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Summary: Roxas was born a boy, but it was a mistake. He knows he's really a girl, so he decides to be one and pretends to be his dead twin sister. Facing ridicule and threats when he's discovered, he transfers.

-Axel can't help but fall for the new girl at school. What will he do though when he finds out that his dream girl is really a transsexual boy? Akuroku later

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Born in the Wrong Body


Roxas Strife was a typical child. She loved to play with her toys, thought the world of her parents, and would tend to whine until she'd gotten what she wanted. Roxas also loved to sing and dance and wasn't very hard to please. But Roxas wasn't necessarily a typical individual.

Roxas was a girl. But she was born a boy.

Roxas knew, of course, that she was supposed to be a boy- according to her body- but that didn't mean she was one. Psychologically she was far from it. Being born the way that she was, was… well, a mistake. She never should have been a boy.

Unfortunately, that didn't change the fact that she was.


As a child, the blonde had always stayed close to her mother, had wanted to be just like her, and would dress in her twin sister Naminee's clothes rather than her own.

Toy cars, video games- things that were meant for boys, never interested her. Instead, she usually took an interest in what her sister did, loving to bake, ballet, and tea parties.

This greatly perturbed the blonde's father, but he was certain that his son would grow out of it.

Roxas never did.

When Roxas continued to behave the way she was behaving, even after starting school, the blonde's father tried to force her to do 'manly' things. He soon found that as the years went on though that his son wasn't changing in the slightest. That he was merely resenting having to play sports with him and doing what he loved in secret.

Shortly after starting the eighth grade, Roxas grew her hair out and started to dress like a girl more frequently. As a response, his father would 'discipline' her while her mother was at work, calling her a freak as he did.

Naminee would always bandage her afterword and help her hide her bruises.

Naminee, sweet little Naminee, was a godsend for poor Roxas. She was and always had been Roxas' best friend. They were together always, except for when their father was being abusive and had drug Roxas down into the basement, locking the door behind him. But she was always there for Roxas after, never abandoning her and nursing her wounds- both mental and physical.


In December of that same year, the Strife family had decided to spend Christmas with Roxas' father's family. Roxas' mother, Tifa, didn't have any. So, the four of them were driving to their destination as snow fell.

Roxas' father, Cloud, loudly and unkindly voiced his opinion of her behavior for the first few hours of the car ride. There wasn't a moment of silence until the family drove through a small town, nearly halfway there. Coming to a two way stop, they stopped. Naminee squeezed Roxas' hand, smiling sweetly at her brother and kissing her cheek to make her feel better, not daring to say anything. Roxas returned the smile as her parents waited for a large truck that was approaching to go by.

The road was icy and the city hadn't deemed it as important to put salt on secondary streets. Neither Roxas' family nor the car coming behind them knew this. The car didn't slow down in time, hitting the brakes too late and hitting the blonde's family's car.

Roxas gripped her sister's hand more tightly just before their car was thrown into the direct line of the oncoming truck and they were hit.


When Roxas awoke, she found herself staring up at a stark white ceiling. The kind of ceiling that only belongs in a hospital. She also noticed that there was a mask on her face, her breath making it fog up as she breathed.

She tried to get her thoughts together, wondering why… and how… she'd gotten into a hospital. The blonde closed her eyes for a long moment trying to remember what had happened.

It took a while but she finally remembered her father's disapproval of her, her sister consoling her, and then… gripping her hand just before the crash.

Roxas' eyes shot open and panicking, she looked to the side, desperately looking for her sister. She didn't see her. Just her mother asleep in a chair nearby and that there were several different wires attached to her. She was also wearing a white hospital gown and there was an IV in her arm. It struck her as odd that she didn't have any injuries, but she shoved the thought to the back of her mind. Naminee was more important at the moment.

Maybe Naminee was okay or just in a different room with their father. That had to be it, she thought, calming a bit. Her mother seemed just fine. So why wouldn't Naminee?

Roxas relaxed a bit more, raising her hand to her face with some difficulty. How long had she been out for? She wondered.

When she'd finally raised her hand, she removed the mask and called out to her mother. It took a while, but Tifa finally opened her eyes, staring wide-eyed at Roxas before going to her and embracing her.

