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Title: Winning Roji

Summary: Muhyo/Roji, slight Nana/Roji, Yoichi/Nana. Nana and Muhyo compete over Roji, the latter unintentionally. Yaoi.

Author Notes: This is the final chapter! A really hot Muhyo/Roji moment is in this chapter. Also, Yoichi/Nana finally emerges. Thank you for reading this far into my story! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Chapter V: The Snowball Fight! A Happy Ending

"Let's find a tea shop to warm ourselves up! It's so cold out here!" Roji suggested, rubbing his gloved hands together. His cheeks and nose were bright pink, and he was bundled in a coat. Even with the heavy clothing it felt as if the cold air was directly on his skin.

"Good idea! I didn't think it was going to be this cold out here!" Yoichi laughed, his flesh a pink tint from the cold air as well. His coat wasn't as thick as Roji's, so he was feeling the effects of the weather with more intensity than the blonde-haired clerk.

"Eep! I w–wish I had brought s–something a little m–more covering than this s–skirt!" Nana cried out as they ran across the street to a tea shop. She was trembling violently from the snow that was melting on her bare legs.

"Keh keh keh. Learn to dress appropriately for the seasons, you silly girl," Muhyo scolded, seemingly unaffected by the temperature. He was clad in his cloak and a large scarf that was wrapped around his neck several times. He had forgone his red shorts for a longer pair of red pants. He hurried beside Roji as they burst into the heated front room of the tea shop.

"So warm!" Nana collapsed in a nearby chair, rubbing her cheeks, her teeth chattering.

Yoichi took a seat next to Nana, and Roji and Muhyo took the last two on the other side of the table.

"My, my, you kids look so cold! What can I get for you?" An elderly woman approached them, shaking her head at the pink skin.

"I'll have green tea. As hot as you can make it!" Nana giggled.

"I'll have the same." Yoichi winked at Nana, to which she rolled her eyes playfully.

"I would like regular tea, please." Roji smiled gratefully at the elderly woman.

"Same," Muhyo yawned.

"Whose idea was it to come out in this weather again?" Nana scowled.

Two fingers pointed at Yoichi immediately.

"Hey, hey, hey, I came directly from my office! You didn't think I had been outside at all today, did you? How was I supposed to know what the temperature was?" Yoichi defended himself, holding up his hands.

"Hee hee. Idiots." Muhyo folded his hands on the table, grinning at them. "It's not that bad."

"Well, you're the one with the warm cloak and scarf, Muhyo!" Yoichi stuck his tongue out. "Poor Nana here only has skirts that show off her legs very nicely!"

"What was that?" Nana growled, ready to slap.

"A–ah, nothing!"

Muhyo shifted his eyes from the two bickering teenagers to Roji, who was humming quietly to himself.

"Quite a fuss out here! What's all this about?" The elderly woman inquired, shuffling over to their table with a tray of teacups filled to the brim with dark, steaming liquid. She set it on the table, smiling. "There you go, kids. Drink up."

Each of them checked the teabag label to make sure they were drinking the correct tea before gulping it down quickly. It warmed their stomachs pleasantly, chasing away the cold instantly.

"What would you guys like to do after this?" Nana questioned, stirring her tea with a small spoon after adding some more sugar.

"Something cold?" Yoichi laughed.

"Well, duh. There's nothing else to do in the winter."

Roji perked up. "I've always wanted to have a snowball fight in the dark. The light's fading quickly outside, so by the time we finish our tea, we can go find an area that's covered with snow and has plenty of hiding spots."

"Ooh, that does sound fun. I think we should do it." Yoichi nodded, sipping his tea.

"I'd love to!" Nana giggled. "I can't wait to see the look on Judge Yoichi's face when I nail him with a snowball. Right between the eyes, too!" She pointed to said area with a smirk.

"You'd have to find me first, Nana!" Yoichi grinned mischievously. "You'll see that I'm not that easy to find!"

"Sounds interesting. I think I might join in," Muhyo drawled.

Roji nodded enthusiastically. "It'll be fun! I promise!"

"Perfect! There's a dense forest over there, and there are plenty of snow mounds for us to make forts of our own!" Roji started forward, inspecting the snowy area. "The rules are if you get hit three times, you're out."

"Let's make this interesting," Muhyo added in. "The first person to lose has to do whatever the winner says. And don't lie. Make it fair. Once you lose, just call out that you were hit three times."

Roji, Yoichi, and Nana nodded, showing their understanding.

