by: KeiiyakoMinto

Danger, ch. 3

Under the blue luminance that surrounded the moon like a whispering aura, she could see it leap onto a high rock at the end of the grassy cliff. Streams of pale moonlight shimmered down like a pathway to beyond tempting heavens, beckoning creatures of the night to follow in its dark footsteps.

Squinting her eyes even more, the figure, Haruhi, clung her fingers tightly together from behind a nearby tree trunk where the view was precise in the serene scenery.

Its sleek fur coat glimmered and shone like silk as the creature basked in the gentle alluring wake of the moonlight.

Without so much as a sound, she watched it carefully from where she was situated at. Her chocolate brown irises reflected in harmony to the dim milky-blue light from the slightly star-dotted abyss above as the animal looked in direction to the moon that hung gloriously behind in the dark backdrop.

It was a fox; black almond-shape orbs glinting in the pure moonlight.

As the brunette watched on breathlessly, the creature's shiny black orbs soundlessly directed their gaze onto her.

She felt her blood froze as it stared at her, features apathetic.

The chilled wind bit at her fingertips, almost cold with slight frostbite. Somewhere farther away, a fox's growl filled the air with fright suspense.

Then, Haruhi bolted up, head out of contact with her pillow.

The girl awoke, drenched in cold sweat.

She sat on the floor by her bed, knees hugged tight together. Burying them deeper into her chest, she placed her chin at rest, breathing still irregular and jagged.

It was almost twilight by now as they gentle blowing of the air-conditioning breeze tickled on touch with her smooth porcelain-like skin. She flinched in response to the cool touch and tugged the blanket closer to her chest.

Relaxing her eyes and low in thoughts, she let out a wistful sigh in return.

Peaceful, it was now. Even tranquil; as she felt cool air lacing her jawline, sifting gently at her nervousness. How long has it been since she had last encountered with a dream, or even a nightmare?

Haruhi was certain that she hadn't had them in about a year, even years maybe; but such things, as she had preseive, was uncertainly irregular.

Propping herself up with little motivation whatsoever, she stumbled to the small brown hard-wood dresser by her bedside. Flipping up her phone, she snapped it shut again once no missed calls or messages had popped up.

She headed for the bathroom to wash up next.

Cold water splashed onto her pale skin and lips, moisturing them like fresh breezes of pure water from mountainous rivers that flowed down their directed path smoothingly.

Haruhi grabbed a towel on her way out and listlessly filed her way out into the living room, plopping down on the sofa which had once again became her resting spot.

It was 3.55 A.M. then, as a depressing wave of emotions swept past her and into her soul.

"Haruhi? What are you doing on the sofa at these early hours of the morning?"

The awfully familiar voice drifted into her ears; concerned with hints of light surprise covered at the edges.

Haruhi blinked in direction to her father, "Otousan?"

The red-haired figure gave a slight smile of peacefulness as he took a seat by a small armchair, angling himself in position to his daughter. "Anything bothering you? Come on, tell daddy!"

She couldn't help lifting a tugging smile by the corners of her lips as her father returned the gesture in silence. "So what is it Haruhi? Don't you like your job?"

She shook her head in lingering response. "I'm fine Otousan, I like my job." She gave a glance at his pyjamas and slightly tangled hair before adding, "And you must be tired, don't worry about me and go to bed okay?"

He'd just let out a small laugh; sort of like a chuckle as she placed his hand on the brunette's. "I have every right to be worried about you, my daughter. So come on; daddy can accompany you till you go to work if I have to!"

After polite refusals and persistant offers, they talked till seven in the morning about various things concerning childhood, feelings and daily activities. Haruhi mentioned nothing about the mysterious stranger and her close encounter wth the killer as her father waved her off to work like he always did when she was young.

She smiled contently in the aftermath.

The bus ride to work passed serenely as usual, and Haruhi arrived at work approximately fifteen minutes early.


She'd let a smile flicker across her face.

"Ahiko-san, ohayo, you're early today, ne?"

"I could say the same to you, Fujioka-san! By the way, have you heard?"

She dropped her briefcase onto the floor by her desk. "Heard what?"

"I'll be passing the form Masato-san sent to me to Honami-san later. Being her assistant, you'd be able to take part and observe the case at the same time too!" Kana beamed as she swiped a few binding documents to the desk and placed them into the puzzled brunette's hands.

"Here's the revelant infomation about your client," The blond watched as Haruhi scanned the entire page once. "His name's Hisato Yousuke, and he's the chairman's son of Hisato Internationals!"

