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Robin looked at the screens; his eyes lingered on the alien girls. Biometrics, how he hated it all, nanotechnology, it was all only getting more useful in the type of world he lived in. He wished it would just all disappear, the memories he had of those things still lingered in his mind because all he saw day after day was this god damn screen. His team, his family, his friends, all here before him day after day, the probes tormenting him, one wrong move and they get zapped. And Robin would end up watching them, watch how they squirm and twitch and wreath on the floor in pain, unable to stop it. All he wanted was to be free of that goddamn screen! He reached into his belt and pulled out his bow staff, he twirled it slowly contemplating how much trouble he would get in if he did what he was thinking.

Robin knew he was compulsive, but this deserved thought, a lot of thought. If he did this keeping track of things would be harder, but if he didn't then he would wake up to these screens, these inner workings of the blood streams of his friends…. now his enemies. The word seemed so foreign when he used it in essence with his friends… but he had no other choice, if he didn't call them his enemies his…. Master…. would not be pleased. But when had Robin ever accepted the fact that that man was HIS Mater? Perhaps after five months, Slade's demands and orders and everything else the man had done to him had finally started to take hold.

No that wasn't true, Robin always put others before himself. There was no way he would destroy the screens just so he could try to forget everything. The reminder was a good thing… it was something that allowed him to recall why he was still fighting and who he was fighting to save. As long as those screens glowed he knew they were live… but as long as those screens glowed he would remember all his mistakes… all his flaws and weakness. And even though he hated to admit it, most of those flaws and weaknesses were gone. Thanks to Slade and the man's iron will to turn Robin into his personal drone.

But even sometimes Robin had doubts about that, Slade could have easily enough brain washed Robin, or put his brain into a robot or something, he could have probably even drugged Robin into submission. But all Slade did day after day was train him, teach him, make him stronger and better. No matter how hard Robin fought against him, and no matter how obvious the boy made it that he hated the man. Slade stood steadfast and accepted the hatred with a silent stare. Robin shivered and stopped twirling the stick. He gripped it tight in his hand. He didn't owe Slade anything, but he did owe himself something. He owed himself peace of mind.

All his life Robin had been fighting for other people, saving other people, sacrificing himself for other people, putting himself in harms way for others people. Some of which he didn't know and would never see again. Sure they were thankful that they lived and that they got to go back to their plushy little life, their family, and their boring day jobs. Their enslavement to the city, to "the man." But for some reason, Robin had stopped getting pleasure from watching others benefit from his hard work. It wasn't that he wanted to kill them; he just wanted people to appreciate him on a level that he had never been on before. If he was put on a pedestal where people could see him all day, everyday, standing tall over the city. They would never forget what he had done for them, the torture he had gone through for them. They would always look to him and show their respect and gratitude.

Just then, something floated through Robin's mind, something that sounded very familiar, "I gave you everything, all my knowledge all my power, all for you…" Robin shook his head trying to escape this memory, "But the first thing you need to learn my apprentice… is gratitude." So alike and yet so different in the goals they wanted to achieve. Slade wanted respect and gratitude from Robin, and Robin wanted respect and gratitude from everyone else. How awful he must truly be coming, how self centered and twisted, perhaps worse then Slade himself.

Robin looked to the alien girl's screen, her veins filled with probes; her life had the ability to be taken away in seconds. She was a match for anyone, even the likes of Superman. If she got mad enough she could probably kill anything that got in her way. She had almost destroyed the entire city of Jump before she had learned how to talk English. And yet this man that now control him, also controlled her. All he had to do was push one little tiny button and the mighty warrior princess from the grand planet of Tamarain would be gone forever. An entire world left without the air to their throne. All he had to do was push it… and her screen would go black.

"Thinking apprentice? More escape plans perhaps?" Robin jumped and dropped his bow staff. He had been so deeply in thought he hadn't heard Slade come in. For a long moment there was silence, "Never, and I repeat again, never let anyone take you by surprise Robin… a enemy wouldn't hesitate to take you down… you know this… now."

Robin looked down, he felt the red brush his cheeks, and yes he did know. He had been out on the town only last week and his so-called friends jumped him… badly. Having still not figured out anything about the probes yet they had no clue he was doing this to save them… but then how could they figure it out? They weren't dense but Slade was a genius. Had his friends had a clear shot Robin was sure they would have killed him. If only they knew how he suffered for them. But they never would know.

