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Chapter 8

Stay the night.

Kagome didn't drive home after leaving Koga's place. Instead she opted to drive toward the sea, where the waves had always been her source of comfort. She stood first over the railing of the beach watching the waves crushing against the rocks, the repetition of the sounds and the calming scent of salty water, filled her loneliness. And as she stared at the repeated crash, the waves danced for her and something in her heart moved. She left the railing and walked down the path toward the ocean, to be closer to her 'friend'.

And like that, the sounds of the ocean's tide washing in and out drowned the sounds of her aching heart. She laughed sarcastically at herself. How did I end up here again? Was it just in her fate to continually pick the wrong men? Why couldn't she find the right person? Was it really that hard? What did she ever do to deserve this???

She wandered out toward the sea and felt the coolness of the ocean water bathed over her. Kagome drew in a long breath of the salty air. She sat down, not caring about her clothes getting wet. She just wanted to feel the water on her body. She felt the icy coldness of the sand and tilted her head up to catch the full moon gleaming down at her. It was beautiful, it was bright. It seemed to be smiling, mocking her for being stupid once again.

She laid herself down on the ocean bed and the salt water flowed in and out lapping at her body greedily. The skirt of her dress danced with a sinuous motion along with her hair to a sad rhythm. She thought if she willed herself long enough, the pain will eventually fade.

Kagome closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the surf as it moved past her, soaking her entire body from behind. She felt the breeze brushing her face like little fingers. In the peaceful darkness by the seaside, it was just her and the immense ocean. Mimicking the vast loneliness in her heart. She opened her eyes when she felt a trickle of water on her face. The clouds had somehow feathered its way over the moon and was raining on her. She closed her eyes once again and inhaled deeply when the water began to pour down hard.

Yes, harder! Cry for me. Cry for all the loneliness I continue feel. She beckoned the rain. The water began to soak through her body fully, making her breast perk up and her nipples stiffen from the cold. But she laid there and let it bathe over her in a lonely embrace.

The waters of the waves rushing so loudly past her ears, combined with the splattering of the rain on the wet ocean floor, drowned out the footsteps approaching her.

"Get up." His voice commanded, caressing over her chilled body. Kagome opened her eyes to see amber-colored eyes staring at her. She smiled but did not move. He gave her a frustrated sigh and she noticed his silver hair matted down by the force of the rain. She had to blink continuously in order to see him. It was bleary sight, like a vision in a dream or a fantasy. She brushed him off like he was just a figment of her imagination, yearning for him. For his presence, for his touch.

She heard him growl and chuckled. Was she delirious? Probably. Her heart ached. She wanted to tell him, she wanted him. Needed him, but she didn't want to be foolish.

"Foolish gal." she scolded herself softly.

Only when she felt her body being lifted up, did she realize that he wasn't a dream. He was real. And he was carrying her somewhere. She didn't know, nor did she care. The rain splattering down on him, soaking through his clothes, outlining the curves of his biceps, and chest, made her body febrile.

"Sesshoumaru.." she whispered meekly and leaned her head into his chest. She closed her eyes and listened to the drumming of his heartbeat, making a perfect rhythm with the splattering rain. Singing a flawless tune.

His body was hot and it warmed her from the coldness of being soaked through and through. A familiar scent made her open her eyes as he set her down on her feet. She opened her eyes and realized that she was in front of her house, the scent of her jasmine garden welcoming her home. She slumped against her door and stared at her mat.

She didn't say anything, but wondered how he knew where she was. And what was he doing at the beach?

"Get a hot shower and change, or you'll catch cold." He instructed. Like a child, she nodded her head slowly. Almost pouting. He turned his heels to leave. It's now or never...she thought and it didn't matter if he'd leave her tomorrow. She didn't worry if he would still want her tomorrow, she needed to know that he wanted her now. She refused to live another day without feeling him, if only this once. For the miko had secretly fallen in love with the Dai.

"Sesshouamru…" she called to him. Her head still down, she read the word "welcome' upside down staring at his feet.

