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A soft summer breeze ruffled the hair of the raven haired teen as he gazed at the campus below him. Glancing at the picture in his hand he knew he was definitely in the right place. Though the campus below lacked the parade, balloons, and festival atmosphere of the one in the picture, it wasn't hard to place the distinctive architecture of the buildings below him, not to mention the huge tree.

When he'd first seen the pictures, and later the movies on the internet, he'd made the common mistake of thinking that it was just a simple movie. It wasn't the spectacular visuals that had impressed him, it was the fighting that had been exhibited by several of the fighters. The more he watched the short clips of the fights the more he was convinced that the visuals hadn't been special effects that had been added. Though he wasn't anything close to a computer otaku or an internet freak like some of the freshmen, he knew quality fighting when he saw it. Having mastered many different styles and fought against numerous others, it was easy for him to dismiss the claims that the whole thing had been just a movie or game. That and the fact that he had himself fought gods and was himself a victim of a curse proved that magic existed. Having exhausted his leads in Nerima and with the old hag, Ranma figured that he needed to do something outside of the norm.

Though he was impressed with the spectacular fighting, the realization that magic existed and could possibly cure him of the curse was what really drew him to Mahora. Taking a break from the usual ritual of fighting off his rivals for his numerous fiancées, it was amazingly easy for him to get away from Nerima for summer break, especially after the whole wedding fiasco. With school out for the summer everyone had a chance to get away.

But school being out for the summer was a double edged sword too as his main lead happened to be one of the teachers. Said teacher happened to be Negi Springfield; the young fighter/mage who had nearly won the Mahora K-O Tournament and who had been the hero of the festival. Ranma only hoped that the young teacher was still on campus.

Hopping over the railing, he ignored the gasps from the nearly all female patrons at the café as they rushed to the railing, watching as he landed gracefully before bounding over several astonished onlookers as he made his way to the plaza. Across the way he caught sight of someone that he recognized from footage of the tournament – Kaede, the ninja girl who had lost to the eventual winner of the tournament. She'd also been by Negi's side during the final battle of the festival.

Despite the varying distance that the older boy had been keeping from her, Kaede knew that she was being followed. Casually sneaking glances around at his reflection in various shop windows she could see that he was wearing a red Chinese style shirt and loose karate pants he appeared to have the forced grace of a trained fighter.

Unsure of how to lose her pursuer without attracting any more attention to herself Kaede smiled as she spotted Mana in front of the local movie theater trying to purchase a student ticket to the movie. Despite the dark skinned girl's ID the attendant appeared to be refusing to sell a student ticket to the gunslinger. Seeing her rival's situation Kaede decided to take advantage of the situation.

"Hahaha, looking as old as you do sure can be a drawback," she teased.

"What a coincidence," the mature looking Mana replied as she turned her back to the ticket booth and pulled a gun on her rival. "What did you just say?" she added in a hushed tone. "At this range, even rubber bullets hurt a lot."

"It's only 300 yen, don't be so cheap," Kaede replied as she brushed off the gun. "You see the black haired boy in the red Chinese shirt by the fountain?" Mana glanced at the ticket seller's window to catch the reflection Kaede's pursuer. "I'll treat you next time if you take care of him discreetly. I want him alive to see why he's following me."

"That's more than just a movie," the darker skinned girl replied as she smiled at the twins who managed to get away with elementary school rates. "That's a week's worth of lunch at least."

"Okay, okay," Kaede replied as she left the movie theater. "I'll lead him towards Eva's since not many people head out that way."

Following the ninja girl away from the plaza Ranma had that familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach, the feeling that he was getting set up. Unfortunately for him he tended to interpret that feeling as being hungry, or as being poisoned by Akane's cooking. Having locked onto the ninja girl's distinctive aura Ranma felt that he could easily track her once she left the heavily populated plaza. Stopping at a Chinese stand he grabbed some pork buns. Reflexively he looked around to make sure that his pops wasn't around to try and steal his food from him before he casually (for him) began to enjoy his snack. Picking up on the faint but distinct aura emitted by the ninja Ranma set off after her again.

Making his way out of the plaza and then the village Ranma found himself making his way through a lightly wooded area. Finishing his fifth pork bun Ranma casually noted that the woods were getting thicker the further he followed the elusive ninja girl. It was his protectiveness for his food that cued him off to the trap. Mana, not wanting to needlessly hurt him, had aimed at his bag of food. Instinctively Ranma pulled his bag of food out of harm's way before catching sight of the rubber bullet that would have knocked the remaining pork buns out of his hand. Protecting his food, Ranma scanned the area for his attacker. Sensing something from behind, he jumped aside, narrowly avoiding a barrage of kunai.

