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Chapter 1-- Keep Him?

Cosmo yawned, stretching his tired limbs as he climbed out of bed . Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, he sighed, rubbing his still drowsy eyes as he glanced at the clock on his dresser. 1:30 A.M.?! No wonder he was still tired. He mumbled, kicking himself for waking up this early. "Mmm…I'm hungry," he muttered, rubbing his eyes once more before poofing himself into the kitchen.

His green eyes wandered through the refrigerator, soon landing on a bowl of chocolate pudding. "Yummy," he murmured, getting a spoon. Before he could dig in, his eyes took notice to the note on the freezer door.

Cosmo lo-lo,

Mummy's gone to visit a few friends at the Spa. I shall return in a few days time. Please, try not to destroy the house and I beg you, don't bring that Wanda person into the house. I'll see you when I return.


Mama Cosma.

Great, Cosmo thought, rolling his eyes. As if he'd ever invite Wanda inside the house. Not to be rude or anything, they were still good friends, he just didn't like her that way. Plopping himself down on the sofa, he turned the television on and started clicking through the channels. Sleep still clouded through his mind, yet he couldn't quite bring himself to obey it's command. Must stay awake now, he shook his head, rubbing his eyes once more as he stretched out on the couch.

"H-huh?" He lifted his head, his wings twitching slightly as he heard a thudding noise just outside the door. "Who could that be?" He frowned deeply as he slowly stood up, wondering if he should check the noise out.

What if it was a stranger? Yeah, a stranger in Fairy World. As if anyone un-known to the fairies could get past Jorgen Von Strangle's father. But, then again… Curiosity got the best of the fairy as he carefully opened the door. What he saw laying in front of his feet, made him gasp in surprise. "What the.."

He bit down on his bottom lip as he kneeled down towards the passed out boy. No wings, nothing. Just how did he get into Fairy World past the guards? That part stumped him. Gingerly touching the unconscious boy's body, he turned him over onto his back. Getting a better look at him, Cosmo froze. The boy was gorgeous. A handsome face, chocolate colored hair. "Hey--" He lightly tapped the boy on his shoulder.

No response. He frowned, swallowing hard as he picked the boy up into his arms. Gotta get him inside. No one can know about him, he closed his eyes as he walked back into his house, closing the door with his left foot. All he could stare at was the beautiful creature of the boy in his arms as he carried him up the stairs into his room. "You'll be safe here," he murmured, gently laying him down onto his bed. A human here in Fairy World was a rare sight at this time, especially when they weren't approved of Mr. Von Strangle. "You'll be safe here," he repeated, nodding as he stayed by the boy's side, gently taking his left hand in his right one.

Timmy Turner, Age 9, occupation; Assumed Orphan. Reason for leaving home at such a young age; inattentive parents, ignorant father and abusive baby-sitter.

Mr. Von Strangle frowned as he studied the boy's paperwork. "What do you make of it, Dad?" A young Jorgen Von Strangle asked.

He watched his father study the paper. He was studying his father's every movements so that he could one day fill his shoes as Fairy World's next highest official guard. His father looked at him, arching a brow as though he were distracted from his thoughts. "It would be safe to assume he will be appearing in Fairy World soon enough, son. There we will see to it he gets the best fairy there is to take care of him," the taller man responded calmly.

Jorgen smiled as he nodded from his father's words. He was proud of his father, no doubt. His father was the best Fairy World had to offer, kind to all the fairies and newcomers. He hardly ever got a temper. Jorgen nodded once more as he made up his mind. He wanted to grow up to be just like him, well, try to at least. "Come on, son. Let's make the preparations."


Cosmo had remained by the boy's sight through the whole night, keeping his eyes open so he could stare at the handsome creature. Hopefully he would wake up before his mother returned home, but then what would she say about their guest? No. He wouldn't let her tell him he has to go. He wanted to…

…To keep him.

But was it right? He frowned, gently caressing the boy's cheek, running his thumb lightly over the soft pink lips. Soft. Green eyes blinked a few times as he lowered his head near the boy's lips. How he wanted to kiss him..