He stopped and turned, Kagome lifted her head, her lids rolled and she gazed into his golden eyes. She extended a hand to him, "Stay the night…with me..," she pleaded. Sesshoumaru felt the blood in his body rushed and every vein in his being pulsated. He moved his gaze from her eyes down to her extend palm, shivering from the cold. But it shook more for the angst and hot rushing of emotions running through her meek little form. He had intended to stay with her all along, but hearing the request coming from her made his whole body vibrate with need. He took her hand and yanked her forward into his embrace. The rain falling hard on them, but the heat from their body melted away, steaming their soul.

Sliding his hand on the small of her back, he gave her door knob a hard grunt and it opened. They entered her house and she led him into the bathroom. Her heart rate had tripled and her chest heaving furiously at the sight of him. His eyes scanned over her body, she felt the heat wherever it went. And when he rested his eyes on her breast, she felt her nipples harden for him and a pool of wetness gathered between her legs, tingles raced down her spine, and unconsciously she moved closer to him.

Like a moth drawn to a bright flame, Kagome tip-toed closer and their lips met with a fusion of warmth. She felt his lips soft and yielding. Her tongue flicked delicately over his closed mouth sending a shiver through his body. One of his hands pressed against her lower back while the other burrowed beneath the abundant softness of her wet hair and cupped her neck. He latched onto her lower lips and sucked the fullness of it into his mouth. Releasing the bottom he moved to her upper lip before he plunged his tongue deep and hard into her hot waiting mouth. Kagome opened her mouth eagerly, welcoming his persuasive invasion, and a frenzied, heated dance occurred between their lips. She moaned softly when Sesshoumaru began trailing kisses down the gentle column of her throat and stepped further into his warm embrace. Her weight was so light and her neck so delicate in his hand, he pressed her deeper into him while he moved up and savaged her mouth again.

Her hands fumbled its way down his waist and cupped his ass. He lifted her onto the sink and continued his assault on her mouth, and then her hand had trailed its way to the front of him and she soothed his balls before moving to grab his hard erection from outside his trouser. The intensity of the day's events, the ferocity of the wedding, and then finding the female in Koga's home, as well as the wanted fantasy of him, had left an open avenue for the feelings and emotions rocketing through her body. The need, the want, the desire to release her tensions and making her love for him known, had her grabbing at Sesshoumaru's shoulders, arms, shirt, any part of him she could get a hold of.

Kagome leaned her head back to expose her throat, the movement thrusting out her chest. He bent down and took her nipple in his mouth right through the wetness of the fabric of her dress. As he sucked on it, his finger found her wet pussy and ripping her panties apart, he started to probe at her. Massaging her creamy arousal into her own skin. Kagome groaned, her breath quickened and she arched her back toward him, shoving her breast further into his mouth. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her hips toward his fingers to get them deeper into her canal. Her responding to him so readily made his cock throbbed in harsh pain and the trouser was making it uncomfortable.

"Ughnn.." he groaned from the throbbing of his arousal, the ache of wanting to be deep inside of her. He let her breast loose from his mouth and moved to her neck where she willing threw her head back while she slid her hand behind his neck to pull him closer, running her fingers through his silver locks. His one hand still embedded in her tightness, his other moved to rip off his pants and freed his cock. Her hands followed suit and tore off his shirts, buttons hitting the walls making sounds as they met the barrier.

He grabbed her by both thighs and pulled her forward. As their eyes met for a brief second, and her anticipation of being filled by him rose to unparalleled degrees. The moment of reckoning had finally arrived for both of them. He'd never been so excited in his entire life. Sesshoumaru moaned when Kagome pulled his thick cock into her hand. She rubbed and caressed the hard length of him, holding his eyes captive with hers. He shuddered and pushed against her. She guided him toward her wet opening and he speared right into her tight walls. Kagome screamed at the invasion. He filled her so quickly, so fully, she felt a slight tingly of pain.

