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I gazed into his honeycomb eyes begging for him to move so I could move on with my life but before he even could make his decision his eyes flickered behind me over my left should and before I could turn round I was pulled into two muscle bound arms and with a slight groan I relaxed my body and wallowed in defeat knowing I couldn't escape his inhuman vice grip.

Looking around in my dismay I noticed passenger's looking at the scene with confusion and I guess even the thick headed Emmett realized to because he released me but still kept his grip around the back of my shoulders.

They escorted me out of the airport and to the cars I had avoided earlier including a much dented jeep. I deducted they must have come here strait after they noticed the trail had gone cold, was I that predictable?

With a grunt I was thrown into the back of the Volvo with a frown embedded on my lips and with my arms crossed I sulked as they look me back to which I assumed was the Denali coven's house.

Once there the Denali's were outside waiting and I was uprooted from the comfortable leather seats after an uncomfortable ride with its occupants. I was then unceremoniously dumped on an overly padded chair to await my doom.

They all sat in the various chairs in the room and stared and I mean not just the 'were playing who can blink first' kind of staring but the full on 'were watching you trying to figure out who you are and if you try and escape we will find you' kind of stare and damn it was creepy.

'Bella why are you here at the Denali's in Alaska' Carlisle was the first one to break the silence and the staring as they all blinked at the same time… creeeepy! The question was the same as last time but with a pointed look he didn't want any 'funny business' so I just answered him as if he were an infant.

'Well its simple you see… I'm a genius and I like to make significant devices that do all sort of awesome stuff. I was going to make my own vampire range by observing the Denali's then go back to my secret underground lab back in my back garden in Forks to conduct the final experiments and products' I said sarcastically.

'Like she was going to give us a real answer' Rosalie sneered.

'Bella can you please tell us the truth? Is it because you want to ask them to make you vampire?' Esme said attentively but all I could do was snort. I knew they wouldn't believe me and heck did they not notice the hologram fro before but man I proved Edward wrong; I was a good actress he just didn't know what role I was playing.

'I would like to leave now' I said in annoyance and started to make my way to the door for it only to be blocked by Alice who started to plead with me not to go. Before I could even object I was thrown into the arms of Emmett and rushed upstairs and placed in a room. He walked out and I heard a click.

'This is technically KIDNAP!' I screamed just for the theatrical kicks.

All this throwing Bella around HAD to stop. I sighed and brought the backpack from my back in front of me looking to see if I had any device for this kind f situation but of course I didn't that's what I came here for and with a huff I jumped on the bed in the far corner of the room. Looking around I saw it had the Cullen and Denali idea of basic which included a TV, stereo and I'm guessing the three doors led to a bathroom and closet and to the recently locked door.

I pondered why they didn't ask me about the hologram earlier but just gave up, there minds were to confusing. I ventured to the window and noticed its heavy lock (they must have prepared for me) but with a smirk I made my way over to my bag and pulled out my screwdriver. Stalking over to the window like it was my prey I lifted my screwdriver up like a dagger and began to unscrew the lock it didn't squeak like I hoped or made any significant noise and as I remover both of the screws. I lifted the window carefully and relished the gust of cold wind as it hit my face and reminded me of home and pulled out my ever trusty board from my bag and jumped trying to make yet another escape.

I felt the board hit air pockets as it sailed down to the ground knowing that it would stop around two foot above it but the board suddenly hit something far to much above the ground and I realized it wasn't a something… it was a someone and with a groan I sat Indian style on the board will it was placed between a crowd of people. They hadn't noticed the board on my other escapades and they all gaped. I closed my eyes and curled into the fetal position on the board knowing I couldn't escape any time soon and commanded. 'Up to origin' in defeat as the bored rose up to the original point it was turned on inside the bedroom.

I got of and put it back in the bag and pulling a silver device out before closing it. The device was about 10cm by 10 cm and was only about an inch thick but I held it to the front of the bag and metallic string escaped the device from all angles encasing it securely before a screen appeared on the front with a thumb scanner and a electrical keypad. I put the password in and scanned my thumb before two metal pieces slid the device shut and the scanner and keypad away from prying eyes.

With a satisfying huff as my bag was secured so no one can snoop without setting of an incredibly loud alarm and a small electrical shock I settled into the bed for a well deserved nap.

My dreams were blank as normal none of that cliché loved ones flashing before my eyes I had escaped those dreams long ago as I settled into the dark pits of my subconscious.

Bella Swan arose from the bed she was on her eyes still closed and her heartbeat at a steady pace like her breathing. She seemed to pat her pockets down until she put her hand in one to pull out a screwdriver she ventured slowly to the locked door and placed it inside und shook it till a click was heard to signify the unlocking of the door and she stepped out to many awaiting vampires but she didn't hesitate OR open her eyes as she pushed past them as they looked on in confusion as it dawned on them she was sleepwalking not tiring to get away.

