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Ages: Kagome: 3, Sasuke, Naruto: 5, Itachi: 11, Shisui: 15

Pairing: Eventual Kagome/Akatsuki

Full summary: Kagome fell into the well, only at a much earlier age and landed in the Shinobi world instead of the Sengoku Era. Her three year-old self was adopted by the Uchiha clan. Fast forward two years, Itachi kills the Uchiha clan and takes five year-old Kagome with him to the Akatsuki. Just how is Akatsuki going to deal with being the babysitter for the little miko?

A small giggle rang out through the dusty room, neon blue eyes looking around with curiosity. The small child stumbled down the stairs, giggling again when her name was called out loudly.

"Kagome!! Where are you, Kagome?!" Her mother called out, a slight panic in her voice. Kagome smiled happily, her blue eyes bright as she stumbled down the last stair, happy to play this game of hide-and-seek with her mommy. The game was her favourite and it was fun. The child stumbled down to her knees, and started to crawl to the well that her grandfather claimed was 'scary' and 'haunted.' She didn't think it was so scary, it was just a well.

"Oomph…" Kagome struggled to climb to the top of the wooden well, trying to balance on the rickety board that lay on top. She giggled again, her eyes bright as her mother opened the door to the well-house, yelling out her name in shock.

"Kagome! What are you doing in here? You know your grandfather doesn't want you in here!" Higurashi-mama scolded, hands on her hips. Her hazel eyes were slightly disappointed. Kagome, despite she was only three years-old, could sense the disappointed feeling in her mother. Her bright smile suddenly disappeared, and she slightly flinched at the look on her mother's face.

Higurashi-mama immediately saw the change in her child's face, and softened her own expression. "It's alright, Kagome. Just get off there, and let's have some lunch." She smiled as Kagome excitedly nodded, crawling to the edge of the old well cover.

"Kagome?!" Higurashi-mama suddenly screamed, her hazel eyes wide when the rickety well board covering seemed to have just snapped, her baby falling down the well. "Kagome!!" She ran down the steps, looking down the well. She gasped and blinked when the well glowed a bright blue, blinding her with its bright colour. She covered her eyes, seeing the glow immediately disappear a second later. "Kagome?!" She screamed again, looking down the well, ready to jump down to save her daughter. She blinked again, her eyes widening when nothing was down in the well.

"Kagome?! Kagome?! Where are you?!" Higurashi-mama panicked, her motherly instincts kicking in as she jumped down the passage of the well, awkwardly landing on her feet. She winced, feeling that she may have sprained something in the jump. She ignored the pain, feeling around in the dirt and dark, searching for her baby.


"You really are the best in the clan, Itachi-kun." Uchiha Shisui leaned against the tree, his obsidian eyes watching his younger cousin throw kunai at the target board nailed to the tree, hitting the bulls-eye each and every time. "You'll surpass me in no time at all." He smirked, crossing his arms over his silver ANBU vest.

Itachi chose to say nothing, focusing on his training instead of his 'closest' friend. Shisui was the only one he could really stand within his clan, with the exception of his younger brother, Sasuke. His mother, Mikoto, he could sometimes stand, when she wasn't being so submissive to his father.

Shisui blinked, watching with wariness as the kunai seem to hurl towards the tree with much more force than the previous throws, splitting through the tree with ease and continuing until it was stopped by another tree with its loss of momentum. "You alright, Itachi-kun?" He raised a brow in Itachi's direction, only to blink again when Itachi's attention was not on him at all, but in some random direction. "Itachi-kun?"

"Be silent, Shisui." Itachi ordered, his impassive face glancing in one direction, his crimson Sharingan narrowed as he strained his ears to hear the noise that was disturbing the usual nightly sounds.

Shisui sighed, feeling for Itachi. He knew it must've been hard to be Fugaku's son; Itachi was forced to skip his childhood for the 'good' of the clan, trained as a weapon for the Uchiha family. He only hoped that life would be a little bit better for Sasuke, and he knew that Itachi was doing everything possible to divert Fugaku's attention away from his youngest son. Itachi obviously wanted Sasuke to have a childhood.

"Shisui, do you hear that?" Itachi asked apathetically, turning his Sharingan eyes towards Shisui blinking obsidian ones, the 'Mirage of Konoha' didn't hear anything.