A smile spread along her pink-tinted lips.

Haruhi had long heard of Hisato Internationals, the founding chairman, and of course, he's son who would be expected to take the helm early next year if the old man had supposedly decided to officially retire by then. It was to her upmost pleasure to be able to work with him; it would expand her experience, knowledge, and client-communication skills.

Besides, she assumed that the latter would be of a well-bred man who had both elegance and style.

In the picture was a photograph of a smiling young man who was most probably one or two years older than her. Jet black hair was accompanied with a smart-looking business suit and onyx-coloured orbs.

He constantly tapped on the keyboard, eyes fixed to the smooth surface of the screen.

Hisato Yousuke, age twenty-eight this year and already going to be chairman of his family's business: the infamous Hisato Internationals.

Too bad his life had to end so fast. So swiftly too.

It was a pity for him, really.

After all, Yousuke was at the top of his game in life; everything was all going so smoothly. So well.

Kyouya let a smile curl upon his lips as he slammed his laptop shut, eyes drifting with a flicker of bored amusement on his facial features.

In the end, it was nothing about them that matters. Not the trump cards he had in life, nor the sarced opportunities that flicker past like a shooting star.

It was him that mattered in the end; and he would do whatever it takes to break free of the chains which had shattered his life.

Nothing would, or could stand in his way.

Kyouya gave a simple wave at nothing in particular before he disappeared through the doorway.

"Miss Fujioka?"

No response.

"Miss Fujioka?"

Haruhi snapped out of her trace-like thoughts as a hand was waved right in front of her face. She blinked, clueless. "Huh?"

The expression she was met with was of slight amusement as a smile lit the wearer's face. Hisato Yousuke shook his head like it meant to be a small nudge of mockery at the lady's blank expression.

"Are you okay?"

She simply nodded in reply, restraining the urge to let her eyes wander off into the noisy surroundings. Having coffee with a client, to her, was definitely not a daily-affair, and the latter couldn't understand why he would even choose to come here. But of course, her previous question was simply answered with a light blabbering of sorts about having a 'friendly-business' chat.

Oh well, if that was what he wanted, she would incline of course. The client was her upmost priority; perhaps some friendly sort of relationship could even surface within that short period of time.

Tracing the rim of her cup of coffee, she took a small sip in silence. If you'd know Fujioka Haruhi, as in really get to know her as a person, one would realise that she wasn't the type to curry-flavour with people's boots. She was strong in her own ways, and also firm in her beliefs.

As far as she knows it, she was never the one to waver at the many boundaries that were flung in her life's path.

She peered up at him now, as he looked into his own coffee cup patiently.

The conversation was getting nowhere, but neither of them bothered to point that out; partly due to the basic business courtesy.

Fifteen minutes later, it officially came to a stop as the both of them expressed polite words about leaving. But it was also then that Haruhi spotted a little spike like blotch of dark ebony locks beside a nearby pillar.

Tensing was a natural reaction as blood rushed at quicker speed into her veins. Squinting her eyes, she swallowed down little saliva; aura a little firm. It hadn't occurred to the young lady that it might've been nothing expectional in particular; that her eyes were probably playing tricks and exaggarating basic stuff with another person.

She blinked once; eyes focused on her target like an eager cat with a small mouse on lock. Except that this wasn't a small mouse; if it had to be a rodent, it would've been a giant rat beneath the hidden shadows. Haruhi forced herself to swallow down the lump at her throat.


She ignored the voice of worry ringing in her ears; nudging her back to him; the caller. She shook his hand away with a slight shug when he placed his on hers with a shake. Clenching her teeth to further keep the unwanted distraction away, her brows furrowed with even more determination.

"Miss Fujioka!"

She was thrown back into pure reality, head jerking back in furious direction to the worried male by her side. "Wha-!?"

A frown met her eyes as Haruhi's glare softened, following by slight parting of the lips. I, Haruhi wanted to say, to explained. I, I saw...

What was she doing? He wouldn't have believed her ridiculous story; he wouldn't have understood, would he?

"What did you see Miss Fujioka!?"

Doubt never leaving his eyes, Hisato Yousuke watched as the lawyer turned back in direction to the stared-at pillar with no words spoken. Giving one more glance at the inanimate object, he felt a minor rush of fury flash through in comparison to his other worried feelings towards the brunette. There was nothing there; so what was Fujioka Haruhi staring so intensely at just a few moments ago?