"Oh thank God, honey," The raven-hair whispered into Roxas' honey hair, "I thought I was going to lose you too." Roxas felt her stomach clench.

"T-too?" she whispered back. Tifa pulled away, looking very upset. "M-mom? What happened?" Roxas asked. "Where's Nam… where's Naminee??" she asked, panicking. "Where is she? Where's Naminee??" she asked, voice cracking when her mother began to cry.

"Roxas, honey," she said, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "Your father and Naminee didn't make it." Roxas sat there, eyes wide and devastated.

"N-no," she whispered shaking, "It can't be true it can't." She barely felt her mother's arms wrap around her and pull her into a tight embrace.

"I'm so sorry, baby," she soothed as Roxas buried her face into her chest, crying uncontrollably. "I'm so glad that I didn't lose you too," Roxas faintly heard. The blonde weakly hugged her mother back, trying to console her as well.

After what seemed like an eternity, Roxas finally stopped crying and Tifa pulled away.

"When's the funeral?" Roxas asked quietly, feeling strangely numb. Tifa bit her lower lip. "Mom?" Roxas questioned.

"The funeral's been held," Tifa said quietly.

"Wh-what? Why didn't you wait for me to get better? Why didn't you wait?" she asked, cerulean eyes welling up with tears once again. She hushed, letting her mother explain when a hand gently brushed her honey-hair out of her eyes.

"Because, baby, you were in a coma for three months," she said apologetically. Roxas' eyes widened in disbelief, "I waited two weeks, but couldn't after that. I'm so sorry," she said. Roxas lowered her head in resignation.

"It's not your fault," she whispered. She looked up again when lips pressed to her forehead.

"I've got to inform the doctors that you're awake, okay baby? I'll be right back. The doctors said that they want to start you on physical therapy as soon as possible."

Roxas nodded.


Roxas was put through physical therapy for the next two and a half weeks. When she was able to do nearly everything on her own again, she was approved for going home and released from the hospital.

Shortly before leaving though, Roxas sat on her hospital bed, motioning for her mother to sit next to her. "Mom, I need to tell you something," Roxas said, seeing a questioning look in her mother's eyes.

"What is it honey?" Tifa asked, gripping her son's hand.

"Mom… I'm a girl."

Tifa laughed lightly. "No you're not, silly-" she started, stopping when she saw the look on Roxas' face. It was completely serious. "What do you mean?" she asked after a moment, squeezing the blonde's hand lightly.

"I'm a girl… I.. I think that I was born in the wrong body. I shouldn't be a boy." Roxas said, really hoping her mother would understand.

"How long have you known that you were a girl, sweetie?" Tifa asked carefully.


Tifa nodded, letting it sink in and remembering Roxas' interests as a child as well as her husband's rants. "Alright," she said after a moment.

"Alright… what?" Roxas asked with some hesitation.

"Roxas, I will always love you," Tifa said, squeezing the blonde's hand again, "And I will always support you in whatever you do. So if you think… know… that you're a girl then I will support you."

Roxas squeezed Tifa's hand back. "I wish dad would've felt the same way," she whispered.

"I'm sure he would've supported you too honey," Tifa started, stopping when Roxas shook her head.

"No, mom. He used to hurt me for it," she whispered. Roxas felt an arm wrap around her and squeeze protectively.

"When?" she asked.

"When you were at work," Roxas said, quietly.

Why didn't you tell me, baby?" Tifa asked. Roxas shrugged.

"I didn't want the two of you to fight over me," she replied.

Tifa shook her head. "You should have told me, honey." Roxas nodded, though she still didn't agree.

"Mom… I don't like dressing as a boy," Roxas said after a moment.

"Honey, I already told you that I'd support you with this. So if you want to dress like a girl, go ahead."

Roxas hugged her mother before resting her head against her.

"Mom?" Roxas asked.

"Yeah, honey?"

"Roxas isn't a girl name," the blonde said frowning. "Can I use 'Naminee' instead? She always supported me and was there for me. And... she was... she was my best friend," she said biting her lower lip. Roxas wanted to something extra special for her sister, to show how much she'd loved her. Choosing her name over any other was the best way she could think of since she was now departed.

"Sure, honey," Roxas' mother said, kissing Roxas' forehead lightly. "I think that she'd be honored."



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