"Hear what?" Shisui asked, now straining his own ears to hear what Itachi claimed to have heard. His eyes immediately narrowed as he heard a faint noise, sounding almost like… crying. "What is it?" He muttered, unconsciously activating his own Sharingan. It might be a trick from a rival clan or even another shinobi nation. It was pretty common knowledge that many ninja would love to have the Uchiha dead.

Itachi didn't even acknowledge Shisui's question, leaping silently through the night in the direction of the faint noise. His eyes narrowed when the sound got louder, it almost sounded like a… child. He stopped; grabbing a kunai just in case in was a trap.

"It's coming from in there." Shisui flashed beside him in a black and silver blur, also ready for any threat. The shinobi both slowly and cautiously crept forward to the well, Shisui slightly ahead to protect Itachi from anything. Itachi was the most important person in the Uchiha clan, other than Fugaku of course. "Have you ever seen this well here before?" Shisui muttered, clutching his kunai harshly. He peered over the edge, blinking his red eyes in shock. "A kid!"

Itachi narrowed his eyes, also looking over the edge. It didn't show on his impassive face, but he was also slightly surprised. Down in the deep well, was a little girl huddled in the corner, obviously crying from the sounds she was making.

"You think it's a trick?" Shisui was immediately wary of the scene, looking over at Itachi to determine his reaction. "It could be someone using the transformation technique." The ANBU put on his shinobi face, his Sharingan glaring down at the little girl who was snivelling loudly.

"No." Itachi immediately answered, seeing with his Sharingan that the kid wasn't using any of her chakra. He narrowed them even more, seeing something other than chakra running through her system. 'What is that?' He thought, noting it was slightly similar to the Kyuubi brat's red, suppressed chakra.

Kagome wiped the tears off her face, looking up when she heard people conversing in low tones. She blinked her neon eyes, seeing two people peering over the edge of her family's well. "Kaa-san?" She whimpered, knowing it wasn't her mother at all, but maybe her mommy got people to get her out of here!

"So it is a kid. Think she's from Konoha?" Shisui asked, glancing down as the little girl stood up, waving her arms like she wanted up. He raised a brow, glancing over the kid. She looked like she couldn't be any more than four years-old. "Well anyways, we have to get her out of there." Shisui said, ignoring Itachi's non-existent reaction and leaping down the well, effectively surprising the young girl. The Uchiha almost smirked as the girl gasped, her large bright eyes looking up widely.

"Wow!" The kid suddenly smiled brightly, and clapped her hands. "Where's mommy?" She asked cutely, tilting her head like a puppy. Shisui had to hide a smile at the cute kid, though he did note her odd dressing, especially her shoes. They weren't open-toed sandals that everyone wore. He raised a brow momentarily before bending down and picking up the little girl, holding her up against his armoured chest and leaping up the well walls to the forest surrounding them.

"Who is she?" Itachi immediately got down to questioning, his eyes narrowed as he stared at the child. He vaguely noticed how similar to an Uchiha that she actually looked, with the exception of her blue eyes. It also didn't escape his notice that she was glancing around with curiosity and even a bit of wariness, like she had never seen this place before.

"I don't know." Shisui answered back, glancing down at the slightly frightened child. "So, what's your name?" He asked in what he hoped wasn't a scary tone; he even deactivated the Sharingan to lessen his look. It seemed to have worked when the little girl looked up at him with her impossibly bright blue eyes.

"Kagome's name is Kagome. Where's Kaa-san?" The kid now known as Kagome asked, looking around quickly, obviously showing that she had never seen this pace before. It alerted to Itachi and Shisui that she may not be from Konoha.

"Should we alert the Hokage?" Shisui asked, slightly wary. He knew that the Uchiha clan, any of the members, were not on very good terms with the leader of Konoha. It was mostly because the council members blamed the entire Kyuubi attack on the Uchiha clan, though they actually had no part in it.

Itachi stared at the kid, and the kid simply stared back at him, a smile bright on her cute face. It almost reminded him of Sasuke, and how he was always so happy to have him around. He was cut off from his thought as the child started to chatter, despite her curious situation.

"What's your names? What's this place? Where's the well house? Why are you playing dress up? What's your names?" Kagome chattered away, asking questions at a rapid pace, acting like a normal three-year old kid.