"I'll go find my fort now. I suggest you all do the same." Yoichi waved before taking off. Darkness covered him, and all they could hear is the crunching sound his footfalls made in the crisp, white snow that had yet to be disturbed by anything.

"This snow is freshly fallen. It'll make a great snowball," Nana commented. She stooped down and formed a ball of snow. She tossed it at Roji, sticking her tongue out playfully before diving behind a mound. "That's one, Roji!"

Roji laughed and wiped the snow off of his jacket where he had been hit. He turned to Muhyo, smiling lovingly. "Good luck, Executor Muhyo."

"Luck? Hee hee. You're the one who's going to need it, First Clerk Roji." Muhyo grinned widely and with a blink, he had vanished from Roji's sight.

Roji gaped. He forced himself not to become a puddle of Muhyo-loving goop from the look he had given him before disappearing. He ran noisily through the snow and ducked behind a snow mound. He knelt and set about making snowballs efficiently, packing the snow firmly. He made sure each one was perfectly round before setting it aside and working on his next one. Once he had made a decent-sized pile, he peeked out from behind his mound.

"Ack!" His face was splattered with freezing-cold snow. He heard Nana burst out laughing somewhere.

"Two!" she called.

He quickly took cover behind his fort again, wiping the snow off of his face with a shiver. He sat there for a second, staring into the darkness, playing with a pile of snow. 'I wonder where Muhyo is.'

He then rose to his feet, filling his arms with snowballs before taking off in the opposite direction of Nana, tensing in preparation to be hit by projectile snow. However, he was lucky; nothing whizzed through the air to hit him. He found a large rock and crouched behind it, narrowing his eyes. He could see Nana perfectly from this location.

She was making sloppy snowballs, giggling quietly to herself.

Roji grinned mischievously and picked up a snowball. He reared his arm back and, with great effort, heaved the snowball through the air, watching as it zoomed towards the unaware Nana.

He called out, "That's one, Nana!" when it made a direct hit on the side of her face.

Nana shrieked, shaking her head to fling the snow off of her hair, skin, and clothing. "OOH, ROJI! YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!"

Roji gasped, darting away from his former hiding spot, narrowly avoiding a shower of snow. His next place was a mound quite a distance away. He could barely see where he was going, and he was breathing hard. His senses were all alert, and he had never felt so alive.

He slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle his breathing as he heard shuffling through the snow. His eyes widened, and the only thought that went through his head was that he had to get out of there and quickly because someone was too close. He hurried into the forest that was just several feet away, falling against a tree, his heart beating widely with excitement.

He froze when the same shuffling sound was heard.

There were dead leaves on the snow everywhere. Why wasn't there a crunching sound of leaves breaking underfoot? Where was this person?

Roji whimpered quietly, afraid. He edged around the tree as carefully as he could. Pure fear spiked through him when he had accidentally stepped on a leaf, the sound of it crumbling seemingly echoing in the silent forest. 'Oh no!'

The same shuffling sound continued, and it was closer.

'I've been heard! Agh, Roji, you've really messed up this time! Why did you have to go into the forest of all places?!' Roji berated himself inwardly, removing his hand from his mouth, daring to take a breath of fresh, cool air.

Suddenly, he was tackled onto the ground by something.

He cried out, raising his arms to protect himself. 'What if it's a ghost?!'

"Keh keh keh. Idiot."

Roji's eyes popped open, and he could barely make out the outline of Muhyo atop him.

"Hiya, Roji."

"Muhyo!" Roji was happy to see his partner after nearly twenty minutes into the game even though he was his enemy at the moment. He didn't realize right away how much danger he was in of losing any second. Muhyo could have a snowball next to him, ready to smash it on his face, making it the third time he had been hit. He would have to be a slave for whoever the winner was.

Muhyo had no intention of that at the moment. He was only interested in the glint in Roji's eyes. He knew the other boy was excited to see him. He had already been alive with excitement from the thrill of not knowing where enemies might be lurking in this game of cat and mouse. He could feel his assistant trembling in his grasp.

The young executor was feeling alive himself at the moment. He was a master at concealing himself and tracking the movements of others. He had been watching Roji every second of the game, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. Inwardly, he knew he owed Nana for getting Roji twice for him. There was no way anyone but Roji was losing, and there was no way anyone but Muhyo himself was winning this game.

After he made Roji lose, he would go track down the others. It was child's play.

Roji curled his hands around Muhyo's shoulders, grinning happily. "This is fun, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." Muhyo leaned down slightly. "Roji..."