For Ranma it was one thing to deal with projectile weapons like kunai, especially after all the fights he'd had with Mouse, but dealing with a shooter and guns was a completely new experience. Jumping into a tree he waited for the next wave of attacks so that he could better place where they were coming from. Dodging the second shot he jumped behind back to the ground. Deciding against using the Saotome Ultimate Secret Technique, Ranma dashed from tree to tree as he moved towards the general direction that he thought Kaede was while avoiding the occasional shots from the mysterious shooter. Having watched the videos of Kaede's fights online, he was relatively sure that he could handle her in a straight fight, even if there was a shooter aiding her from a distance. Besides, he reasoned, if they were working together then the shooter wouldn't risk hitting Kaede if Ranma got in close to engage her in hand to hand combat.

Patience was a virtue for the pigtailed fighter as he waited for the right opportunity. But first he needed to see if she really was as good as she appeared in the viral videos on the net.

The barrage of kunai was sub-par when compared to what Mousse was capable of; still, it presented him with an opportunity. Grabbing the lead kunai, he used it to deflect the majority of the barrage while dodging the rest as he closed in on the ninja girl. Tossing the kunai aside, he closed with Kaede. Parrying and dodging, he tried to analyze her style, skill, and speed. The ninja girl was fast, though not nearly in his league. Her attacks were very straight-forward and direct, though with much more power than Sasuke, the Kuno's ninja servant, but her use of kunai and other projectile weapons also reminded him of Mouse's projectile attacks only in smaller but more precise barrages. Closing in to eliminate her advantage with the weapons, Ranma waited for an opening as he defended himself from her strikes.

Even though he was occupied with the kunoichi, he could feel the sharpshooter's eyes on him as she observed their fight. The pig-tailed boy closed with Kaede but had yet to go on the offensive; still the ninja girl was slowly being forced back.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the sharpshooter drawing her hand guns, searching for an opening or opportunity to take a shot at the unknown fighter as she approached the pair. Ranma could tell that she was just itching to join the fray against the elusive boy, Mana and Kaede managed to press him back, though neither could land a strike on him. They were fast, but he was just fast enough to avoid their attacks.

As the onslaught became more relentless and aggressive Ranma found it harder and harder to take advantage of the holes in their defenses. When one of them left herself open the other kept him from exploiting it. For Ranma it wasn't like a typical fight with any of the Nerima Wrecking Crew. While Ryoga, Mouse, and Kuno were exceptional fighters and could press him when working together, they didn't cover for each other like these two girls were doing. Not to mention that he didn't know them well enough to really taunt them into slipping up either.

Taking a chance he waited for an opportunity to turn the fight. Narrowly avoiding Kaede's attack on his shoulder he twisted his body. Extracting the kunai he'd palmed before, he swiftly threw it at the darker skinned girl, forcing her to decide between taking the hit or voluntarily disarming herself so that she could extract her hand in time to avoid the weapon. The moment of indecision nearly cost her as she dropped the gun but was grazed by the blade. Lashing out, he disarmed her with a quick chop to her other wrist before he clamped onto said wrist. With a swift twist he slipped behind her before either girl could react.

"I'm not looking for a fight," he declared as he let go of Tatsumiya's wrist and took a step back. "But if you want one I'm up for it."

Kaede hesitated, unsure what to make of the skilled fighter before her. He was fast, very fast. Though he stood in a guarded stance, it was clear to her that he was relaxed and had yet to be seriously pressed. Both she and Mana were breathing heavier than normal while he appeared to hardly have broken a sweat.

Mana took the opportunity to pick up her guns and with a sideways glance at Kaede she slipped them back into their holsters. That seemed to settle things.

"Why were you following me?"

"Well, I recognized you from the videos of you fighting during the tournament. I wanted to see if you really were as skilled as you appeared online, that way I could see if the stuff online was real or not."


"They definitely weren't faked, but I was hoping to face your shadow clone technique," he answered as he put his hands behind his head. "I know that magic exists, but never saw anything like the videos online. How do you make clones of yourself like that?"

The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" was never as applicable as it was now, Eva thought to herself with a slight chuckle. She'd seen and experienced a wide spectrum of things in the magical world, but the youth before her was truly unusual. The hint of magic tainted his aura, and his ki reserves were remarkable. But it was his skill as a fighter that really made him stand out. Even though Mana and Kaede had fought him to a standstill, it was clear to the vampire that the young boy before her could have taken both of them had he been truly serious. Unlike the her classmates who moved with a forced grace that hid the normally tell tale signs of exceptionally skilled fighters, the cursed boy moved with a fluid and natural grace that spoke of a highly trained but also possessing great natural ability.

