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Chapter 1

It's over!


No, never again. She thought to herself as she made her final decision. There will not be another heartache in my life. She finalized with determination.

Everything, you think you knew about me, is wrong. Everything you think you had with me is gone.

She won't be there for him to torture her anymore. She won't be the one to wait up until endless hours of the night while he's out in some strip club 'entertaining clients'. No, it's over.

Did he really think she was made of stone? I'm human I have my feelings. And these feelings will not allow you to cause further damage and pain!!

She warned him many times, that she'd had enough. That she needed him at home, with her. That their marriage was a two way street and it wasn't just her. Their marriage needed both of them. But she was sick of the dinner table empty of his absence while the servants gave her their sympathetic frowns. She needed no sympathy, especially from them.

Baby, we are done! She thought angrily as memories of last night flashed through her mind again.


She was curled up on the couch once again waiting for him and she dozed off. The rattling of his keys woke her and she looked over at the entertainment center. The red numbers said it was 1: 18 AM. She heard the fumbling of his keys and the giggling of a female. She felt her heart sink and clenched her fist in consternation.

She sat on the couch still, waiting for the door to open. It slammed against the wall with a loud thud. She couldn't believe that he had finally stooped to this level. It was bad enough he was out most nights and distanced himself from her, but to bring a 'whore' into their home?

Their slurring of inaudible words got louder as they stumbled inside. She rose from her seat and turned to face him. With barely controlled fury she bit back her tears. She said nothing as the woman questioned him who she was, while the strap of her dress slipped off her shoulder, revealing most of her breast. She didn't even have the modesty to pull the strap up as her arms wrap about Kagome's husband.

Kagome, tossed the small pillow back onto the couch and turned her heels to leave.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" He bellowed after her.

She paused, turned to face him again. His face red from the alcohol and she could smell the stench of it from across the room. She blinked once. Twice. Three times. Still she said nothing and turned her head around again and headed upstairs to her bedroom, ignoring his clamoring and tossing of the vases downstairs while the 'whore' screeched and giggled at his rage. She locked her bedroom door, turned on her music and went to sleep.

He'd finally helped her realized that she was wasting her time trying to make their marriage work.


She'd gathered all her belongs that she'll need for a while. She'll be back later for the rest of her things another time.

She opened the apartment door and the cold empty air hit her like a slap in the face. She looked around the void she now called home. A radically different sight from the usual opulence she was used to. She set her bags down and turned on the lights. She moved to find the thermostat to change the heat in the vacant space. She leaned on the wall and slid her way down until she wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her face in her thighs. Everything was over, except her crying. She knew she'd be crying for hours, perhaps even days. It would take that long before he knew she'd left him.

He was always like that. Oblivious of their surroundings. Oblivious to her. What had happened to them through the years she wondered. What happened to the attentive-always-there man she married? The man who used to love her, where did he go?

Now, all it ever mattered to him was work, 'whores' and a combination of both. And when she did interrupt him for some private time, it was worst than pulling teeth. She decided that the crying would have to continue later. Now, she needed to eat.

She stepped out into the soft evening air. She inhaled deeply trying not to let her depression ruin the rest of her evening. She decided to go to one of her favorite restaurants and ordered her favorite pesto linguini - which she rarely did when they were together because of his distaste for Italian food. She enjoyed her dinner thoroughly, although some company might have made it better she thought. Then again, when he did dine with her, it was just as silent with his one-word answers. She shrugged off the thought and paid her check, put on a new smile and thought to find something else to occupy her time rather than going home and crying her eyes red again.

So, she took a walk to clear her mind. Not knowing, she'd wander towards the street where they lived. She saw the lights through their bedroom window and she knew for sure he was home. It was close to midnight after all, on a Monday evening. He did not have meetings that late. She willed herself to keep on walking by. She will not come back running into his arms like she always did. If she could, of course she'd changed their history, because she knew she'd never be able to forget him. She'll never stop loving him either. He had her heart in the palm of his hand. And all he'd done with it was stomped on it then toss it against the wall and watched as her blood splattered everywhere from the pain of it all.