"Aaahhhh…" she screamed out, wrapping tightly around him. It had been so long for her and his girth so much bigger than anyone she'd ever been with, made it feel like she was loosing her virginity for the first time again. The dewy wetness of her cunt cushioned his thrusts, but he was large and thick. It was an intrusive assault, and she bit down on her lips breathed deeply to relax the muscles in her pelvis.

Sesshoumaru tried to be gentle, he knew the sounds issuing from her lips were a mixture of pain and pleasure, but the intense spasms of her cunt urged his wicked thrust harder and harder. He couldn't control himself, he had wanted her for so long, wanted her so badly and so he kept pounding inside her with a vengeance, over and over, again and again. His claws found the wet fabric clinging on her body and shred them to pieces, never minding the fact that the dress had cost more than three thousand dollars. He latched his two fleshy parts around hers and their tongue fought for dominance.

Their mutual moans reached a crescendo with him thrusting, growling at the shear pleasure as they both surrendered to the deprived lust and desires building over the months. He kept attacking her pussy with his rough strokes with a year's worth of pent up yearning and fantasies, while he fed on her lips, sucking greedily on her tongue. Her pleasurable moans egged him on and his thumb found her clit, to alleviate her pain. He began to gently rub her little nub, barely touching it, sending her over the edge while he fucked her hard.

"Oh Kami, oh kami," she cried over and over again as her orgasm neared and then without hesitation, he pressed hard onto her clit, and thrust forward spearing himself deep within her and she exploded. Her vagina clenched as she creamed all over his hard cock. The scent of her orgasm made him mad and he couldn't contain himself. They were being reckless, but in the mist of such lust and passion, neither one were within their senses. All that mattered was the sheer pleasure of skin on skin, penetrating deep inside as their passion swept over them like the waves in the ocean earlier. He grunted as he came hard deep inside of her and she wrapped her legs behind his back, not letting him pull out.

"Kagome…" he called as he spurted his seeds deep inside.

"Mmmmm…" was all she could get out, her mind fogging with desires. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and rested her head on his shoulder breathing heavily long after they both climaxed. The only sound heard was the beating of their hearts and the deep inhale and exhaling from each other.

Minutes later, Sesshoumaru pulled himself out of her and turned toward the tub. He turned the dial and waited for the water to warm. She watched him from behind. He's beautiful, she thought to herself, watching his damped hair draped over his long back, his body stoned seeming like it was made of pure muscles. Each movement from him was with grace and ease. She couldn't help but smile.

Sesshoumaru turned and their eyes locked. No words were exchange as he moved toward her and lifted her up, placing her inside the tub. He joined her and pulled the curtains over. He watched as the water descended over her beautiful body, just like it had in the rain. She looked amazing to him. She was silent as she watched him grab the shampoo and lathered her locks with it. Closing her eyes, she let the pressure of his claws massage her scalp, then he lifted her chin so her head tilted back as the suds washed off her hair. He came in close from behind her and trailed kisses along her shoulders from one end to the next. His hands wrapped around the front and pulled her close. She could feel his erection probing her from behind, and she turned to face him.

"Mmmm…" Kagome moaned, letting the warmth of his lips and tongue trail over her body from the tip of her collar bone, down between her bosoms where he pressed them together with his hands and gave each nipple perfect tender attention. Her hands slid through his hair, guiding his head along her body. She stroked his hair softly under flowing water as he laid kisses along her surgery line. Tears pierced her at such a tender and loving gesture. She had not expect that from him.

He made his way upwards and sealed their lips together. "I will never let anything, anyone harm you Kagome." he whispered in one ear.

"It was my weak heart." She answered.

"Your heart is not weak Kagome, nor is your spirit." Sesshoumaru licked along the line until he trailed down her abdomen and laid soft kisses on her thigh. He moved from one thigh to the next but not touching her center spot.

"Dear, Kami..." She rasped.

The water running down her body seemed to centered on that spot, making the cream from the inside drip like droplets of rain.