Though she was initially irritated at having her meeting with Negi and the others interrupted, the chance to actually see someone with a Jusenkyo curse and the possibility of using such a powerful ally was truly promising.

"Triggered curses aren't that unusual – yours is just an unusual trigger." Sipping at her tea Eva contemplated how best to use the boy. "Most people tended to think full moon or something like that for a triggered curse, not hot/cold water."

Eva waited as to see if anyone else had something else to add.

"So, thus far even the Chinese Amazons haven't been able to cure you?" the ten year old magi named Negi Springfield asked.

Shaking his head Ranma tried to digest the fact that he was getting advice from someone much younger than him. It was one thing for him to ask the vampire because despite the fact that she looked to be several years younger than him she was actually much older then she appeared. But with Negi, the little 10 year old boy who also happened to be the old vampire's apprentice and homeroom teacher, it was just weird that someone so young was also so mature and composed.

"Or they don't want to," Kaede added. "If they had it they probably don't want you to have it until you're committed to them."

"There is no cure," Eva stated as she stood up dramatically. "At least, they don't have one. From what you've told me the little magic they have are primarily based on the use of their artifacts. Simply using artifacts to cure the curse won't work, and mixing Jusenkyo curses won't work either. Look at the Taro boy – he's a mix of several curses, not one set creature/body. Though the Musk clan had a way to lock you in your cursed form, it's not a cure, but a way to lock the trigger."

Ranma sighed. It was slightly frustrated at having others voice what he already knew. "But you're like real magic users, not just using artifacts. Can't you use magic to like cure me?"

"It's not that simple boy," the ten year old blond girl replied. "Magic can't fix things that easily, especially things that were caused by magic."

"Um, what she means to say is that magic isn't a cure all," Negi interjected as he tried to cut the tension. Unlike the boy, the diminutive vampire was less polite and very blunt. "Even simple things like filling a cup with water takes some skill and training, otherwise you'll fill the cup with something else or can't stop the water from filling up the house and more."

"And when dealing with magic you have to find the right kind of magic to counteract it," Chachamaru added. "The wrong mix or combination of magic can make things worse."

"There might be a cure," Eva stated firmly, "but we don't know of one."

Ranma sat down, slightly dejected. His hopes of an instant and immediate cure were shot, but they had not ruled out the possibility of finding a cure for the curse.

"We'll have to research it of course, and it won't be quick or cheap," Eva finished.

"What do you want from me?" Ranma asked as he eyed the vampire.

"My apprentice wants to go to on a journey over the summer and I want you to accompany him."

"What?" Asuna shouted. "But we've got the Negima Club!"

"True, but there's nothing wrong with stacking the deck in our favor," Eva countered. "He's already fought Mana and Kaede to a draw, and he wasn't even going all out. Ranma could very well be stronger than any one of you, even Negi. Besides, while you're all gone I'll have time to research his curse."

"No way!" the strawberry blond interjected. "We can do this without him!"

"As the Honorary Advisor to the club, I think that it's my call to make, especially since this club's primary goal is protecting the boy," the quick witted vampire countered.

"But I think Asuna's come very far in her training," Nodaka squeaked. The mousy girl had yet to speak the entire time while each of the other girls present had at least asked Ranma some questions as he had explained his situation.

"Yeah!" the other girls shouted in unified show of support for the red-head.

"If you really want to see how good he is and how good you are, then why don't we have a match?" Eva posed.


Lebenschilt Castle, the vampire's secret castle, was impressive indeed. Contained within a magic jar, it was linked to several training grounds through the use of magical jump gates. Within the castle time supposedly flowed differently, one day inside the castle and the grounds was equivalent to an hour outside. From the inside the castle and the grounds appeared to be vast and limitless, so different from what Ranma had expected when he first glanced upon the encased castle before they had all entered the castle.

"This is the result of years of magical training and study," Eva stated as she lead the group through the castle. "Years of hard work and dedication."

Ranma nodded. Magic was indeed amazing and the feats that were accomplished were truly incredible, and if magic could create this wondrous castle, it could also cure him. Invigorated by what he saw, he nearly forgot the reason why he was brought to the castle.

"From what you've told us you're an accomplished fighter," the tiny vampire stated as she turned to face the group. "I don't doubt that you are given that you held your own against Kaede and Mana. But someone apparently doubts your skills, just as I doubt her ability to protect my apprentice." Asuna huffed at her classmate's slight. "And to prove yourself to me and to each other, I propose a fight -Victory when the other can no longer fight or concedes defeat."

