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Chapter One: Taking Off

Yukina made her way through a field of grass, looking for something light green with yellow flowers. Her black cat, Rei, walked besides her, sometimes completely swallowed up in the larger patches of grass.

"Why are we wasting our time looking for this? You know what tonight is! We should be getting ready to leave." Rei said impatiently.

"That's exactly why we're looking for it Rei!" Yukina said cheerfully. She pulled out a worn book from the leather sack swung across her shoulder. Flipping to a page in the middle, she pointed to a plant with one to two foot stems covered in bright yellow flowers. "It says here that when the branchy stems of the Arimony plant are ground up the paste can be used on sores. You know that I want to get everything I need ready for our trip, just in case something should go wrong."

Rei sighed and looked around in the grass. "Well I hope we find it soon, your mother will be wondering where you went."

"Yeah." Yukina nodded and scanned the clearing. Arimony plants liked partial shade in woods or fields, which was where they were, in a clearing surrounded by trees.

"Hey Yukina I think I found it!" Rei yowled from a couple yards away. The young green-eyed girl rushed over to her cat. There by a large oak tree was a cluster of Arimonies.

"Yes that's it! Good work Rei!" Yukina exclaimed. She quickly got her pocketknife and cut off a chunk from the stem of one of the branches. She wrapped it up carefully and put it in her pack, then quickly covered the open wound of the plant with a protective coating.

"So can we go home now?" Rei asked, jumping up on Yukina's shoulder.

"Yep, let's go!" Yukina said, grabbing her broom from where she had left it lying against a random tree.

Yukina slung her pack over the broom handle and hopped on, kicking off the ground. She soared into the sky, the wind flowing through her long auburn hair, as she headed to the small house that was her home.

Yukina landed gracefully in the front yard just as her mother opened the front door.

"Ah, there you are Yukina! I was wondering where you went." Her mother said.

"Sorry Mom, I was out looking for herbs." Yukina said, slightly guiltily.

"It's okay dear, can you do me a favor. Go to the shed and grab some of my special thread will you?" Her mother asked, before going back inside.

Yukina blinked. "She didn't even wait for my answer."

"Must be a busy day." Rei said.

Yukina nodded and dropped off her broom next to her moms. Her mother owned a shop that sold a variety of things: potions, books, and mostly protective charms.

Yukina skipped to the backyard, Rei jolting up and down with each step.

"Welcome home Yukina." A soft voice said. Yukina turned to smile at the lovely black cat sitting on the windowsill.

"Hey Fifi!" Yukina greeted her. Fifi was her mother's black cat, and Rei's mom. Rei also had two brothers, both of which couldn't speak like the two witch cats. Instead, they spent their days catching mice.

Rei jumped off Yukina's shoulder and onto the window still next to her mother. They stared talking quietly and the young witch rolled her green eyes.

Yukina walked the rest of the way to the shed, which was a larger rusty building at the back of their backyard.

She reached the door to the shed and pushed with all her might. It didn't budge. She tried again, and again it defied her.

"Yukina you need to pull it, not push it." Rei said, watching her from the windowsill. Yukina flushed in embarrassment and pulled the door open.

Inside was dark and dusty. The shed was full of all of her mothers extra supplies for her shop as well as some random things she had picked up in her travels as a witch. It was in here that Yukina had found her book on the many uses of different plants and herbs. Yukina scanned her eyes around until she spotted a ball of pure white thread.

"Ahha! There it is!" She exclaimed, picking it up and dusting it off in the folds of her plain pink dress.

She closed the shed and ran through the back door of the house. Quickly sprinting through the kitchen and living room, she skipped to a stop next to her mother in the shop. The shop took up the front of the house with the kitchen, living room, and laundry room behind it and the bedroom upstairs.

"Oh, thank you Yukina." Her mother said, taking the yarn as she waved goodbye to one of her regular customers. The stop was now empty of people, but from what she could tell by the messiness, it had just suffered forma huge crowd. Her mother set to making a charm with the thread she had just delivered as she set to straightening the rows of items.

"Hello all!" Yukina's dad called as he stepped though the doorway.

"Hello honey." Yukina's mom said with a smile.

"Oh, Daddy you're back!" Yukina squealed, jumping on him.

"Hey, sweetheart." Her dad laughed hugging her tightly. "Have you packed yet? Tonight's a big night, everyone is coming to see you."

Yukina gasped. "Oh no! I still need to do that!" She ran to the stairs while calling for Rei to come help her.

In her bedroom, Yukina dropped her leather bag on the floor and started rustling through her dresser. She grabbed some undergarments and a pair of pajamas. Then she ran and got her toothpaste, toothbrush, and hairbrush from the bathroom. It was then Rei came waltzing through the door. She glanced at her cat and threw all of the stuff next to her bag. Rei jumped to her bed and watched her.

"What else do I need?" Yukina asked hurriedly, emptying her bag and putting her book and newly cut aloe leaves aside with the rest of her need to be packed things.

"Your other herbs for one thing." Rei meowed.

Yukina smacked herself in the head for forgetting and ran to her special cabinet to grab a bundle of herbs she had collected, as well as some seeds in case she wanted to plant a herb garden.

"Yukina!" Her mother called from downstairs.

"Coming!" Yukina called back, neatly packing all of her things back in her bag. Rei jumped on her shoulder and she ran down the stairs two at a time.

Her mother was waiting for her in the living room with a black something draped over her arm. She held it up and Yukina squealed.

"Oh it's so pretty!" Yukina quickly grabbed it from her mom and put it on, taking off her own pale pink dress first of course. She turned to look at herself in the full length mirror. It was a long black dress with flayed short sleeved and a green sash to match her eyes. Her waist length auburn hair, which was held back by a green barrette, framed her pale face nicely.

"I have something for you too Rei." Her mother said, perking up the black cat's interest. She walked up to the cat before anyone could react, snapped an earring on to Rei's fuzzy ear.

"Ow!" Rei yowled, jumping back in surprise.

"Don't complain, it looks lovely." Yukina said, studying her cat's new earring. It was a small gold hoop with a single green emerald embedded into it.

"You're not the one with a point stud stuck in your ear." Rei growled.

"Does it hurt?" Yukina asked.

"Well…no…but…grrr." Rei grumbled, but turned and thanked Yukina's mom politely.

"There you're all set!" Yukina's mom said smiling. "Not to wait for the moon to rise."

Later that night

Yukina was saying her last goodbyes to her parents, broomstick and bag in hand.

"Make sure you write us." Her dad reminded her with a kiss on her forehead.

"If you want to come home, just do so!" Her mother said, hugging her tightly.

"I'll write as soon as I'm settled down." Yukina told her dad. "Of course, but I'm not coming back before my year's up." She told her mom.

After a quick goodbye to the rest of her relatives and friends, Yukina readied her broom. Swinging the pack over the handle and allowing Rei to sit neatly on the front, she mounted it without a second thought.

"Goodbye everyone!" She called, kicking off from the ground. Her broom soared in the air and she waved to everyone getting smaller and smaller. With a careful dodge off the trees and signposts, she took off.


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