"Uhhhh" she inhaled sharply when he picked her up by the ass and buried his face in between her legs, her back pressed against the cool tiles. She grabbed hold onto the unused soap dish for support while his tongue worked its way up and down her crevice, circling around her clit.

"Ohhhhh Sesshoumaru…." She panted as he slid his tongue hotly inside of her and she wanted to melt onto him. Her heartbeat quickened and wanted to explode. He pulled his face from between her legs and she gasped.

"I won't let you fall." He reassured her and before she could respond he buried his face deep within her again. She pressed her palm on his head while he lapped at her juices. She tasted like honey-coated ambrosia. He couldn't get enough of her. The scent of her so near his nose, make his cock twitched and ached again. With one swift hard lick he moved quickly from her opening right up to her clit where he pressed his lips hard onto it and she blew. Her orgasm ripping through her as her creamy juices poured over his face. He greedily lapped up her sweetness in such a frenzied like a thirsty man in the desert finding a waterfall. He thought he wanted to suck her dry. And then he let her limp body slid down the tile as he impaled.

Her cries of passion sang in his ears, her moans of pleasure danced across his skin. He set up a hard, steady drive that quickly had the familiar tension coiling in her groin. Her breast bounced with each of his thrusts. Sesshoumaru slid his hand under her ass and spread her cheeks so that he could be deeper inside of her. After a few hard thrust, he adjusted his grip and pressed her back against the tile while her hip was angled out, then he pounded into her, slamming all the way to the end of her cunt with each prick. She felt his balls slapping against her flesh and she cried out in the pain filled pleasure he was giving her. You're going to bear my pups Kagome, he said in his mind then stilled, spearing her a few more times as his semen once again blasted into her depths, pushing her hips against the tile, pressing her hard against it while he mashed his lips hard onto hers, his tongue devouring hers in flurry of passion. She could feel the endless spurts of thick, milky liquid coating and oozing from her pussy. They breathed heavily, holding tightly to each other, then they showered and he dried her tenderly as they stood in her bathroom. He held her robe for her as she slid her hands through them and he tied the string at the waist for her.

Wrapping himself in one of her towels around his waist he pulled her into him and kissed her again. She never in her dreams expected anything like this. He was tender, sweet, passionate and so damn hot!

She was more than pleasantly surprised. She hadn't expected this. She hadn't expected him to be tender and loving toward her, affirming her that he felt the same way she did. After a long while of nuzzling within his embrace, she looked up at catch his eyes glimmering under the artificial lighting.

"Can I get you anything?" She asked tilting her chin to meet his gaze.

His amber-colored eyes danced in amusement as his chest rumbled a soft chuckle, and his fingers grabbed a handful of her ass.

"Something to eat or drink, I mean." She gave him a playful smirk.

"Oh, well, in that case, what do you have?" he asked his eyes twinkling with satisfaction, letting go of her ass.

"I don't know. Let's go see." She turned and headed toward the kitchen, her heart fluttering at the situation. It felt weird but so right at the same time. Like they've always been like this; so natural so comfortable with each other. He followed, his footsteps so soft she could hardly tell he was behind her until she turned her head back and bumped right into his bare chest.

"Oh." She exhaled softly. He grinned, flattered that she was so easily aroused by him.

"Um..let's see, I could make us some eggs and stirred fried mushrooms. There's not much in here…" She said as he stood behind her watching her curves and remembering her ass behind the robe she was in.

"That'll do.." he answered.

The evening was probably the most romantic she'd ever had in her entire life. The music played softly over her speaker from the living room, her favorite, 'Siesta del Sol' by In Credo. The sounds of the waves in the music reflecting the night earlier while she was lying on the beach. He came behind her as she was slicing the mushrooms and his hands cover over hers while he nuzzled her neck, his fang brushing slightly against her shoulder. Her growled and purred in her ear making it difficult to concentrate on cutting the vegetable.

"Careful," he said, pulling her hand up just as she was about to slice into her own finger.