"You don't realize how risky it is for you to be trapped under me like this, do you? I could hit you with a snowball at any time, and you'd be the slave of the day."

Roji froze. "Y–you wouldn't do that, would you, Muhyo?"

"No, I wouldn't," Muhyo lied, grinning wickedly. "Hee hee. I intend to do much more than that."

"Such as...?"

"This." Muhyo closed the final distance between them and captured Roji's bottom lip between his teeth, nipping playfully. He kissed the area that had been abused before fully covering Roji's motionless lips.

Roji was in heaven. Muhyo was so unpredictable at times. And when he was like this... The clerk pushed back with equal enthusiasm, threading his hands through Muhyo's hair, cradling his head affectionately.

Muhyo licked at Roji's lips, his confidence lowering. He didn't know how to do this kind of kissing. He just knew that he needed some type of variety in it now that he had Roji all to himself in the dark forest.

Roji knew Muhyo was hesitating because he was unsure of how to proceed. He was glad that Muhyo didn't know how to do this kind of kissing. He didn't want Muhyo to have been intimate with anyone else in the past. He wanted Muhyo all to himself. The blonde-haired boy wrapped an arm around Muhyo's waist, stroking his hip encouragingly.

Muhyo licked at Roji's lips delicately, his eyebrows twitching. His cheeks heated up when he felt Roji open his mouth slightly to allow him entrance. With uncertainty, he pushed his tongue between his assistant's lips, into his mouth, touching the other's.

Roji opened his mouth wider, stroking his tongue against Muhyo's, un-tucking the executor's white shirt underneath his cloak before sliding his hand up against warm, trembling skin.

They broke the kiss, panting heavily, and Roji continued to caress the flesh under his fingertips. "Muhyo..."

Muhyo buried his face in the blonde-haired boy's neck, nibbling gently on his skin. He was quickly forgetting the real reason he had followed Roji—to make him lose. His tongue dragged up the sensitive skin of Roji's neck, and he froze when he heard his assistant utter a breathy moan.

Muhyo shuddered, pressing his lips against Roji's neck in a kiss. This was going too far. He couldn't continue to tease him like this. Plus, Roji was the one on his back in the snow. It wasn't fair for him to have to become numb just because the executor wanted to make out with him.

He knew that Roji was already way off balance from the kiss they had shared, but he couldn't resist starting another one to keep him occupied while he formed a snowball with one hand.

Roji rolled them over so that he was on top. He straddled the shocked boy's waist, kissing him deeply. He slid his hands up Muhyo's shirt, caressing skin as he went.

Muhyo gasped as Roji touched sensitive flesh on his chest, and he took a shuddering breath, parting their lips. "R–Roji, I think we should stop..."

Roji furrowed his brow cutely. "But... I like this. I like it a lot."

"I know..." Muhyo ground out, "but it's going too far. We're... not old enough."

Roji pouted, smashing their lips together again, his tongue pressing against Muhyo's lips this time.

Muhyo groaned quietly, gripping Roji's hair.

Roji's hands left Muhyo's shirt, and he instead pinned both of the executor's wrists above his head with one hand.

The dark-haired boy allowed Roji's tongue to enter into his mouth, squeezing his eyes shut.

After exploring Muhyo's mouth, the clerk broke the kiss, and they panted heavily, staring into each other's eyes.

Roji's lips curled into a shy smile.

The next thing he knew was that he had received a faceful of snow, and his assistant was gone.

Yoichi had seen Roji enter the forest, and he had been about to pursue him when he had seen Muhyo's cloak disappearing behind a tree. He was clearly after Roji.

The judge grinned perversely. 'You'd better take advantage of having Roji where nobody can see you guys, Muhyo.'

He peered around the mound he was behind and grinned at the sight of Nana. She was very cold and very ready to finish the game.

There was no way he'd pass up this chance to have Nana as his slave of the day. Oh, the things he'd make her do... He rubbed his hands together with a smirk. 'To an extent, of course. I don't want to scare her away. We'll just have a little... fun.'

He knew that Muhyo added in the conditions for winning and losing because he wanted Roji as his slave. But... he smiled lovingly at Nana as she fixed her skirt. 'Sorry, Executor Muhyo. Judge Yoichi is going to have his precious Nana as his slave for today. You can force Roji to be yours any day. He's willing enough.'

He toyed with a snowball. 'Now... where to hit? Her chest? Bingo!' He reared his arm back and flung the snowball with precision at Nana's chest, making a direct hit.

