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Chapter 1

...Winters' yacht; somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean...

White lights twinkled around the deck...mimicking the very stars in the night sky and further adding to the festive feeling on the upper-most deck of the large, white yacht. Anchored for the night, the impressive boat bobbed lazily in the calm, night waters as a refreshing breeze blew. It was a lovely night...clear and with a comfortable temperature. It was the perfect night for the celebration currently underway...

"Woo hoo! Let's hear it for Doctor Tara Hamato!" Samantha said as she held up a glass of champagne. "Who kicked some serious ass and finished all her schooling and medical training way ahead of schedule!"

"College in three years instead of four," Anna listed proudly with a smile, her fingers laced through Leo's as the blue-clad turtle slid an arm around her shoulders. "The same with medical school, and only one year of residency...amazing! It's absolutely incredible!"

"Are you actually surprised by this?" Donnie asked with a smile as he hugged his wife from behind. "She's a genius," he said proudly.

"She blew everyone out of the water," Kirby said with a smile, very proud of her friend's accomplishments.

"Yeah," Mikey said with a grin. "I'm gonna start calling you 'Doogie'."

"What's a 'Doogie'?" Bella asked as she twisted the skirt of her little dress around in her little hands. Unlike her brother who was able to walk around 'naked' like their father and uncles, the female hybrid had to wear clothing because of her lack of a plastron.

"Who did Aunt Tara blow out of the water, mommy?" Angelo asked as he gently tugged on the hem of Kirby's shirt and looked up at his mother with eyes that mirrored hers.

"Yeah, who?" Bella asked as she looked up curiously at her parents, completely forgetting about her 'Doogie' question. Like her twin, she had inherited her mother's soft, brown eyes.

Raph smiled and picked up his little girl, holding her effortlessly in one arm. While he loved both his children dearly, he had a special bond with Bella. She was his 'little girl' and always following him everywhere. "She blew all her teachers and the doctors who were trainin' her outta the water."

Kirby smiled and picked up her son, cradling him against her hip. Like Raph with Bella, Kirby had a special bond with Angelo. He was never far from her side. "Your auntie Tara showed everyone just how smart she really is."

"I always knew you were holding back," April said with a smirk."

Tara blushed though she smiled. "Aw, you guys..."

"You should be proud of your accomplishments, daughter," Splinter said with a fond smile as he regarded the small red head. "We are all so very proud of you."

Everyone nodded in unanimous agreement.

"Splinter's right. Now is not the time for humility, kiddo," April said with a proud smile as she affectionately tucked a lock of hair behind her niece's ear. "What you accomplished is amazing. And it's because of that that we lift our glasses...or in Raph and Casey's cases, beers...and salute you." She raised her glass. "To Tara."

"To Tara!"

"To Auntie Tara!"

By this time, Tara's face was as red as her hair, but that did not stop her from putting a gentle, but restraining hand on April's wrist as she was about to lift her glass to her lips. "You sure, that's cider?" she asked with a raised eyebrow before glancing down at her aunt's five and a half-month baby belly.

April gave a small roll of her eyes but smiled. "Yes, I'm sure it's cider."

Tara smiled and removed her hand. "All right then, drink away." To further her point, she took a sip from her own glass.

"Mmm!" Samantha squeaked softly as she sipped her champagne. "Before we forget," she said with a grin and side-long glance at her sister. "Anna and I have a gift for you."

Tara's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Really? You mean, something other than this great trip to your private island so I can recharge my much-depleted battery?" She craned her neck so she could look at Donnie over her shoulder...which despite her incredible flexibility, still proved to be a bit of a feat since Donnie, along with all his brothers had hit a final growth the purple-clad turtle an extra added two inches over his wife. "And don't think that I've forgotten how you cut off my Monster supply, Mister Hamato," she said with only mock ferocity. "I had a feeling I would've finished even sooner if you hadn't cut me off and made me sleep,."

Donatello grinned and lightly kissed the tip of Tara's nose, knowing full-well that his wife was not angry at him. "I had to, Misses Hamato...everyone was getting twitchy just looking at you."

"Were not," Tara said sheepishly.

"Were too," Mikey and Samantha said together.

"You guys are already twitchy," Tara said with a pout.

"No, we're high on life," Mikey said with a giant grin.

