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Two Years Later

Bella POV

I fixed my dress for the final time, fidgeting. I was so nervous about today, it was what I had been dreaming of for years, but it was still hard to believe that I was actually doing this.

"Bella! Stop fidgeting. You have ten more minutes, can you not stay still for that long? I know you're nervous, but it'll be fine. He'll be waiting for you, and it'll all work out. Do you hear me? I've been waiting for this for a freaking century, I'm not letting it go now. Understood?"

"Yes Alice," I replied meekly. I was letting her have her fun today, she needed to have it once with me.

Right, Bella, are you ready?" Emma popped her head in the door calling me. Her and Alice were in matching baby blue dresses. It was amazing how even with such different coloring they could look so alike.

I smoothed out my dress for the final time, finally realizing I was getting married. To Edward Cullen. The man I had loved for a century.

My dress was an Alice creation, and it had white lace around the hems, and had a high neckline, but three quarter sleeves. It was an amalgamation of a dress from when Edward would have gotten married and when I would have gotten married, did vampires not exist.

I took my position behind them, and gripped Emmett's arm. He had agreed to do the honor that James and my real dad couldn't do. I heard the familiar lullaby fill the air, and I took a deep unnecessary breath.

"You ready, Bells?" Emmett asked me.

"Ready and waiting, big bro'" I replied.

We took the first steps into the large marquee. Alice had outdone herself, the room was filled with freesia and orange blossoms, the scent filling the air. It was amazing. Looking down the aisle, I saw the reason for my existence staring down at me, his face lit up in my favorite crooked smile, his butterscotch eyes filled with the love I knew was reflected in mine. I wanted to run down the aisle, but Emmett's arm on mine kept me walking down the aisle at the snails pace we had set. Finally getting there, I took Edward's hand as we faced Aro.

The ceremony passed so quickly, and I hardly noticed when it was time to exchange vows.

"Isabella and Edward have written their own vows. Isabella?" Aro asked me. I took a deep breath and began.

"Edward. A century ago today, we broke up. Yet here we are, together, as equals. It's fate. I love you, I always have loved you and I always will love you. To use your words, 'You are my life now'. You saved me and my family, it's something that I will spend eternity repaying you for. But each and every sunrise I will look at you, and I will wonder how I got so lucky to be able to spend eternity with you. I love you, right now and forever," If I had been able to cry, I would have. My words were simple, but they were everything I had to say to him.


"Bella. I can't say anything else. I love you, I always have loved you, I always will love you. That's all I can say. I made a mistake a long time ago, and now that we've been given a second chance, I will cherish you forever."

"By virtue of the fact that I'm one of the brothers of the Volturi, you are now mated,"

Edward leaned in and kissed me, whilst all the vampires cheered. My family was still hurting, we wouldn't recover from the loss of three members of our family. But we were getting through, one day at a time. Sarah was recovering gradually, and had began to show interest in another vampire, Alistair. Emma was finding it difficult without Ethan, but Andy kept her spirits up. I missed Sam so much, there was a hole in my chest. But we were getting through it, slowly but surely. And now, with Edward by my side, I felt like I could get through anything.

The End