They watched as she padded down the stairs all crowding around her but not obscuring her path as she ventured. She walked into the kitchen and seemed to look around. They all watched her as she pulled out eggs, flour and other items as well as baking trays and with humour they realized she was sleep cooking. They all sat around the isle in the middle as they watched her filter around the kitchen to make what appeared to be brownies.

They were made, separated and put into the over. She cleaned the already used pots and pulled out a cooling rack like she had used the kitchen for years and leaned on the counter to wait. She surprised the mesmerised vampires by humming a haunting melody.

The timer interrupted her with its loud ding and she jumped out of her sleeping state to look at the over. The vampires heard a sigh and a quite 'not again'.

(Back to Bella's POV)

'Not again' I sighed. When I was unsettled I used to bake and considering I was unsettled a lot I had begun to do it in my sleep once nearly burning down my house. I pulled out to see what I made this time as whatever I cooked normally represented a person I missed. It was weird but that was just me… weird little Bella Swan.

I expected to pull out a pizza as it reminded me of Charlie but was surprised to bull out brownies. I sighed again and whispered 'Angela' my one friend who I missed early after she went to college with Ben. There was no reason for me to go with them, I had finished college twice over and didn't want to take someone's place that really wanted it as there seemed to be loads of people attempting to get in so with a sorrowful goodbye we parted.

I pulled one out knowing while I reminisced they had cooled. I took a bite and remembered one day when I was down and she came up to me with a box of them which cheered me up considerably. They were plain looking like Angela her self but soft and full of flavour with every bite like her personality not that I would bite her personality but you get what I mean but my brownies didn't taste like hers so I turned on my heal but came face to face with the vampires of both covens looking at me intently. I looked at the backdoor and to them a few times and considered it pointless to make a run for it so with a shrug I threw the cheep imitation of Angela's brownies away and went back up the stairs to my room and as going up felt there stares burning holes though my back.

I woke up again but this time with light threw my window. I got up and made the bed I slept on mechanically and made my way downstairs were various people were dotted around chatting or watching TV but as I entered the room it stopped as they all turned to stare at me again.

I plopped down unceremoniously and they all turned to me or seated themselves from there standing positions.

'What was last night about Emmett blurted out hardly containing him self. I shrugged my shoulders.

'I wake up and cook in the middle of the night because I want to be changed into a vampire' I said bitterly mocking Esme and her earlier assumptions.

'You little bitch of a human' came the squawk of the one and only Tanya 'We invite you into our home and you treat us like dirt, come on Eddie' She purred in which I was guessing to her was seductive and I couldn't help but burst into laughter soon to be followed by Emmet at the noise she made. She huffed and sat in his lap with a scowl. So that's how it was, he left me for a vampire, what a douche bag. He didn't even look guilty!

'Bella' Esme cooed 'I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions yesterday but can you please give us a propper explanation?' She pleaded.

'Why should I?' I asked bitterly.

'Because we love you dear' she replied.

'Is that what all of you think?' I asked and heard a chorus of 'Yes's' and that's what tipped me over the edge of my sanity I was slowly working myself into a fit of rage and there answers sent me over. Not even Jasper could contain me of my fury as I spat the words I had been dying to say out loud to them. From there eyes I could tell they expected me to start crying and proclaiming my love for them well they were in for a shock.

'You love me?' I hissed sharply and mockingly 'If you loved me you would have said goodbye' I looked them all in the eye before continuing 'If you loved me you would have taken into consideration of what I wanted!' I pointed to myself my voice steadily getting louder 'If you loved me you wouldn't have just gone because he!' I pointed an accusing finger at Edward 'told you to!' and finally my voice returned to normal volume dark and dead 'If you loved me you wouldn't have left me'.

I looked into there shocked faces 'Why are you keeping me here and if you say because we love you, you will regret it?!' I seethed.

None of them could answer me as they bowed there heads in shame. I walked back up the stares to retrieve my bag not letting a single tear drop; I had cried enough tears for them.

With the bag safely strapped to my bag and the board at my side I walked out the door without being stopped but they followed. I threw the board on the ground turning it on as it stepped on it. The coven's still hadn't seen it in action they just assumed I ran into the forest yesterday after jumping from my bike and I just jumped from the window on a normal bored yesterday so when I heard the gasps I smirked.

'Believe me now' I sneered.

'Good riddance to the pesky human' I heard Tanya say with venom in Edward ear intending for me to listen. I pushed my board towards her and with the extra height from we came nose to nose. I stared her down with my cold glare as she seemed to shrink in size before me. Looked at Edward next to her with the same glare and pulled back from them slightly.

'You two seem perfect for each other' I said without emotion turning around to nod at the two covens as a goodbye gesture and I turned my board around in the opposite direction and glided between the trees away from my ex-family for what I hoped was for good.

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