Thank you so much to Cullen1994 for giving me this! She wrote up to Chapter 7, but I changed the ending slightly! I luv you girl!


It's been 98 Years


"Bella?" a musical voice chimed.

"In here." I replied,

"Oh, there you are," a petite figure peeked around my door, "we're moving again." She winked at me then gracefully skipped away. I could tell that something was going on. Sam was too bouncy and hyped up. She knew something, I could tell. After ten minutes of contemplating her statement, I finally gave in. I cautiously walked downstairs, still marvelling at the fact that I didn't fall over.

"Samantha, what is going on?" I asked. She could tell that I was annoyed as I used her full name. I never used her full name; she was always Sam or Sammie. In the ninety-eight that I have known her, I have only called her Samantha if I was angry or annoyed.

"I told you silly, we're moving." She still had a twinkle in her eye.

"Can I ask where we are moving to?" I asked slowly, slightly afraid of the answer.

"Of course. We are moving to Washington. Forks to be precise." I still couldn't fathom why- wait, did she say Forks?

"Forks," I whispered, "why Forks?" I was still whispering. Hoping that I was imagining the fact that I was returning to the place in which I found my soul mate.

"Well, for starters, it's almost always raining there – Bella are you okay?" I could feel her eyes on me but I couldn't help myself. I was falling, falling into an abyss of memories and despair. Forks, why Forks? I kept repeating in my head. I briefly saw Sam come into my line of vision but I then blacked out.

When I came to, I was lying on my unnecessary bed in my room. James, my 'father', was sitting at the end of my bed.

"We're moving to Forks?" I asked him as soon as I 'awoke'. His eyes gauged my reaction as he replied,

"Yes. Is anything wrong with Forks?" I glanced over at him and fell back onto my pillow.

"I lived there as a human." It was only part of the truth. They didn't need to know the rest. They didn't need to feel the heartbreak that I felt. No on needed that but me.

"Oh, well if you want us to change places, that's fine." He understood why I was reluctant to return, but he only knew a fraction of the truth.

"It'll be fine. I think. Could you please ask Sammie to come in though, I need to tell her something." James looked at me and I could tell that he thought something was wrong.

"Sure honey. Well the rest of us are going to go hunting. We should be back soon. Are you sure that you'll be okay?" I nodded and he left. I could hear Sam skipping towards my door and I saw her, once again, peek around the door. I sat up and patted the spot beside me. She bounded over and I laughed. Even though se is technically fifty years older than me, I still feel as if I'm talking to a child.

"So, what's all this about?" Sam asked as she made herself comfy.

"Well, I don't know where to start." I admitted sheepishly.

"Okay. Well what subject is it on?" she asked, now intrigued.

"My past." I whispered. I could see her looking at me and I knew that she had a thousand questions behind her eyes. I never talked about my past. Everyone knew the circumstances in which I was changed but no one knew why.

"Well, start wherever you feel is right." Sam replied after a shocked few seconds.

"Okay," I took an unnecessary deep breath, "Well, it all started about a year before you found me. I had fallen in love." I was so lost in my memories that I didn't even see Sam smile at me so much that her face lit up.

"Well, what happened? Who is this mystery man?" she asked, now almost bouncing on my bed.

"His name is Edward Cullen and I truly loved him but apparently he didn't feel the same way. I guess it all started on my birthday. His sister, Alice, had thrown me a party and his 'brother-in-law' tried to bit me because I had got paper cut-"

"Wait, he tries to 'bite' you?" Sam interrupted

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, he was a vampire." I said in a small voice.

"Oh," she said, dazed, "well that changes things."