Face now crestfallen, she felt her shoulders slumped in obvious disappointment. In the place where a lock of hair was supposed to be was now occupied by mere air that circulated the area; and nothing else. Did she see wrong? Did her eyes just deceive her, or was something really there just a moment ago?

Balling her fists as her nails crumpled into the soft fabric of the chair cushion, Haruhi let her answer flow out naturally in monotone, "It's nothing.

"I must have just been mistakened."

"About what?"

She had no reply for that.

Thirty minutes.

He leaned against the wall, a foot pressed back on the hard, smooth surface. It wasn't easy to take a designated victim out just like that; in broad daylight too. He had to admit that although he didn't like waiting for pointless minutes turned hours to just slip past at the tip of his fingers, rushing would've had him labelled as a fool.

So, as he watched the 'couple' from a safe distance, the latter refused to show any other emotions in contrast to the plain apathetic fountation caked with the feeling of dredded boredness.

And to top it all, what about that little lady; Fujioka Haruhi by his side? From his observation, the latter could easily make out that she was indeed his to-be victim's lawyer, and probably nothing else much.

Even when trailing him, he would have to wait for her to disappear from the scene of crime. Never again could he be so careless as to let someone, anyone be an observing party of an audience... Or could he? To other unsuspecting passer-bys, even to his victims of course; that is, until they were killed that Ootori Kyouya would just happen to appear as an innocent bystander.

An ordinary yet particularly good-looking man blending perfectly into the standard crowded -or not- background.

And this 'Fujioka Haruhi'...

Who knows? She might just be as lucky as to hit the jackpot.

A soft whistled sigh escaped from his lips as he rebounded his foot onto the ground, back now away from the wall.

Slipping his hands into his pocket once more, the man let a salted mocking smile grace his lips as he walked further up so as to not lose sight of his target.

6.55 P.M.

Haruhi shook her head, placing the porcelain cup into the basin with a little clink. The sound of rushing water filled the room almost instantly as she turned the tap on. Her mind was in a blank. Thoughts of nothingness filled her hollow shell, her feelings buried deep beneath the interior melange that now avoided her so.

Exactly an hour ago, she had pondered on all the possibilities of the day's incident. It didn't quite make sense to her, she had to admit the least. She was being paranoid over nothing in particular, and she hated it.

She hated the way the nightmare haunted her the night before, rendering her sleepless. She hated the fact that he knew almost everything basic about her; from her name to her birthdate, and even locating her into succession. She hated that she knew nothing about him. Not his name, nor anything revelant about him.

Making her way in her dark moonlit laced apartment, a sudden rush of fury rushed past her. She gritted her teeth in attempt to remain cool and collected, eyes training to burn a hole through the wall.

All the more she didn't know how much hate could be direction into a man she had barely even met before.

Settling into her desk, she tossed her briefcase onto the nearby side table and removed some of its contents. Smooth paper with fine print perfected in succession like brand new chalk, its slightly powdery particles meeting the tip of her fingers.

That was when she heard a loud thump in the living room. Something was most definitely up.

Cautiously, she made her way through the doorway, tension with every step. Silence was blanketed on the now unknowingly deadly surroundings as she traced a palm across the corridor wall with a cold touch. Her wariness increased with each soft takes of breath inhaled. Dim streams of moonlight filtered through small openings with windows enabled her eyes to see with just enough light.

Squinting her eyes even more, the figure, Haruhi, clung her fingers tightly together from behind a nearby tree trunk where the view was precise in the serene scenery.

Her heart thumped rapidly as she clutched the fists. Her knuckles were already turning bright white, but Haruhi couldn't care less. It was silly really, of how a lawyer like Fujioka Haruhi could have her nerves almost shackled just like that. With that defination in mind, she forced herself to repress all fearful feelings with little succession in vain.

She felt an arm snake across her waist, pulling her back into a light embrace. It was warm and a person could be made out from her senses.

Before she even had a chance to scream, Haruhi had a hand clamped over her mouth with firm but light force intended.

It was a fox; black almond-shape orbs glinting in the pure moonlight.

She choked with the little air she was given. As what a brave normal person would do, Haruhi swung a free arm into her attacker with much force.

She felt her hand being grabbed by the weight which had just left her waist and was about to try her other hand when a hard object was threateningly jabbed at her head.

"Try anything and you'll be gone for good," His voice whispered with a low octcave into her ear as nausea overcame the latter.

As the brunette watched on breathlessly, the creature's shiny black orbs soundlessly directed their gaze onto her.


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