This is the last chapter.

Chapter 38

Kano had passed away that night. Yami was allowed to return to their chambers in the early afternoon and he took Yugi with him. Atemu stayed with his mother the whole time. Ryou had sent Bakura and Akefia home after the shield was taken down when the jellyfish had completely disappeared. Ryou was staying for the night to make sure the King wasn't in an additional pain and the same with the Queen.

At the moment Atemu was at his parents chambers and was comforting his mother as she was slowly dying. It didn't take long once their mate passed on for the other if there was no reason for them to stay on. Atemu was laying with her and holding her gently, trying not to cry.

"I'm sorry we couldn't stay longer Atemu."

"It's alright. I should have made sure dad didn't run into any."

Nami smiled and kissed her son on the forehead. "You'll make a great King. Your father and I are proud of you. We always have been."

"Not when I was angry with Yami and Yugi or angry at Yugi those times you were."

"No but we are always proud of you. You're just stubborn."

Atemu chuckled and looked back down at her. She was so bad. Her hair was white, her tail was also white and scales were flaking off with no colour, eyes were nearly all white. Though she was still smiling knowing she was going to see her mate once she passed on.

"Goodbye Atemu."

Atemu swallowed hard. "Goodbye mother say hi to dad for me." Nami smiled. "I love you both." He whispered softly and kissed her forehead as she closed her eyes and stopped breathing.

Atemu slowly cried and he held her tightly. Ryou came in quietly and swam over and placed a hand on Atemu's shoulder. Atemu looked up, his eyes were bloodshot slightly.

"I need to prepare her Atemu before she disappears."

What happened when the mates passed on was their body would burst into light 12hrs after the last mate's death. This way they didn't need to worry about burial and it meant that mortals wouldn't accidently come across the dead bodies. When they prepared the body they would wrap them in seaweed strips around both mates body so they were together.

Atemu nodded slowly and gently laid her back on the bed and kissed her forehead again before swimming out. Atemu arrived back at his room and found Yugi and Yami sitting on the bed waiting for him. The children were in bed sleeping peacefully. The table was still against the balcony doors and everything still locked up just as a precaution for any stragglers from the jellyfish group.

Atemu smiled slightly and swam over and lay down on the bed. Yugi looked at him sadly and moved over and lay next to him hugging him gently. Atemu smiled and hugged him back and buried his face in Yugi's hair before he started crying again. Yami looked on sadly and moved behind Atemu and wrapped his arms around his waist and hugged him gently.

"It will be alright Atemu." Yami whispered softly and Atemu nodded reply.

"If you want to talk you know we are here."

Atemu pulled his head away from Yugi's hair and looked down at him. Yugi was watching closely. Atemu smiled and kissed him gently on the lips before looking behind him to Yami and kissed him as well.

"Thankyou both of you."

Both smiled as a reply before hugging him gently.

~∞Ω∞~ 1 week later ~∞Ω∞~

Once everything settled down with the kingdom and with Atemu getting over his grieving for his parents. Yugi and Yami grieved with him and let him have his space when he wanted it. Yami was the person the council would speak with to relay everything to Atemu to think over.

After a few more weeks Atemu took over and figured out more about the trident thanks to Mahad and Shada and soon knew all his father did. He'd taken over the throne and settled down with everything that had happened.

Sorry everyone I know it wasn't the best ending I just didn't know how to end it and it got boring for me to finish. Hope you liked it overall. Thanks to all my reviewers. You are the best.