Ranma shook his head. He hated fighting against brawlers like Asuna. From what he'd seen of her fight Asuna had little technique, style, or skill. Though she was capable of good, short bursts of offense she also left herself open to attack against a faster opponent. Ranma seriously doubted that the girl could keep up with his speed in his girl form.

"Afraid you'll lose to a girl?" Asuna taunted, taking his uncertainty as a sign of potential weakness.

Walking over to a table Ranma grabbed a pitcher of water and dumped it over his head, triggering his curse and turning into a girl. The others gasped at the sudden change, though he had told them about his curse, they were still shocked to see it happen. Gone was the sturdily built raven haired boy, suddenly replaced with a busty young redheaded girl. Standing nearly a full head shorter and with considerably less mass, Ranma understood that he sacrificed power and size for speed and agility.

Slightly smaller and shorter than the tomboyish Asuna, Ranma appeared to be at a disadvantage. Shaking the extra water off he walked over to face his opponent.

Eva smirked at him while Asuna held a determined look on her face. "Use any techniques you like, we've a healer ready if anything happens. I've set up wards to keep you two from wrecking the place, so don't hold back."

With a slight bow, the two red heads eyed each other as they prepared to fight.

Summoning her harisen, Asuna smiled. 'He doesn't use magic, not that it would work on me, anyways! After all the training that Eva's put me through there's no way that this boy can beat me!'


Charging in Asuna hoped to end the fight quickly. Suddenly she was airborne as her smaller opponent had countered her charge with a swift kick that had connected with her chin. As she looked up at the near limitless sky above the pain from the kick finally registered.

Negi was surprised. While he didn't doubt that Ranma could have leveled a mountain with his special techniques, it was one thing to see the mysterious fighter easily handling one of 3-A's best fighters. Though she lacked the extensive training and arsenal that Mana, Kaede, and Setsuna possessed, Asuna had been quickly catching up with them, even being able to fight them on equal footing in their recent sparring and training matches. But after just a few exchanges it was clear that she was out of her league.

"He's definitely out of your league," Eva stated to Negi as she watched the fight. "And that's without any magic enhancing his speed or strength. I never would have thought that someone could get to that level without magic or kanka training."

Watching the fight, Kaede glanced at Mana. Exchanging a brief nod of acknowledgement, they both marveled at the skill of the shorter red-head. It was clear that in their fight with them he had been holding back. Even now, he was holding back. Using just basic speed to avoid the taller girl's attacks, he was quickly proving himself the better of the two fighters. His keen fighter's eye combined with his quick reflexes made it easy for him to evade Asuna's attacks while slipping under and through her guard as he countered her every attack. Moving fluidly and without any extra or unnecessary movement, he had sent Asuna flying or skidding back after each exchange.

'She'd give Ryoga a run for his money,' Ranma thought as his fist connected with Asuna's stomach, sending her flying back once again. 'But he's probably finishing her with one blow,' he added as he disparaged the difference in their physical strength, even though he was in his female form.

"Asuna-san!" the other girls cried out, trying to voice their encouragement.

Asuna struggled to get back to her feet. 'Damn, I can't believe that he's pushing me this much. Even Setsuna doesn't hit this hard. I can usually go toe to toe with her. I won't lose to him! I can't fail Negi!'

Watching as her harisen changed into a giant sword as the girl's kanka radiated around her, Ranma knew that the fight had taken a drastic change. Having watched her fight with Setsuna, he wasn't surprised at the turn of events. Calming himself, Ranma braced himself for her next attack. In a flash she was upon him, ready to cut him down. Sidestepping her charge, he kicked her in the back of the head, throwing her off balance and sending her into the stone barrier.

Again the taller red headed girl charged him. Rolling under her attack he kicked her solidly in the stomach before connecting with a series of bicycle kicks to her chin as he pushed himself off of the ground with his arms. Knocking her back with the last strike, he gave himself enough time to recharge himself for the next barrage. Though he was sure he could take one of her hits, he preferred not to. She was nearly as powerful at Ryoga, but not as fast. Like the eternally lost boy, Asuna was very straightforward and left plenty of openings when she attacked. But even with that weakness Ranma knew that he only had a few barrages left.

Gathering herself as she readied for another attack Asuna knew that she needed a new plan of attack if she wanted to beat the smaller girl form Ranma. It was clear that her opponent was faster and much more skilled than she was, but for her to admit that Ranma was better than she was would be too much.

