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BPOV(Bella's Point of View)

Another growl escaped Edward at the sound of sadistic little Janes voice. My shield was already up, protecting my family from her and Alec's mental powers. But there were enough of the physically imposing guard with them that we even in numbers, and my shield would not protect against the brute strength of Felix and Demitri, who I knew to be the two massive cloaks directly behind the witch twins.

Obviously, the Volturi did not like us Cullens at the advantage the last time we met.

At Edwards low snarl, Jane turned her deceptively angelic face in our direction, and smirked.

"Hello Edward," She said cuttingly, "I see you didn't bring little Renesmee, too bad, I was so looking forward to getting to know her better." The entire family tensed at her words, and the fierce growl that ripped through my lips was so vicious, the rest of the guard immediately crouched defensively

"Hello to you to Bella," She snickered.

"Jane," Carlisle stepped in, and tried to control the situation, probably trying to avoid the inevitable battle I was sure was coming "What can we do for you?"

"Oh not me Carlisle," Her crimson eyes danced with her next words as she turned her attention back to him, "Aro heard about your little visit to our great city, and was hoping you had decided to forgive him for the misunderstanding last winter"

I was expecting a cue from Edward, a sign that Jane's thoughts would not only convey her lie, but also confirm Alice's vision of the three conspiring devils. Instead there was nothing, and I turned to look at him in confusion. His angel face mirrored my confusion, but there was also doubt written clearly across his Adonis like features. I wanted so badly to ask him what was wrong, but there was no way I was going to loosen the hold on my shield long enough to think the questions.

"Actually Jane, " Carlisle said stiffly, the Volturi were his friends once, and he didn't take their betrayal lightly, " We came to Volterra to bring back a friend who came here misguidedly"

"Ah," she looked absolutely blissful, " well Aro will be disappointed. Come for a visit before you leave."

"I don't think that will be possible," he informed her, "Perhaps another time."

"You misunderstand," She said angelically, but the hiss from Edward was my cue that her thoughts had finally revealed her plans, "It was not a question"

So fast that I almost missed their movements, we were surrounded by her accompanying guard. Growls and hisses erupted from all around, and we were backed up against each other in defensive crouches. The guards restrained strikes mirrored ours, and my eyes darted back and forth between the two imposing dark cloaks I had in my sight.

This is it….I though darkly.

Next to me on my other side, I could feel Jasper trying to ease the situation. There was a pained look written clearly on his face, and I could only imagine what this emotional climate was doing to my brother. My assessment of Jasper lasted a fraction of a second, and then I was refocused the dark shadows in front of me.

"You would risk exposure?" I heard Carlisle ask Jane in disbelief, but it was Edward that answered him.

"They would clean up the after math," His voice had a disgusted edge to it, and I knew immediately what he meant. I also knew that my feelings matched not only his, but the rest of the family as well.

Innocent humans should not die because of the Volturi's irrational need to exterminate us.

"Very well," Carlisle murmured, and stood out of his restrained strike.

"Carlisle!" Edward and I said in shocked unison while the others looked on, to unsure for words.

Carlisle merely shook his head, but I noticed only the slightest of nods come from Edward before he to, stood out of protective crouch. I followed his lead, followed by Esme, Alice, Rosalie, and Emmet. Jasper was the last to give up his coiled spring, and it was only after Alice placed a small, comforting hand on his shoulder. We all knew that it took all of his will power to stand idly by while Alice was in such immediate danger.

"We will follow," Carlisle said to Jane, once Jasper stood. She smiled her wicked smirk, turned gracefully on her heel, and led us to our fate.

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