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III- Box

"Um, Orihime, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Of course! I saw this on TV once!"

"But some things on TV aren't very good, you know."

Orihime giggled and placed a finger on her lips. "Hush, Rukia-chan! I know what I'm doing. Now hold still while I tie this on you." Rukia didn't hold still; she wiggled around, obviously not wanting the white ribbon to be tied on her head. Rukia couldn't believe it. Ichigo's birthday was today and she actually forgot. That morning, she called Orihime asking on what to give him and she dashed over to their apartment quick as lightning, knowing exactly what.

And Orihime's 'what' wasn't very practical.

Not for her at least.

"But the box is tiny!"

"Do you want Kurosaki-kun to have a surprise birthday present or not? Besides, I think you'd like it too. Hehe…"

"Well, yes, of course I want to get a good present for him but… how is this any liking for me?"

"Remember, boys will be boys…" she said with a mischievous wink.

Not comprehending, Rukia stared back at the tiny box in front of her as Orihime kept fussing with all the small details. That's it. Next time, if she forgets, she should just give him a birthday kiss. He'd like that, for sure. Orihime kept on smoothing her dress and looking around the room, trying to figure out whatever than can still be improvised on her.

Orihime smoothed down the crease in her white baby-dress yet again. She tilted her head slightly. "Not as lacy as what I saw in TV," — Rukia gave her a look that said, 'I am NOT wearing lace.'— "but the white dress will do. Besides—" She stopped herself when she heard footsteps nearing the bedroom.

Orihime gasped. "Get in, get in, get in! I think that's him now…!"

Yes, Orihime's present idea for Ichigo was… Rukia.

Hesitatingly, the petite woman stood inside the box. Rukia opened her mouth to protest at the final moment but Orihime pushed Rukia down into the small box. She gave a surprised yelp as Orihime tied the box shut with a glittery purple ribbon. "Don't forget to say 'Tada!' later!" That's it. There was no escape from it anymore. Rukia held her knees to herself as she felt a bit claustrophobic in the box.

The door opened, and Orihime came face to face with Ichigo. "Kurosaki-kun! Hi! Um, Rukia-chan asked you to open the box in the room. She said it was a present." Orihime grinned up at him and wished, "By the way, happy 20th birthday, Kurosaki-kun!" She gave a slight wave of her hand and left.

Ichigo stared at the closed door for a while before he his attention fixed to the plain cardboard box in the middle of the room. Muffled noises came from it as the box shook slightly. Ichigo raised an eyebrow. What in the world did that midget get me? A puppy? A rabbit?? The orange-haired boy shook his head. He knew that Rukia knew he doesn't like dogs (and absolutely despises rabbits)… or any kind of pets. At all.

Curious, he kneeled down next to the box and untied the ribbon. Ichigo opened the box lid. A white blur leaped out from the box, like a spring. "AGHH!" He let out a shocked yell and fell on the floor, staring back up at the pop out with dilated eyes.

He was silent; the shock hasn't really passed him yet. "Happy birthday, Ichigo," the white thing said. A snicker was let out as realization hit him. So, the pop out white… thing was his girlfriend. Then out came a huge burst of suppressed laughter, complete with tearful eyes and stomach-clutching stages. Rukia looked away from him, blushing. What in the world was she thinking, asking Orihime for ideas! No, what in the world was she thinking when she didn't stop her after hearing the words, 'fit you in a box'!

"Shut up already!"

She slapped the back of his head and sat on his bed, her back facing him. She pouted and crossed her arms. Ichigo —still chuckling— sat next to her and pulled the ribbon out from her hair. "Oi, Rukia," Ichigo called out, holding her face so she looked at him. "Other than scaring the heck outta me, what's the present?"

Oh crap. She felt so silly having to say the next line. They were Orihime's script, of course. She muttered, "I'm yours for the whole day… You can ask me to do whatever you want." Ichigo stared at her for a moment, like he always did when surprised. A moment later, he let out another chuckle as his lips curled to a smirk.

"Well, I know exactly what then, Rukia…" He kissed her lips softly, pushing her down to the bed. Rukia let out a small giggle. Boys will be boys. Orihime was right. "First of all…" he said, a playful look in his eyes. "…let's get you out from that white dress."

And into a t-shirt and overalls and a bandana?

She furiously rubbed off the stain from his old shirt, cursing Ichigo, Orihime and her ideas, birthdays and most of all that freakin' stain that just won't go! Her first task turned out to be "do the laundry," and then it was dishes, then the floor, then his room then… the list goes on.

"AGHH!" Rukia scrubbed the shirt with a hard brush. "DIE STAIN!"

Ichigo leaned at the door frame, grinning at his girlfriend. "Oi, don't get mad at my shirt. It was your idea."

She glared at him. "I hate you."

He gave her back the shirt, with the stain still intact. He patted her head and fixed the bandana that fell over her eyes. "And I love you for this." His lips were bordering another grin, suppressing a laugh, no doubt. "Y'know, you should give me this gift each year, Rukia. A practical birthday gift for a change." Ichigo walked out from the laundry room, laughing. "Don't forget to scrub the bathroom later."

Orihime's words rang in her ears like a broken record.

"Yeah," Rukia grumbled. "Boys will be boys alright."

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