"There is a difference," Samantha said with a wink as she snuggled up to her husband.

"Totally," Mikey said with a smile as he held Samantha close while kissing her forehead before kissing the tip of her nose.

"Daddy, what's 'twitchy'?" Bella asked.

Raph smirked. "Remember how Auntie Tara gets after she's finished one of those tall, black soda cans?"

Bella nodded. "Yeah..."

"That's 'twitchy'."

"Ohhhhhh..." Bella and Angelo said together before breaking off into soft sniggers and giggles.

"Auntie Tara's twitchy," Bella said with a grin and a giggle.

Tara playfully scrunched up her face at her niece. "You're twitchy."

Bella grinned and stuck her tongue out at her aunt.

Anna cleared her throat to draw attention back to Samantha and herself. "Anyway, as we were saying," she said as she kissed Leo's cheek before unwinding herself from his embrace and walking towards Tara.

"We have a gift for you," Samantha finished as she kissed Mikey's nose ridge before stepping away from him and following her sister.

Both Mikey and Leo exchanged small, knowing smiles with everyone.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense," Tara whined as she bounced up and down excitedly on the balls of her feet while Donnie still hugged her. "What is it? What is it? What is it?"

Anna grinned and pulled a shiny new key from the pocket of her jeans.

"A key to the office of your brand new practice," Samantha said with a wide grin.

Tara's eyes widened. "Really?!" she squeaked in excitement before attempting to lunge towards Anna...both to hug her and grab the key--however she was thwarted by Donnie's arms holding her gently but firmly against him. "Hey...what's the big idea?" She looked over her shoulder at her husband. "Come on, let me go."

"You don't get the key until we get back to New York," Leo said firmly.

"Yeah," Anna said as she slipped the key back into her pocket.


"No buts," Casey said firmly. "We've watched ya kill yourself for seven is the time for rest."

Mikey nodded. "Soak up some sun on the beach...go some volleyball...make s'mores..." he grinned when his niece and nephew perked up at the mention of s'mores. "See? We already got two votes for s'mores. Well...three if you count mine."

"Okay, fine...s'mores do sound good," Tara with a sheepish smile.

April giggled. "And you could catch up on your reading and read all those novels you've bought over the past seven years...but never got a chance to read," she added.

"And...other things..." Kirby said softly with a small smile.

Tara knew what her friend meant. She and Donnie had always had a very healthy sex life...always in the mood and hardly able to keep their hands off of each other...but when Tara had started college, they were lucky if they had sex twice a month, and when she had started medical school, she and Donnie were lucky if they had sex once a month...Tara had simply been too engrossed in her studies or too tired when she had the rare moment of 'down time'. However, once she had graduated from medical school and started her residency, her and Donnie's sex-life became non-existent. Donnie, being who he was, had been completely understanding and patient with the situation, but towards the end, Tara could see that he was hanging on to his self-control by a very thin thread. She knew because she was feeling the same way.

"What other things, mommy?" Angelo asked.

"Yeah...what other things?" Bella asked as she turned her gaze up to her father.

"Uh..." was the unanimous response from all the adult males as they averted their attention elsewhere.

The girls, especially Tara, blushed.

Splinter simply chuckled softly.

"Hey look, a mermaid!" Mikey randomly exclaimed in his attempts to change the subject.

"Really? Where?" Casey and Leo darted off in random directions.

Unlike his brothers and friend, Raph did not have the option of running away. "Well...uh..." he looked to Donnie for help. "Donnie?"

"O...other things..." Donnie floundered--clearly torn between wanting to explain things, as the brainy know-it-all that he was, and wanting to simply hide and avoid the question. "Well...they...they're...uh..." He looked to Tara for help. As clinical as he could be...when it came to discussing the birds and the bees with his nephew he was like a deer in the headlights. Oh, dear lord...would he be the same way with his children? The thought horrified him!

By now, Splinter's soft chuckles had turned into full-blown laughter.

"We'll tell you when you get older," Kirby said with a gentle smile once she had recovered from her moment of shock.

"Oh, okay..." Angelo said with a small pout.

"But I wanna know," Bella whined.

"When yer older," Raphael said firmly.

"Well, when will that be?" Bella asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"When yer a hundred," Raph said without missing a beat.