She squealed, wiping the snow off of her chest hastily.

Yoichi sat back and enjoyed the show. 'I'll make the third hit in a minute...'

Roji collapsed behind a mound, panting heavily. He closed his eyes and placed a hand over his chest where his heart was beating wildly. 'How exhilarating!'

He knew Muhyo was after him, and it thrilled him greatly that such a high-level practitioner was searching wildly for him and him alone.

He was amazed that he was able to get away, but from looking back at the executor's face as he fled, he gathered that Muhyo was quite disoriented by how the tables had been turned against him. Plus, their make-out session had been overwhelming for the both of them.

He dared to look out from behind the mound and gasped quietly when he saw the swish of a dark cloak against the pure white snow. He turned and ran in the opposite direction, leaping behind the nearest mound.

Yoichi nearly jumped out of his skin when Roji landed behind him. Impulsively, he threw the snowball in his hand at the other boy, making a hit.

"Aww... That was the third time I have been hit." Roji pouted, rising to a kneel. "But at least I got Muhyo once..."

Yoichi disregarded the flush that overcame Roji's face and slapped his forehead. 'There goes my plan. If only I hadn't have hesitated in throwing the last snowball at Nana to watch her touch her own chest...'

Two snowballs came out of nowhere and splattered on Yoichi.

The judge was startled by the sudden onslaught, but he grinned at Roji to cover it up, disappearing around the mound.

A feminine shriek sounded in the distance, signaling that Nana was out.

Roji blinked confusedly, remaining on his knees.

Muhyo narrowed his eyes. He took a moment to observe Roji as he played with snow before jumping over a rock and hurrying across the area to another mound. He gripped a snowball tightly when he saw Yoichi standing in one place, talking quietly to Nana.


Muhyo climbed on top of the mound to make the finishing blow.

Suddenly, Nana and Yoichi turned in his direction, snowballs in hand. They tossed them at Muhyo, making contact.

Muhyo flailed his arms, falling backwards.

"You're out, Muhyo!"

Nana suddenly shrieked.

"You're out, Nana." Yoichi chuckled.

"HEY! You said we were going to work as a team just to get Muhyo! You didn't give me enough time to find a hiding spot!"

"Sorry, babe. I'm sneaky like that."


Muhyo fumed, lying on his back in the snow.

"Well, I guess I'm the winner. Where's my prize of the day?"

"Er... I lost, didn't I?" Roji laughed nervously, rubbing at the back of his neck while emerging from behind a mound.

"Come here, Roji!" Yoichi gestured with a finger, grinning nonetheless.

Roji tentatively walked towards him.

"Muhyo will get you back in the morning."

The executor rose to his feet and shuffled out from behind his hiding spot sourly.

"Muhyo actually lost?" Roji gaped.

"Nana and I double-teamed him." Yoichi laughed. "I was amazed that he thought he would win just like that."

"How smart!" Roji gazed at Yoichi in awe.

Muhyo heaved a snowball at Yoichi, hitting him in the center of his chest.

Yoichi arched an eyebrow. "The game's over, Muhyo."

"No, it wasn't. Nana's snowball didn't count."

"She wasn't out when we threw those snowballs!"

"Yes, she was. You had already hit her for the third time after hitting Roji. You think I didn't see that?" Muhyo's eye twitched, and he grinned largely. "Hee hee. I saw everything that went on."

Everyone was just a little disturbed by the look on Muhyo's face.

"Heh. You got me." Yoichi held up his hands in surrender.

"So I believe that this," Muhyo grasped a fistful of Roji's shirt, "is my prize."

Roji blushed, bowing his head shyly.

Yoichi whistled. "Just don't make him dress up in degrading, kinky costumes, Muhyo. He may be the slave of the day, but he's still got his dignity."

Muhyo smirked.

Roji whimpered at the thought.

"Well, this was fun and all, but I'm cold." He turned to Nana, bowing. "My lady, would you like me to escort you to the nearest place of hot chocolate?"

Nana giggled. "I guess so." She placed her hand in his outstretched one, waving back at the two practitioners as they walked away together.

Yoichi turned his head and gave Muhyo a sincerely happy smile.

Muhyo gave a lazy smile in response.

Once the two had left, Roji realized that he was shivering violently. "Maybe we s–should go back t–to the bureau."

Muhyo nodded, and they trekked through the snow to the street.

