened. And the fangirl inside me was immensely pleased. D

Ohmygosh, my first actual full AkuRoku lemon scene everrrr!!! O.O It was an epic journey, I must say (lolonlyonenight). I hope you all enjoyed it! Oh, and this is totally dedicated to a girl I met at MangaNext 2008 over Halloween weekend at the Kingdom Hearts Yaoi Panel. She read my fanfic The Christmas Party and said such nice things about it! I unfortunately didn't catch your name but if you read this, enjoy! I know you will, you fangirl... ^_~