The only thing holding Robin here in this place, this cold and dark hell that now was his every day life was their life. Was his friends living out their together still, helping others and breathing. Existing. They were still free as long as he wasn't, and for them he was willing to make that sacrifice, even if they didn't know the truth.

"Well Robin, you are silent tonight, then again, I suppose you have a right to be, after last night's incident I don't blame you. But you did what I asked so I will keep my end of the deal. No matter how much it disgusts me."

Robin's head shot up and he automatically barked out, trying to ignore the vomit rising up his throat at he said it, "Thank you master!" He rushed over to Slade and extended his hand eagerly. "I still don't understand why you wish to torment yourself like this."

Slade pulled a small remote for the screens out of his belt and handed it to Robin, "Enjoy, but keep it down." Slade said turning and walking to his work desk. Robin turned to the screens surprised at how easily Slade had handed it over tonight, no extra bargains or deals, no sparing for it. He just gave it to him and how giddy Robin was now for that. He extended his arm towards the screens and hit the first button.

Instantly the screens, which held his team's life signs, turned into several pictures of Titans Tower. He watched excitedly. He saw Beast Boy and Cyborg playing the Game Station, Raven was reading and Starfire was sitting next to the window, looking out it. Robin smiled, but refused to let any tears come out. Not this time.

Robin watched for a few moments and then was surprised to see Speedy walk in. "Hey Titans!" The team looked to him, "SPEEDY!" Beast Boy cried, "Yo man! How is the Titans East?" Cyborg asked shoving Beast Boy aside.

"Pretty good, they wanted me to tell you to send them some of your triple meat pasta. They are dying for it."

Cyborg smiled, "Well alright then! I will send it back with you when you go? How long you staying?" Cy asked.

"Not long, actually heading back in about five or ten mintues."

"Well then what was your point in coming to see us, just to say hello?" Raven asked sounding annoyed

"Well actually no… the reason I came here this morning is because…"

"We have…. A date." Came a small voice from outside the circle. Cyborg, Beast boy and even Raven's Jaw dropped to the floor.

"Wow, really?" Beast Boy asked in awe.

"Yeah, I asked her… she said yes… so I am taking her over to Steal City for the day, showing her around… possibly dinner?" he asked looking at her.

Starfire nodded and gave a small smile. "Great, Let's get going while the day is young! I'll have her back by eleven!" Speedy hollered as the two walked out arm in arm.

"Well that can't be good." Beast Boy said rubbing his head and looking awfully sad. "You wouldn't think a girl like Star would just… " He stopped and looked at Cyborg.

"Come on be, even Starfire is smart enough to know, if Robin hasn't come back by now…" Cy sounded almost like he was about to cry by the end of that sentence.

"Then he probably isn't going to." Raven finished saying as she twitched slightly and sat back down looking more so miserable then anyone else in the room.

"There is always a chance guys…. Always." Beast Boy said.

"Apparently, not when it comes to Slade." Raven said grabbing her boy with a shaky hand and the accidently dropping it. The pot of flowers on the table exploded with black energy. "Shit!" escaped Raven's mouth before she covered it with her hand and blushed. "I'm…. sorry." She said getting up and walking quickly out of the room.

"Come on B, let's finish our game."

"No, I am going to go scout the city… I'll give you a call if I find anything…" Cyborg nodded and as Beast Boy left the robot punched the wall.

Then the screens flipped back to the previous picture. Robin's team lined up before him. Their blood streams anyway.

"Sir." Robin said as he shook with anger, "Permission to go on a training, stealth exercise."

"How near sited to you think I am apprentice… "

"Slade…. Please… you can watch me the whole time… I won't approach or contact…. I just… I have to see."

"And if you get caught?" Slade asked.

"I will NOT… sir."

"Very well Robin, you may go spy on the love birds… but you know the rules… and you know what will happen if you disobey them."

Robin nodded and ran for the exit.

Oh well, Slade thought. At least he is getting out and getting real exercise. Time to see if he can be as stealthy in brood day light as he can in the dark.

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