BPOV(Bella's point of View)

"Alice, could you please watch Renesmee for a little, I need to make a quick run to the mall?" I had only to quietly say this, and my pixie-like sister was down the stairs and at my side in an instant, grabbing Renesmee out of my arms.

"Of course Bella!" She turned her face to Renesmee and said in her silvery voice, " Come on Nessie, wanna go play dress up with Auntie Alice?"

Renesmee squealed with delight, her beautiful little angles face lighting up with excitement. At the sound of Nessies squeal, Alice smiled gloriously down at her niece, all the love in the world showing through her golden eyes.

" Thank you, I would take her but I am getting her you-know-what." Alice knew that I meant Christmas gifts, but I really did not want to saying anything in front of Renesmee. Though it had slowed down , she was still maturing so fast, she understood everything. I did not want to spoil the surprise for her.

" Momma, you can just say Christmas present." Renesmee looked at me with eyes far to knowing for her little face.

" Well so much for the surprise, you little genius." I smiled fondly at her, she was adorable when she acted older than her age.

"It's fine Bella. She doesn't know what you're getting her, plus you know I love spending time with Nessie. She is my favorite fashion consultant! Oh, and the others will be back from the hunt by the time you get home." With that, both Alice and Renesmee were gone. I could hear them rummaging in Alice's oversized closet directly above me, and smiled to myself.

Edward will be home tonight….I knew it had only been a few days since I had seen him, but every second spent away from him seemed like an eternity, and I am a vampire, so that was saying something . I walked at human speed to the garage, lost in memories of me and Edward.

A memory that stood out among all that I held in my vast vampire mind was the night after the Volturi had come to destroy Renesmee, and the rest of us along with her. I had just been blessed with an eternity of Edward and Renesmee, not to mention my new family, only to think that I was about to lose it all! With the help of family friends who stood as witnesses for us, we were able to stop them…barely. That night the family had a celebration like no other. Alice and Edward supplied the music and equipment, and we laughed and danced all night long. Edward held me close as we danced long after the rest of the family had gone inside to relax.

" I love you ," He had whispered passionately into my ear, "more than words can describe."

" I love you to Edward, for all of eternity." I gazed into his liquid eyes for what seemed like hours, all the while we held each other and danced to the very first song that had been played at our wedding; Our song. Though the moment was perfect, my daughter and family safe inside, me in the arms of the most incredible man I had ever known, I still could not shake the feeling that had been haunting me since the fateful night Alice had foreseen the full force of the Volturi crash down on us. I felt like we still only had so much time to be together.

I pulled myself out of this memory in order to forget the ominous feeling.

"Nothing is going to happen anymore" I assured myself quickly before pulling in to the mall entrance. After all, it had been a year since the Volturi had come, and Alice was watching their every move. She would see if Aro, Marcus, and Caius had any plans to return to Forks. As this thought temporarily relieved my feelings of dread, I made my way into the elaborately decorated mall. Everywhere I looked there were Christmas wreaths, gold banners, and even a Santa Station that housed a faux Santa and Elves. I smiled, and made a promise to myself that I would bring Renesmee back so that she could meet Santa. The aisles of the mall were dotted with dwarfed Christmas trees, and as I quickly made my way down the rows of stores I saw just what I was looking for. A brightly lit, cartoonish store sat between Foot Locker and Sam Goody. I sighed loudly, and made my way into the throng of crazy mothers.

APOV(Alice's Point of View)

"Auntie Alice, put on the red dress again, it makes you look like the fairy from Fern Gully!" I hear Renesmee shout from the other end of my large walk-in closet .

"All right sweetie, you want an encore? I will give you an encore!" I quickly change back into Renesmee's favorite piece of clothing and do a high jump, making a grand, highflying entrance from behind my Chinese partition.

"Ta-da!" I sing in my wind chimey voice. Renesmee cheers happily from the chair in the corner as I prance around the room. All of sudden I am bombarded by a vision so intense it nearly makes me fall to my knees.

Three ebony cloaks ominously float down a stone corridor.

"You really think that this plan will work Aro?" The figure farthest to the left hisses at the one in the middle.

"I do not know, but the Cullens are not only the largest coven in existence besides our own, they also posses numerous gifts so wonderfully threatening that must either be destroyed or added to our collection. They are a threat and must not be allowed to exist anymore. I have been keeping my thoughts and actions undecided, and I have no doubt that Alice Cullen is aware of what is transpiring right now."

"We will not have much time to act, we must go immediately."

"No we will not."


"We must wait for the most opportune time."

"But they could disappear by then"

"Caius, Carlisle and his family are not cowards. They will be there when we come."

"I hope that you are right, I have been waiting for this."

"I know that you have Caius, I know."

"Auntie Alice? AUNTIE ALICE!" I am snapped back to the present by Renesmee's cries. I look over at her, a look of utter horror still readable on my face.

"No." I hiss and race to the phone.