Roji ripped his soaking coat off of him, flinging it across one of their couches. He was dismayed to find that his shirt was wet as well. Without caring that Muhyo was staring at him, he unbuttoned his shirt, removed his tie, undid his suspenders, and tossed the articles of clothing over the couch with his coat. He stood in just his pants, shivering. "S–s–so cold!"

The executor drank in the sight of Roji's pale, slim torso.

Roji hesitated before removing his pants, standing in his boxers.

Muhyo removed his cloak, but his clothing underneath was completely dry. He kicked off his shoes, padding over to his assistant. "Stripping in front of me, Roji?"

"Well, I didn't want to catch pnuemonia from being in wet clothing."

The dark-haired boy climbed onto a couch, his legs dangling over the edge. "Roji, come here."

Roji walked over to Muhyo, resisting the urge to wrap his arms around himself to shield his bare skin from Muhyo's intense stare.

Muhyo gestured to the area in front of him. "Kneel."

The blonde-haired boy's eyes widened, but he did what Muhyo asked nonetheless. He was eye-level with Muhyo in this position.

"Kiss me."

Roji blushed bright red. "Y–yes, Muhyo." He leaned forward, between Muhyo's knees, and cupped the other's face with his hands, pushing his lips against small ones.

They stayed that way for several moments, kissing lightly.

Roji pulled back and shyly locked eyes with Muhyo. "Do you love me?"

He furrowed his brow, tapping his fingers against his knee. "That depends. What does love feel like?"

"Well, I think you feel it when you think about a certain person all the time. You are constantly trying to get their attention, and you'd rather be with them all day than do anything else... Plus, k–kissing them fills you with constant happiness..." Roji wrapped his arms around Muhyo's waist, resting his head on his chest. "That's what I've gathered from being in love with y–you."

Muhyo frowned, thinking this over. He was constantly thinking about Roji, and he enjoyed time when he could be alone with him. Kissing Roji was very addicting, and he felt things that he knew someone his age shouldn't be feeling during their make-out sessions. Was this love? It could be. Perhaps Roji could help him to realize it in the future.

For now...

"Yes, I love you, idiot."

Roji couldn't be happier at that moment.

"Hey! There you two are—" Nana and Yoichi, sitting together atop a stone wall, stopped short at seeing...

"YOU'RE HOLDING HANDS!" Nana and Yoichi shrieked, not believing their eyes.

Muhyo gave them a death glare, tugging Roji closer to him.

Roji blushed. "You're acting like it's a huge deal!"

"Well, I suppose we were all waiting for it to happen. Especially with how Roji always focused on you, Muhyo." Yoichi winked.

Nana nodded, looking somewhat ashamed for how she had acted with Roji in front of Muhyo. She wrapped her arms around Yoichi's.

Muhyo arched a questioning eyebrow. "What's this?"

"Nana and I talked a long time last night, and... she has decided to give us a chance," Yoichi said softly, kissing Nana's forehead gently.

"That's great!" Roji spoke up with a cheerful smile. "Muhyo slept with me last night!"

Yoichi and Nana whipped their heads towards Muhyo, eyes wide, jaws dropped open. "HE DID WHAT?!"

"MUHYO! I know I implied for you to have fun with your slave last night... but I didn't say anything about BEDDING him!"

Muhyo slapped his forehead, blushing. "Idiots!"

"I–I don't get it... Did I say something wrong?" Roji was truly confused as he glanced from person to person.

"If he's acting like that, there's no way they had—"

Nana slapped a hand over Yoichi's mouth, stuttering, "A–ah, let's n–not talk about t–that."

"You're right," Yoichi gushed, removing Nana's hand. "There's plenty of time for that later in the relationship!"

Roji climbed onto the stone wall, pulling Muhyo up onto his lap. He threaded his arms around his waist, resting his chin on Muhyo's head, which fit perfectly.

"Aww...!" Nana suppressed a squeal of how cute they looked and got into the same position on Yoichi's lap, sighing happily as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.

"Hee hee. I hope this means she'll spend more time with Yoichi than with bothering us," Muhyo commented.

"Hey! I'll still visit!" Nana protested. Quietly, she added, "I'll have my camera more often, that's for sure."

"I'll break that camera, you silly girl."

"You weren't supposed to hear that!"

"I think I might drop in more often to see how you two are getting along," Yoichi interrupted. "During times when you're not... sleeping together, of course."

"He didn't mean that, you idiot!" Muhyo smirked in Yoichi's direction. As an afterthought, Muhyo added in casually, "He did strip for me, though."


"Hee hee."

Roji groaned, burying his face in Muhyo's hair.