Shisui and Itachi ignored her for now, leaping away in black blurs to the Uchiha compound to alert Fugaku, it was clear orders to go to him before going to the Hokage, though Itachi really detested listening to any of the Uchiha clan's rules.

Kagome blinked when the man covered his gloved hand over her eyes, trying to hide the fact that they were travelling at very high speeds. She smiled anyway, it was fun! Though… she would really like to see her mommy, the scratch on her knee hurt and a pretty-coloured band-aid would make it all better!

"What do you think Fugaku-sama is going to do?" Shisui asked Itachi, who still had his usual impassive face on. They both travelled to the main house, listening to the little girl's excessive chatter and questions. The real question was: who was she really? What clan did she come from? Did she even come from this village? There were so many unanswered questions…

"Itachi! I didn't think you were going to stay out so late…" Mikoto said from behind them, obviously coming home from her shift at the police station. She blinked her obsidian eyes, spotting the child in Shisui's arms. "Such a cute little girl!" Mikoto gushed, mistaking the girl for an Uchiha at first sight. "And whose girl is this?" She asked, smiling at the child, who smiled widely back at her.

"Mikoto-sama, she isn't an Uchiha." Shisui answered awkwardly, Mikoto blinked. The Uchiha matriarch looked at Kagome again, instantly seeing the girl's neon bright eyes. That was unusual, most Uchihas had black eyes. "We found her in a well near the training ground. I don't think she's even from Konoha." Shisui said, seeing as Itachi would probably say nothing anyway. He shifted his grip on the kid as she giggled when Mikoto smiled at her.

"She fell?" Mikoto asked, instinctively looking for any injuries as she was a medic-nin. She was satisfied when she spotted no serious one, only a mere scratch on her knee. "If she's not from Konoha, which village is she from? No village is close to Konoha, the closest one is a few days travel from here. How did she get here?" Mikoto asked with concern.

"The hell if I know." Shisui said, shrugging.

"Where is your family?" Mikoto asked kindly, taking Kagome off Shisui's hands and into her own arms. "And what is your name?"

"Kagome's name is Kagome!" Kagome smiled sweetly at the nice lady, who looked a lot like her own mother. "I don't know where mommy is." She answered the question sadly, her bright eyes falling slightly.

"Oh, don't worry sweetie! We'll find them, I promise! You can stay with us for the mean time." Mikoto said, excited to have a little girl in the house. She had always wanted a girl, and Kagome already seemed like the cutest little girl. In that moment, Mikoto wished that Kagome was an orphan, despite that horrible thought and idea. She wanted to keep the girl. "Are you hungry?" Mikoto asked, walking into the house with Kagome tight in her arms. Fugaku would be home soon, and she would have to start dinner soon. The little girl would eat and then she would take the child to the Hokage to discuss the situation.

The Uchiha matriarch's smile widened and it took on a dreamy state. Sasuke could have a little playmate for a little while!

"Well… that went well." Shisui blinked at how well the Uchiha matriarch took to the kid. Then again, Mikoto loved children, so it really shouldn't be a surprise.

Itachi said nothing, merely walking into the house. Fugaku would be home soon and he wanted to be locked in his room so he wouldn't have to see his father.

"Well, I'll just go then." Shisui said, flashing out in a blur, ready to go to his home.

A few moments later, Fugaku arrived home, his usual frown on his aging face.

"Oh dear! You're home!" Mikoto swung around, happily smiling as she worked on dinner. However, that wasn't what caught Fugaku's attention at all. No, it was the extra child at the low sitting table, getting poked curiously by a curious Sasuke. He stared at her as she giggled in an almost cute way as Sasuke smiled widely, happy to have someone else to play with. Itachi-nii-san was always to busy to play with him.

His mother introduced him to her earlier and he had taken to her rather well, probably because she was a cute and playful little girl, she was way smaller than him!

"Mikoto…" Fugaku said, obviously wanting an explanation as he stared at the girl who was busy playing with his youngest son. "Who in the hell is she?!"

"Now dear…" Mikoto explained, a smile on her pale face as she went to explain the situation. She would take the girl to see the Hokage the next day, after the girl slept.

Fugaku's brow twitched as the explanation was told to him, his form rigid. He tensed as his wife suddenly glared at him, obviously putting her foot down on this particular situation.

"Now dear… this is Kagome-chan. We are going to take her to the Hokage tomorrow."

And thus, began Kagome's eventual adoption into the Uchiha clan…