"Mmm…stop distracting me before you have Kagome à la carte " She teased.

"Hmmmm…sounds delicious." He answered and nibbled her ear.

She giggled and they worked their way cutting the veggies together, his hands overlapping hers while she held onto the knife. Then he helped her crack the eggs as she whipped them, adding a pinch of milk and seasoning to the mix.

Soon the smell of butter filled the room. Sesshoumaru stood, leaning onto the island counter, his fangs digging into an apple as he watched Kagome tossed the eggs onto the pan, adding a few green onions. Her fingers moved like magic, pinching and tossing in tads of salt, some interesting seasoning then sprinkled the mushroom over like a professional chef. Next thing he knew he was staring at a beautiful mushroom, spinach omelet, with a tad of cheese and even a leaf of cilantro on the side for decoration and a slice or orange for dessert.

He was speechless and amazed by how fast she had whipped up the meal. He raised one brow in a questioning manner.

"I was sous chef for La Suite for a few years." She seemed to guess his curious nature. He nodded and she carried both plates toward the dining table and set them down. Sesshoumaru followed and lifted her onto the table next to his place. She let out a soft chuckle, happiness spewing out of her body as the pink miko glow began to shine around her.

"Mmm…smells wonderful." He commented.

"Then have some." She insisted as she licked her finger and with a pop she released her finger from her mouth, teasing him. He glanced quickly at her finger.

"Feed me." He said.

"Spoiled." She answered and without leaving his eyes, she used the fork and began to cut a piece of her omelet and raised it to his lips. He parted them for her and she fed him her dish.

He chewed and then his face grimaced. Her eyes shot wide open, her glow faded and her heart began to thump wildly. "What happened? Did I put too much salt?" She asked, watching his expression changed horribly as he forcefully swallowed the omelet. He shook his head. Damn-it, demons are so hard to cook for! She remembered Naraku never liked her cooking much either.

"What…what's wrong with it? Oh my Kami, here er…" she darted her head back and forth trying to find something for him to wash it down with. She couldn't find anything and when she turned her face to look at him, he was wearing a devious look on his face. She slapped his shoulder playfully. "Jerk!" she cried, and without knowing she pouted while her eyes narrowed at him.

His thumb went over her pouty lip and his claw traced the outline of it. He leaned in and licked her just there and it sent her body burning. She forked another piece and shoved it into his mouth as he was about to kiss her. "Here have another." She said. His eyes wide with shock and then narrowed mischievously. He pulled her in by the neck and kissed her anyway, omelet and all. She pushed him away in a protest, but to no avail. He was much much stronger than she. So she caved in, and returned his kiss. He finally let her lips free and she sighed in exaltation.

"Hmm…I can get used to eating omelets this way." He commented.

"Hmmph. You wish." She said playfully as she fed herself a forkful.

"Done feeding me already?" His lips curved into a sexy smile and she couldn't help but bit her lip at the sight.

"You're a big boy, you can feed yourself."

"Ah..but what's the fun in that?" She gave him another playful glare as she picked up the omelet whole and fed it to him like that, with her chewing on the other end until their lips met again. He picked up her hand and began to lick the remnants of the omelets on it.

"Delicious." He commented and pulled on her ass and she slid closer to him, wrapping her legs around him again. His fingers danced on her inner thigh, and she felt her vagina clenching at his touch.

Sesshoumaru rested his palm on the small of her back and slid his other her head. Fisting a handful of her hair, he yanked her softly but suddenly and she let out a gasp as the surprise. He used the opportunity to seal his mouth onto hers and slid his tongue inside. Adjusting the angle of her head by her hair, he drove his tongue deeper inside. Pulling it out, he traced the outline of her lips with his tongue, flicking and licking at the corner of her mouth, a motion so unfamiliar it sent a chill down her spine and she shivered. Then just as quickly as he'd soften the kiss he deepened it again, devouring her mouth with a hunger that drove her so close to the precipice. Her body screamed to be touched by him. She groaned at the sensation. Sesshoumaru growled with satisfaction while he traced his hand down her back and around her ass.