"In the mean time," Mikey said as he himself bounced back from the awkward moment. "PARTY!!" He turned up the music. "Come on everyone, let's boogie!" He grabbed his wife by the hand and started dancing with her.

Samantha was only too happy to join her husband on the dance floor.

Anna smiled and held out a hand for Leo before beckoning to him. "Dance with me, my handsome ninja?"

Leo smiled as he closed the distance between his wife and himself. "Be happy to, my lovely sakura," he said as he took Anna's hand in his and spun her before pulling her close and dancing with her.

"Dance with me, mommy!" Angelo pleaded.

"Dance, daddy!" Bella cried.

Raphael and Kirby shared and smile with each other before putting their children down and allowing them to lead them onto the dance floor.

"All right, you two," Kirby said. "But only for a little while. It's already past your bedtimes."

"Awww..." the twin hybrids pouted.

"None a that, now," Raph admonished gently.

Splinter smiled as he watched his red-clad son interact with his offspring--pride swelling in his heart at how good a father Raph was...and how far he had come since meeting Kirby.

"How about it, babe," Casey asked with a smile as he made his way back to his wife. "Wanna dance?"

"Oh, no dancing for me," April said as she gingerly rubbed her belly. "I think I need to lay down."

"You okay, Aunt April?" Tara asked, immediately slipping into 'doctor mode'.

April smiled. "I'm fine, kiddo, just a little nauseous. Don't worry, I'll be fine in the morning." April's 'morning' sickness always happened at night. "G'night everyone," she called before turning and carefully heading down the stairs...with Casey hovering over her to make sure she made it to their room safely.

"Gnight!" came the chorus of farewells.

Splinter chuckled softly and stood. "I think I too shall retire for the evening."

Upon hearing this, both Angelo and Bella scurried over to their grandfather and gently hugged him. "G'night, grandpa!"

The elderly rat smiled as he hugged his two grandchildren to him. "Sweet dreams, my little ones."

"Good night, Sensei," the four turtles said.

"Good night, Papa Splinter," all four girls chorused.

"Good night to you all, my dear children," the wizened rat said with a smile as he carefully tapped his way down the stairs.

Still hugging Tara from behind, Donnie slowly swayed to the music before he finally could not take the waiting anymore. It had simply been too long. Leaning in, he murmured softly into his wife's ear. "Bedroom?" There was a soft growl to his voice and it sent shivers of delighted anticipation down Tara's spine.

"Bedroom," Tara eagerly agreed.

...Donnie & Tara's cabin...

Donnie and Tara had just barely crossed the threshold into their cabin before Tara hand jumped into Donnie's arms and kissed him hungrily. Turning, Donnie used Tara's back to close the door, his large hands cupping her buttocks as he pressed her between the door and himself and made sure the door was locked--churring into the kiss the whole while as his tongue danced a tango with Tara's.

Tara wrapped her legs around Donnie--thankful she had chosen to wear a simple sundress instead of pants. "Donnie..." she pleaded as she clung to her turtle--her body aching for his. She knew this time would be rough, but Tara did not had been far too long, and she was desperate to feel Donnie inside her.

There would always be time later for slow and sweet...

Growling low in his throat, Donnie pushed the skirt of Tara's dress up and ripped her delicate, lacy panties as he allowed his hard, throbbing length to emerge. He had barely thrown Tara's panties to the side before he was slamming into her hard, fast and deep--warding off all his pent up, sexual frustration as he gripped his wife's shoulder with his teeth.

Tara cried out at the sudden invasion, but pain quickly turned into pleasure and within moments her moans and whimpers of building ecstasy were creating a harmony with Donnie's grunts and growling churs. She dug her nails into her husband's shoulders, whimpering in blissful submission as her turtle's teeth gripped her. Tara's eyes widened in surprise when Donnie released her shoulder and moved--making her suddenly find herself on a nearby table...but her back soon arched in pleasure as her husband's hard strokes deepened. "Yes..." her hands tightly gripped the edge of the table as Donnie pounded into her. "Yes...!"

Donnie's breaths were coming in quick, gasping pants as he slammed into his wife to the hilt over and over again. He did not know how much longer he could hold had been so long, and Tara was so tight and wet around him...but he did not want to leave her unsatisfied. Gritting his teeth, Donnie tightened his grip on Tara's hips and angled them--hitting her g-spot mercilessly as he leaned down and suckled one of her pert nipples into his mouth.