Kagome walked past the house they shared together and on her way back to the apartment she heard music coming from a jazz club. She'd read about it before, she'd wanted to go see it, but had never been able to convince him to. She went in this time, by herself.

She seated herself, seeing there was no hostess present. A waitress came by and took her order. She asked for a lemon drop. She watched as the band began to play a soft jazz tune and the singer began her lyrics to the song. She sipped on her drink slowly watching the band play, and the singer was quite good. Her nerves settled and she didn't think about him, unconsciously tapping her feet to the rhythm of the music and smiling to herself. She enjoyed her new atmosphere and even got up to tip the band for the wonderful performance.

The waitress came by with another lemon drop. She raised her eyebrow to question the girl because she did not order another drink. The waitress told her that it was from a gentleman sitting at the bar. She looked over to see the man sitting there by himself. Gifted and trained with miko powers she knew he was Youkai, a strong one. She stared at him for a moment, hypnotized. His sensual lips curved, and a lock of his silver hair fell onto his broad forehead, giving him a boyish look. His face was firm and she merely nodded his way, captivated by his face. Her husband was extraordinary handsome and typically dazzling with his own charms but was so often flawed in his actions, and with the man, she thought to have seen only perfection. Warmth invaded the space between her legs, and she shifted uncomfortably on the chair. Lifting her gaze back to his face, she found him staring at her. Their eyes met and locked.

The distance between them narrowed and she became lost in those golden, amber eyes of his. Swallowing hard, her mouth suddenly dry, she reached for the drink from the waitress's tray. Adrenaline pumped as she rose from her seat and walked over to thank him for the drink.

She stood in front of him and feeling mischievous she gave him a sinful half smile, before rounding her lips to say 'Thank you.' And then added, "You really shouldn't have.."

"You seem like you enjoyed it." He said. His voice was deep and rich and flowed over her skin in a warm caress. He wore black slacks and button down shirt that unbuttoned at the top, revealing his smooth soft skin. She wondered how soft and silky they'd feel against her tongue and naked body. She shook the thoughts away and gave him a smile, she was having trouble forming words.

Her delicious scent wafted up, something that reminded him of a delicious dessert he'd had at one of the finest restaurants in Paris. His shaft hardened in an immediate response. He sat completely still, not wanting to give away his obvious attraction and betray himself.

Her dark, fathomless eyes held him captive for the longest moments to come. He couldn't move or utter another word at her. Her cherry lips curved into another slight smile, and he cursed silently at his uncompromising body.

"It was very thoughtful of you." She said finally. His gaze dropped to her luscious mouth as she spoke, and a current of electricity shot through his body. He opened his mouth to speak and it took him several seconds while she stared at him waiting for the words to come out.

"Not at all." He finally managed.

"Cheers!" She said, clinking her martini glass with his scotch and she chugged the drink down with one long swig. He stared at her in awe. When she was done, she murmured 'thank you' again and said 'good night' as she walked off, her slender hips swaying with every step, the skirt of her dress fluttering back and forth as she disappeared out the door.

She smiled as she walked home from the bar. She noticed that his trouser got a little tight around the crotch. The image of him burned in her memory. His long silver hair, worn decadently long. Golden eyes, straight nose, angular jaw. Broad shoulders. The stranger she had stirred something in her that hadn't been tapped for years. Since she first met and married her husband. She wanted to invite him home and feel him between her legs, his naked body pressed against her. But there was a place and time for everything and now was not the time. She was going to get her divorce first. She wasn't going to fall into the trap of lust and take home different guys during the nights of the week when she was lonely. No, she won't stoop to that level. She had too much respect for herself. But his golden eyes blazing with heat sent chills down her spine and she felt herself moisten between her legs.


Sesshoumaru sat in his study and groaned. Reminiscing of her exotic fragrance, her soft curves, and shapely legs. She was intoxicating in every sense and he couldn't help thinking about her. Who is she? He wondered. InuYokai or not, he couldn't control his reaction to such exquisite beauty. He drew in a sharp breath and attempted to forget about her. It was a one-time meeting by chance. He wasn't going to ever see her again so why dwell on the impossible?

But the memory of her scent lingered. And he had to relive himself from his aching balls.


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