Chapter 34--Epilogue—Intermezzo

Gwen: At least it wasn't a spaceship full of aliens.

Jack: That might have been easier.

--Torchwood "Out of Time"

* * *

Jack Harkness sat on the couch on the observation deck, Glinda of Oz in his hand, Kam Anders' head in his lap. Kam was reading The Lost Princess of Oz. But unlike his rapt young lover, Jack was having trouble concentrating on the book. The wide expanse of space kept drawing his eyes, allowing random thoughts to float around in his mind.

His life had changed so much in the last couple of months. He'd started this mission feeling so tired, so old, so isolated, looking forward only to the potential payoff at the end, his only real relationship with the faithful Mr. Smeed. Now he was looking forward to the mission itself, excited by the prospect of the future, anxious to find out what awaited them in the unpatrolled region of space. He had a ship, a crew, a few people he thought might be turning into friends (a team?), and a lover.

There was so much out in space—adventure, beauty, excitement, maybe even somewhere a little blue box, bigger on the inside than the outside. And whatever was out there, for however long they had, he wouldn't be exploring it alone.

His heart bursting with almost forgotten emotion, he bent over and placed a deep kiss on his lover's lips. Initially startled, Kam avidly responded. When Jack finally reluctantly ended the kiss, Kam smiled up at him.

"What was that for, Jack?"

"I love you, Cariad."

"I love you too, Jack." Returning to his book, he added lightly, sounding so like Ianto that for a moment Jack saw the Welshman's blue grey eyes instead of Kam's twinkling brown ones, "You and Dorothy…"