By the time he was done kissing her, and pulled away, she was breathless. Her lungs heaving frantically for air, and she blearily stared at his face. He grinned at her with a dominant satisfaction. Then, he gathered her into his arms and carried her toward the bedroom.

After he'd laid her down on her bed, he stretched next to her and his claws slowly began to untie her sash. His fingers roaming over her body by just the tip of his claw and the goosebumps rose everywhere he'd been. She watched as his eyes ogled her body. She reached up and traced her arms around the contours of his arms. How tight and hard they felt made her wetter in between.

He fluttered kisses from the tip of her head, down her cheeks, past her chin. Then he licked his way down her throat, stopping at the point where her pulse was thumping through her skin. He dragged his fangs down her shoulders and moved his lips around her breast. He encircled her perky sensitive buds with the tip of his tongue before sucking it between his hot lips, making her vagina twinged at the sensation.

He kept on teasing her nipple with his fangs and tongue until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Please Sesshoumaru…." She begged, the pool of wetness heating up between her thighs. He moved her hand and placed it on her hot pussy. "No, no no…" she shook her head back and forth. She was embarrassed.

"Shh…get it ready for me." He commanded as he nibbled softly on her ear while he tweaked her nipple with his fingers.

"Uhhhh…" She moaned. Still frantic of what she should do.

"Do it.." he coaxed and began another assault on her nipples and breast. Absentmindedly, she nodded and began to circle her hard aroused clit.

"Oh, Kami," she exhaled as the moisture continued to flow from within her. The combination of her self-pleasuring and his hot lips all over her body, his fangs dragging, his claws drawing along her skin, fired her blood to boiling. Her orgasm was fiercely building inside of her, but his current action wasn't helping her relieve it. For some reason she couldn't bring herself to her peak as her fingers expertly worked her wet cunt.

He withdrew her hand and she anticipated him to replace it with his own, his lips or better yet his hard rock cock that had been probing the side of her thigh for the longest time. But he didn't. Instead, he dove on her face and captured her mouth with his in a savage kiss that took her breath away and made her yearn for him even more.

She began to dig her nails into his back, clawing her way back into some sense for he was knocking her senseless with his stalling. She yanked her head away from his kiss as she felt the head of his hard cock probing at her entrance but refused to enter.

"For Kami's sake Sesshoumaru! Fuck me now damn-it!" She screamed at him. But instead of obeying her, he started to rub himself against her clit as she gasped at the effect, he trapped her mouth again in a wild, relentless torture of passion.

He pinned both her hands above her head and lifted her right leg up at an angle, still jerking his hips slowly, riding between her lips, dragging himself slowly back and forth on her clit.

"For the love of KAMI!!!" She screamed harder.

His lips curled into another smile of dominant and approval before he jerked forward and pierced straight to her core. He dragged his long length out slowly and jabbed right into her again, pushing her forward on the bed. He twisted his hips, then thrust, plunging in and out of her, slamming the back of her wall. Pressing against her cervix. Her lips curled and she began to babble inaudibly, her mind daze, she was practically incoherent when he lifted her ass with his one hand, pinned both her wrists with the other, and thrusts deep into her all the while sucking and biting her nipples with his fangs.

She curled her hips towards his, meeting his thrust, lost in the pleasure that was bursting through every pore in her body. She couldn't stop moaning, groaning, panting, screaming, begging him to continue as the power of his cock pricking in and out of her. He licked down the length of her left shoulder then sucked hard along her neck stopping at the spot where her pulse was throbbing right where her neck and shoulder met. He held her flesh between his fangs she felt it began to prick.

"NO!" She screamed. Her internal alarms blaring at full blast. "No, don't do that, you don't want to do that…" she shook her head in a frenzy.

"Why not?' He asked.

Their bodies still intertwined at the hips, "Be…because…I don't know…You….you don't want to mate me Sesshoumaru. I'm human. You're…. you're a full Yokai. A DaiYokai. I…." She tensed as she tried to remain absolutely still.

