This is in New Moon once Edward has left Bella.

I don't own Twilight and no offence I wouldn't want to.

Left, right, right, keep going, nearly there...CRASHHH!!!

'Dang tree!' I pulled out my voice recorder 'Test 409, run 2 complete and successful… Well unless you count the fact that I hit a tree...'

I picked up the hover board and sat in the middle of the clearing I had landed in and pulled out my tool bag and produced a screw driver. After making a few adjustments it was ready to ride again.

I packed up threw the board in the air and before it landed on the ground I jumped up and landed on it creating a certain momentum that helped it levitate and I was once again speeding through the trees.

Arriving at the back of my house I sighed. The old two-story needed a lick of paint but Charlie like always never had the time. The back garden was un-mowed which was perfect for concealing a trap door so going towards it I activated the weight pad which calculated my weight and height clarifying it was me which in turn caused an invisible bubble like dome to conceal me and a hologram to appear outside of me which walked of.

Using the voice recognition speaker I whispered 'The lion and the lamb' before a touch pad rose out of the ground. After my thumb was successfully scanned the door slid open creating a hole in the ground and unbeknownst to the people of Forks I walked into my underground lab.

I pulled out a rucksack and started to put the necessities inside it. A few must have gadgets, the necessary tools and my book which is full of my findings, drawing and calculation and last but not least my trusty voice recorder. Heading back out the door I walked back into the house to pack cloths.

I've re-written, spell checked and grammar checked (hopefully correctly) this chapter. Enjoy.