Tara's eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head and she threw her head back, crying out wordlessly as her back arched--her body shuddering hard with the strength of her orgasm.

Within moments of feeling his wife's inner walls clamp around him so tightly, Donnie shuddered hard and threw his head back with an inarticulate roar of release as he exploded deep inside Tara. Not trusting his legs to hold him up, the purple-clad turtle allowed himself to fall forward onto his wife...his elbows taking most of the weight.

Tara cradled Donnie's head against her breasts, her hands tenderly caressing his face and neck as she basked in their afterglow and waited for her breathing to return to normal.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you," Donnie said softly once he was able to form words. "I just...I just didn't think I would've been able to handle foreplay," he said sheepishly.

Tara smiled and giggled softly. "Trust me...if you had tried any foreplay, I would've screamed at you to fuck me." She giggled softly when Donnie chuckled. "Believe me, Donnie...I needed it just as badly as you did."

The purple clad turtle raised his head and smiled lovingly down at his wife before capturing her lips in a slow, tender kiss as he slid out of her and gathered her into his arms. Carrying her bridal style to the bed, Donnie put Tara down gently on her feet and helped her remove her dress. Unclasping her bra, Donnie tossed it carelessly aside and gathered his wife into his arms...simply holding her close as he gazed down at her with a smile. "I love you so much, Zibby."

Tara smiled and linked her hands together behind Donnie's neck. "And I love you, McGonnie. Thank you so much for bearing with me all these years...I know I wasn't the most easy person to live with...what with my crazy hours, my twitchiness. I know I wasn't the best wife in the world during that time...ignoring my wifely duties and not being there for you as much as I used to be." She left feather light kisses all over Donnie's face. "You have no idea how much it means to me that you were so patient and understanding..."

Donnie smiled and tenderly brushed a kiss to Tara's forehead. "It was for a more than worthy cause, Tara. And're more than worth the wait."

Tara's smile widened. "You're so sweet."

"I'm honest," The purple-clad turtle said before falling silent for several moments. "Did you...did you want to start trying?" he asked softly...his gentle eyes gazing into Tara's...searching them for answers.

The small red head smiled. "Yes."

Donnie smiled and nodded. "Me too."

Tara felt her heart flutter in excited delight. "Then I'll stop taking my pill..."

Donnie grinned impishly. "And we better get down to trying," he said with a wink before capturing Tara's lips once more and laying her onto the bed...

...Parents' suite...

"'Night, you little rug-rats," Raph told his children softly with a loving smile as he gently nuzzled their hair in turn. "Don't let the bedbugs bite."

Bella giggled softly and hugged her father around his neck. "I won't daddy," she promised.

"Good, 'cause yer in charge of that," Raph said solemnly though there was a playful twinkle in his eye.

"Okay, daddy," Bella said with a solom nod.

"What am I in charge of, then?" Angelo asked with wide eyes.

Raph smiled and lightly tapped his son's nose ridge. "You're yer sister's back-up...very important job."

"Okay, daddy," Angelo said with a solemn nod.

"Love you, daddy," Bella said as she sat up and hugged her father around his neck again.

Raph's smile grew a fraction of an inch. "I love you too, half-pint," he said as he lightly kissed his daughter's nose ridge. "You too, squirt," he said as he gently brushed his son's hair off his forehead. "Daddy loves you both," he said as he got up so Kirby could take his place and wish their children good night.

"Love you too, daddy," Angelo said with a sweet smile that only widened when his mother took his father's place.

"Good night, my little loves," Kirby said softly with a loving smile as she leaned down and eskimo kissed her children in turn before brushing tender kisses to their foreheads...making sure they were warmly tucked into the large bed they shared.

"'Ni-ni mommy," Bella said sleepily as she already started drifting off. "Love you..."

Angelo wrapped his arms around his mother's neck and hugged her as he kissed her cheek. "Love you, mommy," he said softly.

Kirby smiled and lightly nuzzled her son's temple before kissing his cheek and slowly pulling away. "I love you too, my little angel. And you, my little lovely," she said softly as she lightly brushed the backs of her fingers against Bella's cheek before standing. Smiling, she laced her fingers through Raph's and let him lead the way to the door that connected their room to their children's...flicking off the light as they crossed the threshold.

