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Slade was a patient man, in fact if need be he could wait the rest of his life. But since there was no need, and Slade, of course had no flare or taste for the dramatic. He turned on his computer screen and typed in a code. Instantly the computer started scanning with in a 3,000-mile radius for one specific person, a boy with black hair and a wonderfully suiting outfit.

However only moments after the search began it ended with the computer saying that Robin was in the very base that Slade stood. Slade was wondering if the computer could be mistaken, which of course was highly unlikely but never the less he had not gotten an alert of the boys return. Perhaps the computer had…

The main chamber's door flew open and in walked Slade's lovely…

"Robin?" Slade said turning to look at the young boy in black. When the boy did not respond Slade gave him his full attention. "Apprentice…" Slade added that tone to his voice, the one that let Robin know not to ignore him. The boy stopped walking, he was still in shadows but there was something different and Slade wanted to know what.

"Apprentice, where have you been all after noon? It is not like you to be out all day, let alone at all. I figured you would be smart enough to know that staying out to long could mean never staying out at all." Robin was looking straight at him, his eyes glowed in the darkness that surrounded him. Slade could hear the boy breathing heavy, rasps of air coming and going from his lungs.

"Well…." Slade said annoyed.

"When robin did not respond Slade pressed harder. "Robin I've had to many other things to do today then watch you gallivant after your ex-girl friend. I would like to be informed …" Everything Slade said was supposed to sound condescending and annoyed. Slade could feel the negative energy melting off Robin, he wanted to hit a nerve, and he wanted to get Robin to speak.

"She was NEVER my girl friend. Apparently she was never my ANYTHING." Robin spat sounding bitter; he started to walk towards the hall that led to his room.

"Robin." Slade said "come here… you WILL talk with me…. Whether you want to or not."

Slade saw Robin clench his fists. Robin slowly turned and walked almost as stiff as a post from the dark. As the boy emerged Slade saw what Robin had been trying to hide. The boy was soaked in blood.

"Obviously we have much to talk about." Slade said surprised. Robin said nothing at first. As Slade approached he could see the blank stare of a mask with no emotion behind it. "Slade… can I ask you something… that you will truthfully answer." The voice Robin spoke with was hard and empty.

Slade came to stand next to Robin; he looked down at the boy who stood so erect and still. The only thing bent was the boy's head and that was because he seemed to be in thought.

"That depends on the question." Slade said gazing down at Robin.

"How old where you the first time you killed someone?" Robin asked, his voice still toneless.

Slade was taken aback by this question, but since he saw no reason to lie he answered truthfully. "Seventeen."

A long pause from Robin and then, "Did you want to kill them?" he asked.

"I did."

"Did… did you enjoy it?"

"I did."

"Is that what made you…. so…"

"Twisted?" Slade finished for him.

Robin nodded looking at his bloody gloves.

"I suppose you could say that… it was definitely not a hinder. The feelings and the rush I received from taking someone's life never left me. To this day I can remember it, how powerful and mighty it made me feel."

"Does it still make you feel that way?" Robin asked.

"It depends…"


"Who I kill…. How I kill them… and why I kill them… I feel much more powerful killing someone who is a true threat, compared to kill someone who is just in the way through no fault of their own."

"I killed someone today." Robin said looking up at Slade and dropping his hands.

"I can see that." Slade said narrowing his eye, he was trying to understand how this was affecting Robin. Slade had not planned on sending Robin on an assassination till he had at least turned eighteen. Robin had always had a slight childish feel when it came to death and Slade didn't want to push that upon him until he had grown into the idea.

"And we aren't done yet." Robin said glaring up at Slade with a small evil looking smirk.

"What do you mean we?" Slade asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"You have the button." Robin said walking past and looking at the screens that where blank. "May I?" Robin said motioning towards the computer.

Though Slade knew it was a bad idea and it went against all his logic he nodded, he was much too curious to see where Robin was going with this. Robin walked over the rest of the way and typed on the key bored. The search screens disappeared and the other screens near the far end back of the room popped on. Robin walked around the computer and towards the screens that held the names and bodies of his friends.

"I want you to kill them… all of them." No emotion entered his voice, not fear or anger or sadness, he seemed completely and totally disconnected from all reality.

"Robin, do you realize what you are asking me?" Slade said approaching the boy.

"Of course, and I know you are the only human being on this planet besides the Batman himself who could take down my team. You don't even have to raise a fist or a weapon; all you have to do is hit one little button. And they all die."

"Normally under regular circumstances I would be more then happy to play my part in killing the innocent, but you must realize the dilemma I face. If I push this button like you have asked the Titans will die, but then I will lose my apprentice. As you can imagine I am more apt to keep you then lose them."

"You don't have to worry about me leaving..."

"And why is that?" Slade countered.

"Because I am going to stay with you of my own free will… even if I wanted to run after you killed them where would I go? Being a super hero is no longer an option for me obviously. Not after I killed someone anyway." He said looking at his hands again; he used the back of his wrist to attempt to wipe off his face, however it only smeared the bloody mess further across his chin.

"Then you surrender to me?" Slade said looking upon the boy, who, Slade realized was not traumatized, but broken. He was torn a sunder, what ever had happened while the boy was out had changed him in a way that Slade never could have.

Robin turned to look at Slade, he wanted nothing more then to be rid of all guilt, of all anger and of all emotion, and he knew he could get all of that from this man. "I do. I surrender my body, mind and soul to you if you do this for me. I deny you nothing. I'm done trying to be everybody's hero. From now on, I am in this for myself… and now… for you."

Slade lifted up his arm and held out the control stick, "Would you like to do the honors?" Slade said.

Robin looked to him with surprise and slowly walked over, "You trust me?" Robin said.

"Not at all, but I can get it back in a heart beat if you show any signs of betrayal." Slade said.

Robin had not been planning a betrayal but he did know that Slade was right. Robin reached for it and was surprised that Slade did not do anything sneaky. Robin turned once the small round control stick was in his hand and looked at the screen. He felt the smooth red button under his thumb, Robin knew he was ready, this was the point in his life where he would finally choose his fate. And ironically he choose a man that he hated…. Or did he still hate him? That was a thought for another day.

Robin looked at the screens and swallowed, he felt Slade's big, warm hand come to rest on his shoulders, "Kill them." Slade said, it was not an order, but perhaps encouragement. And Robin did just that.

"See you later."

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