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Summary: Yugi just getting his boat licence took his grandfather's boat out on the lake but ran into trouble at one of the islands. He was save by two mermen that lived in the lake. What will happen when one of the mermen's father, the King of the merpeople find out? Will Yugi lose his memory or will he keep it? And what happens if someone found out about them and Yugi's parents come for him?

Pairings: Monarchshippping, Mobiumshipping, Tendershipping, Bakushipping and maybe others.

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Chapter 1

A young 16yr old Yugi Motou had come home happy from town with his grandfather. You see Yugi and his grandfather lived a long way from the city in a little town that was situated next to a huge lake. Though Yugi and his grandfather lived a little distance from the small town, it just was more secluded. The lake was very large and had many lovely secluded places in it and a couple of islands one of which only Yugi and his grandfather knew of. The tow did use the lake but no one really explored it that much so they didn't know many of the lovely places that Yugi and his grandfather knew about.

Now Yugi had been home schooled all his life. One because his grandfather couldn't afford the price the school charged and two; when Yugi was at day care on his first day he'd been teased and hurt so when the next day came Yugi wouldn't let go off his grandfather. After that he never went again. The reason he was teased was because he was smaller compared to the other kids. He was also very pale and his hair was very odd. It was a 5 pointed star and the base colour was black, along the top edge it was amethyst and there was three gold lightening bangs framing his face on each side.

When Yugi had come home with his grandfather the day he refused to leave to go into the day care centre his grandfather asked him what was wrong.


"Yugi why don't you want to go?" Solomon, Yugi's grandfather asked the young boy as he sat him on his knee at the kitchen chair.

"No one likes me. They call me names and hurt me."

"What did they say?"

"They said I was a freak. That my hair made me a freak and that I was short. They said I was odd."

"You are no freak. As for your hair it makes you special and unique. Don't listen to them and if you want you can go to school when you want to go. I'll teach you in the meantime."

"Yay!" Yugi cried out and hugged him.

His grandfather just laughed.

~∞Ω∞~End of Flashback~∞Ω∞~

Since then Solomon taught his grandson. Yugi was a quick learner and very eager. At twelve years Yugi had completed Year 8 school work and by 16 he'd completed senior year school work. And during that time he and his grandfather explored, fished and had fun at the lake.

Now back to the story. Yugi was sitting happily in the front of his grandfather's car. In his lap sat his boat licence that he'd just completed. He'd wanted his licence for the last year and now he finally had it. Solomon pulled up in the drive way of their house.

The house was a cross between a hunter's cabin and a cottage. The house was made out of the wood that surrounded from the forest. They were pine trees for miles in nearly all directions expect out on the lake. You see the house was made close to the lake for the view.

Early mornings when the sun would rise Yugi would grab his sketch book and pencils and would sketch and sometimes he would paint or use charcoal. Solomon would later frame them and one time he framed one in the shop he ran and someone asked to buy it. Solomon was shocked and asked from them to come back tomorrow so that he could ask the artist to see if it was alright to sell.

The next day he came back and Solomon had Yugi there. The person didn't believe so Yugi grabbed some paper, board and pencil and rubber and told the person to come with him. He went to the lake that the town was in front of and drew. After he finished he realised he had a crowd. After his painting and sketches were framed and hung in his grandfathers store people paid a hundred to three hundred dollars for them. Yugi was then able to buy the materials for his drawings and paintings. He was 14 when his first one was sold.

Yugi jumped out of the car and ran inside. He raced to his room. He quickly got changed into some fishing clothes and he grabbed his sketch book, pencils, rubber and sharpener and put them in his sketch bag. He left and placed it at the back door and went and grabbed his rod, tackle and bait. He ran to the dock where the boat sat. Yugi met his grandfather on the dock as he hurried to the boat. Yugi placed his things in.

"Now Yugi you be careful. We only have one boat."

"I will Ji-chan. I'll be careful. I can maybe bring something home for dinner and I can get some more sketches and drawing for the shop."

"Alright just be careful. Here. I'm going to the shop."

Solomon tossed the keys to Yugi who caught them happily. Yugi waved goodbye before turning to the boat. He untied the boat from the dock and pushed off. Yugi drove around to an island that everyone knew of, but what he didn't know was he was being followed.

Once Yugi arrived he parked the boat and grabbed an anchor and threw it onto the ground. He grabbed his stuff and pocketed the keys and headed around the corner. Yugi set up his rode and cast in the line with some bait on the end. The area he was fishing off was a large drop off of 300ft deep water, known by him and his grandfather to have large fish. Yugi relaxed on the ground.

After 10 minutes Yugi started to bring up the line when something very, very large grabbed it. Yugi stood up quickly and started bring it in quickly.

"Hey if it isn't the little shrimp from day care so long ago. Aww is the big fish too big for you to bring in?"

Yugi had turned around when the person had started talking. He saw the boy that had teased and hurt him at day care. He had a few friends and two of them carried a large cement square that they put next to the drop off, it also had a loop on metal in it. They were now attaching a rope to it. Yugi gulped and was about to let off the rod and run but one bully grabbed it and another grabbed him. Yugi started to struggle as they pulled him closer to the cement.

"You told someone about what happened in day care all those years ago. I'm going to teach you a lesson."

Two bullied tied the rope tightly around his ankle. Yugi struggled as tears came from his eyes but nothing worked.

"Hey Ushio what every is on the end is big. Want to bring it in?"

"Yes I'm hungry. Chuck him over."

Two bullies let go of Yugi and grabbed the cement square and threw it in next to the line. Yugi screamed as he was pulled in. He panicked and saw the line in his vision. If he couldn't have the fish he wasn't going to let them. Yugi reached out with one hand and grabbed it. It cut his hand deep before it went slack showing the bully had lost hold and Yugi let go. When Yugi had grabbed the line he had screamed in pain when it cut him and this caused him to lose the last bit of air.

He saw that as he slowly stopped there were two strange looking things in the water just above him. Yugi ignored it for now and using the last bit of consciousness he had left he grabbed the knife from his leg strap and cut the rope. He felt his lungs burning and his vision was getting dark. He looked back up and saw the two strange things looking at him before he lost consciousness, the knife still in his hand which was still bleeding.

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