The delicate brunette smiled as she leaned against the doorframe and gazed at her two sleeping children. "They're good kids," she said softly.

Raph slid an arm around his wife's shoulders and pulled her against him. "Yeah...they're great," he agreed with a nod before tenderly kissing the top of Kirby's head. "We did good."

Kirby's smile grew and she let her head fall onto her husband's shoulder as she nestled into his strong body. "Yeah...I just can't wait to watch them having fun on the beach...playing in the sun...splashing in the water...just being kids."

"I'll even let 'em bury me in the sand," Raph said with a smirk.

Kirby giggled softly as she kissed her husband's nose ridge. "And I'll un-bury you...just like treasure."

The red-clad turtle grinned and turned so he was facing his wife, pressing her gently against his plastron. "Am I yer buried treasure, babe?"

The delicate brunette smiled and tenderly caressed her turtle's face. "Buried? No...but you are my treasure, Raphie." She lightly kissed him and smiled...her doe eyes gazing into his dark amber ones. "Forever and always, my treasure you'll be."

...Upper deck...

Leaning against the railing, Anna gazed up at the stars...a soft content smile playing on her lips and the wind gently blowing through her long, curly tresses as she nestled herself comfortably into Leo's body. "It's such a beautiful night," she said softly.

Leo nodded as he rested his head against his wife's. "I haven't seen a sky this clear since our wedding night," he said softly. "Seems fitting that we should have this kind of a sky again as we head back to the place where we started the new chapter of our lives," he said with a smile as he tenderly kissed Anna's temple. "I'm so glad you married me."

Smiling, Anna turned so she was facing her husband and slid her arms around his neck. "I'm glad too," she said as she kissed him tenderly. "I love you so much,'re the best husband any woman could ask for...loving, compassionate, protective..." She kissed him again. "So sexy and adorable..." She smiled lazily. "And an incredible lover."

Leo grinned. "I can't take all the credit for that...I had a good teacher," he said with a wink. "And excellent teacher, actually..."

Despite the soft blush that crept into Anna's cheeks, she grinned impishly. "I think we've both learned and taught each other things over the years."

"Yeah...not just sexually, but in other things," Leo said as his grin softened into a smile. "We've come a long way in the past seven years...we all have."

Anna nodded. "Yeah...and things are finally starting to settle....Sam and I can run our father's company in our sleep now, and Tara's a full-fledged doctor." She lightly kissed Leo's nose ridge before gazing lovingly into his golden eyes. "I'm ready to start trying, Leo," she said softly.

Leo smiled gently, knowing what his wife meant. "Yeah?"

Anna returned her husband's smile. "Yes. I love you, Leo...and I want to have your babies."

The blue-clad turtle felt his heart flutter at his wife's words as he imagined his offspring growing inside her...that flat belly growing round with their children. "I love you too, Anna...and I'd love for you to have my children, my little sakura," he said softly as he rested his forehead against Anna's. "But you do realize the real possibility of multiple births, don't you? What're we going to do for space? Especially since I have a feeling we won't be the only ones trying to expand our family..."

"Sam and I have actually talked about that," Anna said with a small nod.

"Oh? Do tell," Leo said with a smile.

"Well, Daddy owned...well, actually we own it now, but the point is we have some land up in Connecticut...quite a few acres, actually."

"Really?" Leo raised an eye ridge. "Why haven't you said anything about it before?"

Anna blushed and smiled sheepishly. "Well, we kind of forgot about it...daddy bought it a long time ago and always meant to do something with it, but not never got around to it. Anyway, Sam and I were thinking of finally doing something with it. You know...either build one giant house for all of us, or even separate houses so we could each have some kind of privacy while still being close together. Either way would work since there's more than enough land at our disposal if we decided to go with the second option. There would even be room for April and Casey if they decided to make the move with us."

Leo nodded slowly as he processed the information. "It would give our little ones the opportunity to go out in the sun and be like normal kids...something my brothers and I could never do when we were growing up," Leo mused softly, clearly happy with the idea.

Anna nodded and her smile grew. "Exactly, and it's private you guys and the kids could walk around without any fear. If memory serves, there's even a lake."

"It sounds perfect," Leo said with a soft smile.

"I'm sensing a 'but' in there," Anna said.