"Kagome," he tilted her chin so she would meet his gaze.

"You…don't want to Sesshoumaru. Trust me. You'll regret it. You don't want a hanyou as…" Kagome turned her face to hide her eyes.

"Too late…" he said as he moved his lips to brush over her neck, sending shivers through her whole body from both fear and desires.

"What?!?" She jolted up, smacking her head into his face.

"Ow." He said, a shiver shook his head, just like a dog she thought. He ignored his swelling welt as he leaned in so their noses touched. "Kagome, be mine…" he cooed.

"Sessshhhh….I…." She swallowed hard. "what do you mean, too late?" Her eyes wide with a certain apprehension and fear. Really? He's giving a child? She could die from excitement and exaltation right now.

'Mmmm….You've pupped." He answered.

"But….we've just…."

"Hmmm…in your words, I'm a DaiYokai and you are human." And then he picked up his strokes again and the heat of desires flared through her body. "Besides, I could bite you until kingdom come, and unless you wanted to be my mate, it wouldn't matter." he advised while stroking himself in and out of her. She tried to grasp her brain around what he had just said, but the feeling of him running through her pussy, filling her so fully made it so hard to concentrate. Sesshoumaru leaned in and kissed her. She returned his kiss and shortly after, he pulled away and trailed his tongue along her jaw to her ear. "Kagome," he called.

"Mmmm...." she moaned in response.

"Take the vow with this Sesshoumaru. Be mine." he grunted as he speared straight through her cervix.

She knew a Dai's bond was much harder to break if something were to happen later on. And while his body rocked between her walls, she knew there was no doubt, no question, he was whom she belonged to. "Oh Kami, Sesshoumaru. Yes! Bite me, mark me, make me yours." She answered without hesitation.

"With pleasure." He assaulted her mouth with his, sending her into the realms of heaven, her arousal peaked and sent her into a frenzied drive that had both of them slamming their hips together as they sought the ultimate pleasure of release.

"I vow to be yours and only, my Kagome. There will be no other." The sounds of naked flesh meeting each other, the smell of sex and arousal permeated both their senses. "Mine to cherish." He slammed into her as his lips kissed her forehead. She cried out in bliss.

"Yours..." She moaned.

"Mine to protect." He thrust hard into her, this time his lips kissed her left cheek.

"Yours..." Kagome braced her arms around his shoulders for support.

"Mine to keep." He speared deep into her core his lips kissed her right cheek.

"Yours..." She gathered her legs around his waist, her moans of ecstasy reaching new heights.

"Mine to love." Sesshoumaru drove all the way home, burying himself deep within her walls.

"Yours." She cried, salty water lined her eyes. His fangs protruded long as he gathered her flesh between his fangs again and bit her. His teeth bore down on her tender flesh, the scent of her blood tinged the air, then he sucked. She bucked as she came, sobbing his name as her body shattered, lights flashing inside of her head as she bucked and jerked, beneath him, her vagina clenched and enfold around his cock. They pounded against each other, her fingernails digging into his muscles in his back as her entire body coiled with pleasure. His cock thickened, dragging her cream from her pussy and when he pulsated, she screamed his name again. He spewed his seed again in her depths and howled.

"Sesshoumaru.." She panted his name, grabbing onto his shoulders to steady the tremors running through her body.

"Mate." His voice in a hoarse whisper as he stiffened and shot the last of his load into her warm heaven. Then he dropped on top her her, his breath sawing his lungs, his heart beating wildly against her chest. She let her legs loose as her body felt boneless. She had to lace her fingers together to keep her arms wrapped around him.

"I love you…." She said.

"This Sesshoumaru had wanted to hear that from you for some time..." He rolled his newly mated woman over and cradled her in his arms, letting sleep welcome them. For the first time in months, Sesshoumaru slept peacefully and happily while his woman dreamed of little hanyou pups giggling about.........~Fin...


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