Cautiously closing with Ranma, Asuna stabbed at her opponent with her sword. Using her longer striking range to her advantage she slowly forced Ranma back. Trading speed for power she also benefited from not leaving herself as open to counter attacks from her swifter opponent.

"Not bad," Ranma stated as he forced Asuna back, "for a girl!"

Trading physical attacks for verbal ones seemed to be working very well. After just a few jabs it was clear that Asuna's kanka aura was steadily heating up. Eluding her attacks he drew her into a tighter spiral as he continued to taunt her before finally unleashing his attack. "Heaven's Blast of the Dragon!" Ranma shouted as he fell onto his back and threw a corkscrew punch. Propelling his opponent into the air by turning her kanka against her, Ranma watched as she collided with the barrier several times while the artificial tornado threw her around like a rag doll. After bouncing off the barrier several times her sword reverted back to a harisen before slipping out of her hands.


Setsuna wasn't surprised that Ranma had beaten Asuna, even that he had bested her so quickly and decisively; it was the fact that he had done so without strengthening himself with his ki. Using pure brute force (in his weaker form) and speed the cursed boy/girl had won against a magic and ki (kanka) enforced Asuna.

It was because of his victory that Eva had assigned her to work with the cursed boy. As the best in the club of using ki enhancement it was her job to teach him how to better use his ki. Sure, he was able to physically manifest his ki into balls and throw, and able to manifest claws, but aside from that he was well behind her in the use of ki energy. After only a day under her tutelage he was able to manifest a golden aura of ki. By the end of the week he had managed a pale yellow.

It had been one thing to spar with him, but it was another thing altogether for him to start following her around when they weren't training. And despite the fact that she wasn't training him, he still acted as though he was training.

"Would you stop that!" she hissed so that no one else would hear.

"What?" Ranma replied as he finished scooping up the gold fish in another tank.


"Are you mad that I'm winning these," Ranma nodded at the pile of stuffed animals behind him, "or that I'm the one giving them to Konoe-san?"

Setsuna fumed at the insinuation. Of all the girls in the club, only the chocolate haired girl was addressed thus by Ranma, and only in the presence of the swordswoman. Setsuna knew that he was doing it on purpose just to irk her. Unable to think of anything to say she was saved by Chachamaru's arrival.

"What's up Chachamaru?" Ranma asked as he tossed the android a stuffed lion.

"The master asked me to deliver one of these to each of the club members," she replied as she caught the prize with one hand while presenting the badges with her other.

"What's this, a badge?" Asuna asked as she took one from her classmate.

"It's a specially made present from the master to everyone in the club. Ranma, this one's for you."

"It's inverted," he said, stating the obvious.

"The master felt that since you aren't a student you shouldn't get one like the rest of the club members," Chachamaru explained. "The slight variation should be enough to keep note your part in the group while also noting your distinction from the group.

"Since it would be awkward to continue using 'Club Negima Temp' as your name -actually, it's more that the master hated that name – as an imitation of the Thousand Master's 'Crimson Wing' she proposed that you refer to yourself as the 'White Wing' to outsiders."

"That name's not half bad," Konoe conceded cheerfully.

"I guess Eva has some sense of style," Asuna added as she avoided glancing at Ranma. It was clear to everyone that while she could physically endure losing to Ranma her pride had taken a serious hit.

"However, since those badges are a sign of your membership, anyone who loses their badge before parting for England will be forced to leave the club," Chachamaru added.

"Ehh!" the girls shouted in unison.

"This sure is a scary badge."

"Except for you of course," Chachamaru added as she handed Ranma his unique badge.

As the girls wandered off Ranma and Chachamaru headed towards several food stands.

"So about this trip... Eva's said that she doesn't expect anything to go wrong, so why does she want me to go along?" he asked as he picked up several treats for himself.

"The master wants you to go just in case anything happens," the android explained as she examined the snow cone. "If anything does happen your badge is equipped with a communication device that should let you send messages to the master. Each of the badges is equipped with a tracking device, and yours allows you to easily find the other badges.

"Don't worry about the expenses. She will cover all your expenses as well as the agreed upon payment should finding a cure for you be beyond what she is capable of doing."

Reassured, the cursed boy tried to relax and enjoy the summer festival.

"Just relax and enjoy the show," Chachamaru added as she pointed at the antics and mayhem of the other White Wing members.

"You know, it's kinda funny when I'm not in the middle of things," Ranma admitted as he watched the other members defend their badges from their classmates.

"It must also be nice to be around so many girls and not have them fighting over you or throwing themselves at you," Konoka stated as she chuckled lightly

Nodding, Ranma couldn't help but agree. "That it is."


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