"Bella, come down stairs. Lucinda is waiting for you and you'll both be late for school if you don't hurry." Phil called to me.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I muttered. I hated it when Phil nagged about me not hurrying fast enough for school. But I'll admit I'm happy that things have reached some form of normality with him. After I hid the note that was from Marcus, Renee and Phil came into my room. Renee burst into tears, while Phil hugged us both. After that they started asking question after question after question on what happened to me or what the person who took me did to me, they feared the worse.

When I told them that the person who took me didn't really do anything to me they automatically thought that I was in shock from what happened. And that's when they took me to Dr. Schreiber to see what was wrong with my head. Dr. Dork said that I was traumatized by whatever sick thing the person who took me did. That dork wouldn't know a traumatized person if they walked up and bit him. I was fine. I was just keeping a big secret.

Phil, finally after two years, finally clamed down about the situation and started focusing on his baseball career again. Unfortunately Renee was still upset about it and still made me go see that stupid shrink twice a month.

Renee frowned when I came down the stairs. "Black, black, black. You are always wearing black."

It was true that I was. After Marcus brought me back I started reading all kinds of vampire books. There were series called "Dangerous Girls" and another one called "Vampire Kisses" that I really enjoyed. My favorite story was "Interview with a Vampire"; in one respect that I agreed with Lestat, that black was the best color for vampires. Being a vampire once, I believed that the same thing applied to me.

"I know, I know. You can talk to me about fashion later, I have to go now." I told her, pick up my backpack.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you?" Renee asked, hopeful. Ever since two years ago my mom had been afraid that the person who took me would come back. But I knew they wouldn't. I knew I would never see Marcus again.

"No, Lucinda is waiting for me. Bye." I called to her as left the house.

"There you are. Let's go." Lucinda said impatiently. Lucinda's attitude towards me changed when I came back. She blamed me for disappearing, saying it was my fault. Saying that if I never went back into that house I would have never had gotten myself kidnapped and that it was my fault she spent half of her nights crying.

It was true that if I never went back into the house none of what happened two years ago would have happened. But I didn't regret going back or temporally becoming part of an immortal family. I loved my immortal father Marcus. My immortal mother Katrina. And my immortal friend Felix. I suddenly felt sad that I didn't get to spend as much time with Felix then I did Marcus. Even though I was an immortal child Felix immediately accepted me. I remembered how worried I was to see that he wasn't with Marcus when he was bring me back.

"Bella? Bella? Where did you go?" I suddenly heard Lucinda's voice. But I wasn't next to me. it sounded a little farther away. I looked around and noticed that I somehow ended up in a tree. How did that happen?

I looked down ad saw Lucinda on the sidewalk a few feet away.

"Luci-" I started to call out but a cold hand slapped over my mouth.

Then I noticed… The hand was cold. And white.

"Hello there little Bella."