"Anyway, wait, no I'll start from the beginning. When I was seventeen I moved in with my dad Charlie because my mom got re-married and didn't want her to have to stay with me when she wanted to be with him," I started then I took a deep breath and continued, "Charlie lived in Forks Washington. On my first day of school I saw five stunning people across the lunchroom but only one caught my attention his name was...," I took another breath, "Edward," I sighed, "He also turned out to be my lab partner for Biology but when I got into class he gave a death glare and thought he was going to kill me but he didn't and he disappeared for a couple of days. Then, when he comes back it's really icy and a guy name Tyler looses control of his van and almost kills me but he...Edward stops the van and I question him about how he saved me under impossible circumstances but he doesn't tell me and we ignore each other for about a month.

"Eventually, we started talking again but one day I went down to La Push and a boy named Jacob told me legends of the Werewolves and their enemies the Cold Ones or Vampires.

Edward...saves me again but this time from getting raped and he takes me to dinner on the way home I question him and he admits that he is a vampire but he and his family only drink animal blood then we have our first date and he shows me what happens to vampires in the sun and he kisses me we were in love. The next day I meet his family and I watch them play baseball but three nomads come along and one named James decides that he is going to hunt me so I go to Arizona with Alice and brother, Jasper, while his other siblings and parents stay behind to hunt James before he can get to me but James tricks me into think that he has my mother so I go to meet him but...Edward comes to rescue me but James had already bitten me however...Edward sucks out the venom before I could change.

"I went back to Forks with a broken leg but with the love of my life by side when the school year ended we shared the best summer ever but then my birthday came around. And well you know that part. Two days later he leaves telling me that he doesn't love me anymore." I sigh. Man I hope that I never have to say that ever again, I thought. Well after that happened, I basically went into a vegetable state and I stayed like that for four months, that was until I started to hang around with Jacob, but then he also started to ignore me. So I went in search of the meadow I told you about. Well, when I found it, the pain was too much so I collapsed onto the ground. I saw a figure come out of the trees. It was Laurent. We talked for awhile until I noticed that his eyes were red instead of gold. He told me that he was here as a favour to Victoria. I remember him saying 'she won't be happy about me killing you' he then said that it was only fair 'mate for mate' I was frozen on the spot as he came towards me. I remember willing my legs to move, to take a step back. He leaned down and bit me, right here." My hand brushed the scar on my neck, "anyway, after he bit me I smiled; I knew that this would be the end of my pain, but he started to back away. I could see fear in his eyes as he whispered 'I don't believe it'. After that, I blacked out only to open my eyes three days later to all your smiling faces." I smiled when I said the last part and focused back on Sam. If she could cry, I knew that she would have tears in her eyes.

"Oh honey, I didn't know this. Why didn't you tell me? Huh, why?" she grabbed me into a hug and I started to dry sob into her shoulder.

"Why should everyone else have to live with my pain?" I asked her. I pulled my face away to look into my eyes.

"If we ever see Edward Cullen again, I will tear him limb from limb. That, I promise you." She growled the last part and I had to laugh. I knew that she could do amazing things but I still found it hard to picture someone as sweet and gentle as my Sammie try to tear someone limb from limb. "Are you going to tell everyone else?" she asked me. I froze, I could now hear them shuffling around downstairs.

"They didn't go hunting did they?" I asked when I already knew the answer. Sam looked at me then shook her head. "I know that you guys heard all of that so you can come up." I said, mentally cursing vampires hearing. They came through the door one by one. First was Sam husband, Ethan, followed by Andy and his wife Emma and lastly came Sarah followed by James. I shuffled back so that they could sit down. Before I knew what was happening, I was enveloped into a bone crushing hug from Andy. Sometimes he reminded me so much of Emmett. No, I will not go there.

"So that's the real reason you don't want to go back to Forks." He looked at me with such love and compassion that I didn't need even Jasper's power to feel it. No, I will not go there! "Well, do you still want to go?" he asked me. I considered the probability that the Cullens would decide to return at the same time as us. With the fact that it was a million to one chance, I nodded, much to the relief of my family. "Well, we will leave it the morning. Come people get packing!" James shouted at us. I giggled and shoved everyone out of my room.