"Not so much a 'but' as a general wondering," Leo affirmed. "How will picking up and moving to Connecticut affect you and Sam in your work? And Tara, since the practice you bought for her is in the city too..."

Anna gave a small wave of her hand. "Connecticut's not that far from New York...especially not when you're traveling by chopper," she added with a smile. "Sam always said that it would be a handy thing for her to become licensed to fly...guess she was right."

Leo chuckled softly. "Very true."

"Winters Tower has a heli-pad at the top. We could always construct a landing strip on our land in Connecticut and take the chopper back and forth between there and New York."

Leo grinned. "Well, that's one way to beat traffic."

Anna giggled softly, her eyes twinkling with mirth. "Very true," she said with a smile.

"What will you do with the apartment levels?"

"Keep maybe two of the levels just in case Sam and I need a place to crash if we're held over late with meetings and such, and then convert the other two levels into rent-able spaces for tenants. That would of course wait until things were ready in Connecticut. Once we're all moved into our new home, then we'd make arrangements to refurbish and redesign the levels we wouldn't be using anymore."

Leo nodded in understanding.

"So what do you say?" Anna asked.

The blue-clad turtle smiled and tenderly kissed his wife's soft lips...paying particular attention to her full, bottom lip that always just begged to be kissed. "I say it's a great idea and I'm all for it."

The lithe blond smiled and lovingly caressed her husband's cheeks. "You think the others will go along with it?" she asked hopefully.

Leo nodded and smiled reassuringly. "I know they will...and I know Splinter will too."

Anna smiled excitedly. "Great! Then we can all put our heads together and decide what living situation we'd all prefer...once giant mansion or separate houses."

"This is going to be fun," Leo said with a smile.

"I'm already excited," Anna said, her face alight.

"So am I," Leo concurred with a nod before capturing his beloved wife's lips in a kiss. "So am I."

...Mikey & Samantha's cabin...

Smiling happily, Michelangelo held Samantha arm around her waist while his other hand held his wife's to his heart as they both swayed lazily to the soft music playing. Leaning in, the orange-clad turtle lightly eskimo kissed her before kissing her. "Sure do love you," he said with an adoring smile.

Samantha giggled. "Well that's good...because you're stuck with me."

Mikey's smile turned dopey. "I wouldn't have it any other way, cuteness." He stopped dancing and simply hugged his wife close. "This vacation is gonna be so great."

The petite blond nodded enthusiastically. "I agree. I am so ready for some good R and's been took long."

"No kidding," Mikey said with a sigh. "I can't wait to hit the waves," he said with an excited smile.

"Same here," Samantha said with a smile. "I just hope I haven't forgotten how to surf."

Mikey chuckled and lifted his wife into his arms as he spun her around. "Don't worry, cuteness...we'll pick it up again just like that. It'll be just like riding a bike."

Samantha giggled happily as her husband spun her. "Easy for you to say, you make Tony Hawk look like an amateur at skateboarding," she said as she playfully stuck out her tongue.

The orange-clad turtle grinned proudly as he gently set Samantha down on her feet. "Aw, thanks babe...but when you grow up in the sewers...there's not much else you can do to occupy your free time," he said with a playful wink and a soft chuckle before sighing happily. "Can't wait to soak up some of that great sun either..." He smiled. "You gonna bask with me?" he asked hopefully.

"You don't have to beg, baby. You know I can't turn down the chance to laze around in the sun with you, my adorable sweetie," Samantha said with a smile as she kissed her husband's nose ridge. "Just laying there and doing nothing...just be sure to rub sunscreen on all my hard to reach places," she said with a wink before padding over to the bed and climbing under the covers.

Mikey grinned impishly. "Oh, don't worry...I will," he said as he strode to the bed and climbed in beside his wife...immediately spooning her. "I'm so all over that, beautiful. Can't have your nice, soft skin getting all burned and cracked now can we?"

Samantha giggled as she turned off the lamp on the bedside table...leaving the moonlight spilling in from the window as the only light in the room. " we can't have that at all."

"I love you, Sam," Mikey said softly as he nuzzled the back of his wife's neck.

It did not matter how many times she heard Mikey say those words, Samantha's heart always fluttered as though she were hearing them for the first time. "I love you too, Mikey. Sweet dreams," she said as her eyes drifted closed.

Mikey smiled as he let his eyes fall closed. "Always of you..."