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Chapter 2-- Waking Up

His heart beat sped up as he found himself closer to the boy's warmth. Pausing just a few inches near the boy's lips, Cosmo stopped his actions, his cheeks heating up instantly. What exactly was he trying to do? His first kiss with someone he didn't even know…who wasn't even from Fairy World? Biting down on his bottom lip, he stood back, watching the sleeping child.

Cosmo sighed heavily, wondering what the boy's name was. He wanted to learn everything he could about him before, well, continuing with his other actions. He jumped slightly a few moments later, hearing a moan coming from the other. "No, stop. I didn't do it!" he heard the boy whimper, curling up in a small ball on his bed.

The fairy stood up, walking over towards the other who was trembling now. "H-hey, what's wrong?" he asked quietly, gently brushing the boy's bangs away from his face.

Almost instantly, the boy stopped his movements upon Cosmo's gentle touch. Fluttering eyes slowly opened, causing the fairy to gasp as he stared into the most beautiful pair of cerulean blue eyes he had ever seen. The boy rubbed his eyes, adjusting them to the darkness surrounding his bedroom. He blinked a few times, soon realizing it wasn't his bedroom he was in. "Where am I?"

Cosmo blinked a few times as well, surprised to hear the boy's voice come out so calmly. "You're in my room. My name's Cosmo Cosma," he smiled softly, holding his hand out for the boy's.

Blue eyes stared down at the hand in front of him for a few minutes before finally accepting it, slowly interlacing his fingers with Cosmo's. "My name's Timmy Turner," he murmured softly. He raised his eyes to meet Cosmo's curious green eyes.

"Timmy.." Cosmo smiled gently, loving how the name itself sounded.

"Cosmo," the fairy lifted his head as the boy squeezed his hand gently. "I'm hungry."

The fairy chuckled lightly, giving the boy a gentle forehead kiss. "Follow me," He nodded, smiling as he watched Timmy crawl down from his bed. He kept a tight hold of the boy's hand as they walked down the stairs together.

Timmy looked around as he followed Cosmo, keeping close to him. Something about this older boy made him feel safe. But why had he never met him before? He kept his silence as he followed Cosmo into the kitchen. "What would you like to eat, Timmy?" Cosmo's gentle voice broke into his thoughts as he lifted his head.

His stomach grumbled slightly as he held his free hand over it. "Something filling and sweet," He murmured, his eyes wandering over the objects in the kitchen.

Cosmo paused slightly near the fridge upon hearing his answer. Something sweet… His cheeks began to feel warm as he thought back about how he had been so close to kissing the boy. Shaking his head, he got out two bowls of chocolate pudding, handing one over to Timmy. He smiled, watching him carefully grab a spoon and begin eating it. Cosmo followed his actions, taking a spoonful of the sweet desert into his mouth before walking into the living room, motioning for Timmy to follow him. He sat down on the couch, watching the boy as he sat down close beside him.

Swallowing hard at how close he was, the fairy managed a smile, grabbing the remote, he turned on the television. "Good?" he asked softly.

"Yeah, it is. Thank you, Cosmo," Timmy smiled, turning his head to face Cosmo's gaze.

Cosmo's eyes fell once more onto his lips. So close. So very close. He just wanted to know…Timmy's eyes widened considerably as he felt the others lips press against his own. Staring wide-eyed at the other kissing him, he didn't know how to respond. The only kisses he had ever received were just the motherly kisses on the cheek. The kiss only lasted for a minute though, leaving him stunned as he watched Cosmo pull back. Both of their cheeks were flushed as they stared at each other.

"S-s-sorry," Timmy listened to Cosmo as he watched him rub his arm sheepishly.

Timmy swallowed hard, nodding his head slowly. "I-it's okay, Cosmo," he spoke softly, lowering his gaze, trying his best to will away the blush that caressed his cheeks.

The feeling of the kiss actually felt right to the both of them. Timmy closed his eyes in thought, leaning back against the couch. Cosmo watched him silently, biting down on his lower lip. Did I do something wrong? Great, Cosmo, another screw-up! He frowned at his thoughts, shaking his head as he stared down at the half-empty bowl of pudding in his hands.

Blue eyes snapped open as he could have sworn he felt the other boy's thoughts. Timmy glanced over at Cosmo, watching him with curiosity as he scooted closer to him until his arm touched the other's. "Cosmo," he started slowly, placing his bowl down on the floor.

"Hm?" the fairy blinked a few times, looking over at Timmy, smiling a bit sheepishly. "Y-yes, Timmy?"

"What exactly was that?"

Cosmo stared at him, confused by the question. "The kiss?" his cheeks flushed slightly as Timmy nodded, looking up at him. "It's sort of like, I don't really know how to explain it. When you like someone, y-you kiss them." He covered his mouth, knowing it was too late to take back what he had just announced.

"So it's not like a parent would give to their child kind of kiss?" Timmy blinked, tilting his head to the side.

"Not exactly…"



"Is it safe to say that you like me, then?"

Cosmo looked at Timmy, swallowing hard as he drew closer to him. In truth, he had fallen in love with the boy. Nodding his head slowly, he lowered his gaze, a little ashamed of himself. "Cosmo? I like you too.."

Shocked upon hearing his answer, Cosmo looked at Timmy who had now crawled in between his legs, resting his head against his chest.

Well, it wasn't quite close to love, but at least he returned the feeling. Cosmo smiled softly, hugging Timmy as they turned their gazes to the television. Perhaps in time, he would be able to return Cosmo's feeling of love towards him.

"Sir, we've located the boy in question!" One of the fairy guards announced, appearing into the head office.

Mr. Von Strangle's eyes snapped open as he stared at the guard, nodding his head, silently urging him to continue. "As you have stated earlier, sir, he is here in Fairy World already. We've located him at the Cosma's house. What do you propose we do?"

Jorgen's eyes narrowed as he stared hard at his father. Surely he was going to do something about it and not let that idiot Cosmo screw everything up. "We'll let the boy stay there for awhile. Just for a few days until we set up the arrangements for the godparent being assigned to him."

His father's answer shocked both Jorgen and the Fairy guard. "Well, that's all. You can go now," Mr. Von Strangle shooed him off with a wave of his hand.

"Yes sir."

Jorgen stared hard at his father, still unable to believe what he just heard. "Dad, you know Cosmo. He's an idiot! He'll put the kid in danger!" The young Von Strangle huffed, crossing his arms.

His father just smiled, shaking his head. "No he won't, son. Timothy will be fine in his hands for now. Why don't you go out and play for a bit?"

We'll just see about that.. Jorgen stuck his tongue out as he turned his back on his father before poofing out of the room.