Freddy slashed Jason's face again and again with his claw of a hand. Jason cried out in agony. "AUGGH, YOU BITCH! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Freddy kicked him again in the stomach, and stood over him, chuckling softly.

"You really thought you could win. Oh, Jason, your naïveté is nothing short of adorable." Freddy climbed on top of Jason and kissed his lips softly, the hockey mask long abandoned and tossed aside.

"Don't…" Jason whispered, "Don't do this. It feels too good." Jason could feel his manhood growing at a rapid pace. The area between his legs was throbbing, begging for anything close to a loving touch, something he had never felt before…

"Fuck it." Jason growled, and grabbed Freddy's face with all of his strength. He kissed the burnt lips once, then twice, then again and again, until eventually inserting his filthy tongue.

The two killers moaned, caressed, and wrestled to the point of ecstasy. Freddy was now grinding against Jason in a determined fashion. "You know," he whispered in Jason's ear between pants of horniness, "you're a lot better than those shitty little kids I've had to deal with."

The End?

I don't know if I should keep going with this or make a part 2 or what. Reviews are like gold, which is chocolate to me. XD. Thanx.